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black puddings and pork pies

By astrojax - 17 November 2007 27

In the ‘rain‘ thread, it were made mention o’ eric othlewaite o’ denley moor. ‘is mother made black pudding sooo black, even t’ white bits are black!

so, where in sunny canberra does one acquire a good black pudding? i’ve had a few, and have some places of me own to try, but i’m keen to hear of other offal-lovers where this delicious fare may be duly obtained and why you think this one is a su-perior product to t’others…

and so, by dint of loose association, same for pork pies. delis at supermarkets have them on occasion, but usually just of one ilk. used to be one could get a range of three or four types, some better’n others. whither the pork pie?

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
black puddings and pork pies
Ibu 4:23 pm 19 Nov 07

My husband swears Mr Zivko, who used to be at EPIC with his van, makes the best black pudding. (in his garage in Queanbeyan, I believe!) We haven’t seen him lately. I so loathe the stuff, I have to leave the house when he cooks it. The children love it.

simon81 4:21 pm 19 Nov 07

Debacle in Braddon does black pudding as part of its big breakky

astrojax 3:23 pm 19 Nov 07

coolest, stereo henry – will slide me out to epic on sat’dy am and acquire some goodness!

and i’ll ask, while there, if haggis is available anywhere. sounds like these chaps’d know! (so watch this space, hasdrubahl…)

stereo henry 12:06 pm 19 Nov 07

There’s a bloke at the Farmer’s Markets at EPIC who makes a great pork pie and there’s also the Cheese Man (occasionally at EPIC, often at Kingston Markets) who sells a fantastic black pudding… I’m salivating just thinking about it!

S4anta 11:52 am 19 Nov 07

Again, Holt IGA. The source of foodstuffs that the other wankers are too scared to stock.

go boys.

Hasdrubahl 8:27 pm 18 Nov 07

This is all good to know.

But wot about haggis?

eggman 8:21 pm 18 Nov 07

Pork pies which taste very authentic can be bought in Woden at the deli outside Coles…

Mælinar 8:00 pm 18 Nov 07

Not being such a food pedant as some critics I’ve encountered on this site – woolies and most deli’s stock black pudding. KR (the producer of woolies black pudding) makes it up in Queensland, so aussie made and all that.

Vic Bitterman 4:50 pm 18 Nov 07

Black pudding takes me back to my childhood…. albeit here in Oz with ex-pat Pommie parents.

Of course these days, knowing what a black pud is made with, I could never eat one! 🙂

Hasdrubahl 2:12 pm 18 Nov 07

Black pud’s OK for some – but what I want to know is, where can you buy haggis in Canberra??

I used to be able to get them in Singapore, but no sign of them here in the ACT.

astrojax 9:57 am 18 Nov 07

ecky-thump to you, then ant! ; )

thanks the suggestions – yes, the best i’ve tried is the esli butchery in ashfield, sydney’s one which the deli nearest the outdoor dancefloor thing in belco markets usually stocks. it may be the same as the fyshwick markets, ’cause they get esli’s fabulous bratwurst and landjager, too! that said, the commercial ‘don’ balck pud available in many supermarkets is actually pretty good.

i’ve had spanish black puds and am not so keen – too fatty and spicy, more like a slami that something you fry.

now pork pies – the ones in wig and pen and most delis and supermarkets are the same ones. ok, but there was once a brand available (whose name name eludes me) that was quite different, a lot more spicy and herby with a different texture to the pastry. was around for a few years but haven’t seen anythying other than the ‘standard’ for four or five years now.

am off to bite to eat for dinner soon – wonder if they’ll do me their pud??

jemmy 5:29 pm 17 Nov 07

Love the black pudding fryup for breakfast. I’ve tried a good one from the Italian deli at Fyshwick mkts, just the right amount of spice, not too bland and not too clovey (or is it cinnamon?). They don’t always have it in stock. They sell another one too that’s more commercial, so you need to ask for the rarer, “home-style” one.

t0m 1:33 pm 17 Nov 07

If you can get a table, ‘A Bite to Eat’ at the Chifley shops does a reasonable black pudding breakfast with poached eggs and toast.

I’d like to know where I could get some good potatoe scones.

ant 11:26 am 17 Nov 07

“so, where in sunny canberra does one acquire a good black pudding?”

There’s no such thing as a good black pudding.

Joe Canberran 10:15 am 17 Nov 07

The wig & pen serves a great pork pie (perfect with a pint) and a couple of the deli’s at the belco markets sell a small range of pork pies and other interesting fair. It would be my first point of call if looking for black pudding.

I can’t think of black pudding without thinking of The Goodies.

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