Bossing the media – Stanhope style

johnboy 21 May 2009 51

[First filed: May 20, 2009 @ 12:17]

The Liberals have come into the possession of a very interesting email and have kindly put together some supporting documentation which they have punted on, we assume not just to us here in the RiotACT bunker. Keep an eye out for who picks up on this, who does not, and how much government advertising they receive.

(If reading the email the supporting documents are: Document A, Document B, and Document C.)

First point of interest is the email being sent by Jeremy Lasek, the man who can take a trip to WIN and come back with the scalps of the Chief of Staff and a political reporter when displeased.

I also love that the same email seeking a brief on the situation can also contain a command to start “attacking the reporting”.

In any event it confirms a lot of suspicions about the way things work down on London Circuit.

UPDATED: Zed Seselja has now put his views on the issue, making a two good points which I hadn’t considered.

First is that Government advertising was ordered here for expressly political considerations. Again most of us all suspected it, but this confirms it. The other is that the supposedly arms length LDA is jumping through hoops like a trained poodle.

FURTHER UPDATE: Last night WIN lead their bulletin with this one, also deeply un-impressed with the line about “attacking reporting”. Also the Canberra Times has lead with the story.

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51 Responses to Bossing the media – Stanhope style
Thumper Thumper 5:36 pm 22 May 09

It’s probably already happening and seriously would be hard to pick up if it was.

After all, people should be allowed to make political comment.

I-filed I-filed 5:26 pm 22 May 09

btw one of Stanhope’s departmental (NOT ministerial) senior bureaucrats let on at a PR practitioners meeting recently, that his department had shameless plans to attempt to turn the RiotAct into a faithful organ of ACT ALP propaganda promulgation. It was quite scary how open this bureaucrat was, that he thinks his function is political. Or, how unaware he was of the inappropriateness of their plans.

I-filed I-filed 5:21 pm 22 May 09

Kim Il Stanhope … a dictator, a thug, and a bully. Don’t be fooled by the facade.

Thumper Thumper 3:50 pm 22 May 09

Back in you box Steve..

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:32 pm 22 May 09


PM PM 2:58 pm 22 May 09

Now this post has been referred to by!

PM PM 2:40 pm 21 May 09

I’ve met him too, and in person (ie one on one) he seems quite reasonable. I suspect, however, that he is in fact quite a shy and nervous person at heart. His aggression when challenged, nervous twitches and darting eyes when being watched as he silently sits in front of an audience, his need to boast that he is fitter than John Howard (I kid you not), etc are all signs of this. I beieve he overcompensates.

Nonetheless, policy is policy, and bully-boy tactics are just that.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:17 pm 21 May 09

BerraBoy68 said :

Thumper said :

I’m questioning if his ego is Zaphod Beeblebrox sized 😉

I hate to say this Thumper (as I’m sure I’ll be hit with multiple flamethrowers for doing so) but I’ve met Jon on several occasions for personal reasons – mainly as he was a friend of my late father. In fact, the last time I spoke to Jon was at my fathers funeral (incidentally the leaders of both Labor and Liberal parties were there, as were MLAs on both sides. In fact the eulogy I gave was quite political in nature so it was an interesting funeral to say the least).

Back on topic – I’ve always found Jon to be a very nice and polite man with an ego no more or less than you would find in any other person. Sure, he has his own views (personal and political) but I do feel I would be doing him a great a disservice if I didn’t at least stand up for him as being sincere. Sure he’s ambitious but this is still not exclusive of his being sincere.

Finally, I want it noted that my defence of the man does also mean that I agree with all he is doing in the ACT, merely that I believe he is sincere in his beliefs and not acting purely in his own self interest.

Most despots can be quite charming and amiable outside of their workplace…….

poptop poptop 2:15 pm 21 May 09

Where’s the FOI request for background papers on all ACT Government decisions to place advertisements in the local print media?

If this is the first time this has happened, I’ll be quite surprised!

barking toad barking toad 1:38 pm 21 May 09

“Respect my authority!” is funny on Southpark.

Not from the local mayor.

AG Canberra AG Canberra 1:09 pm 21 May 09

What happened to proper use of taxpayers dollars – to inform the community?

This ad was to try and bring us (and those pesky banks) round to his way of thinking….a complete waste of money. If the scheme was that good there would have been no need to advertise it at all!

Stanhope should be forced to repay the cost of the ad from his own pocket.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 12:36 pm 21 May 09

FOI via CMD on LDA’s expenditure for the ad run in the 14/03/09 CT?

I thought Stanhope made FOI requests free for the first 200 pages of photocopying and 10 hours of labour, back in 2005(?).
I would have that kind of paperwork in nearby filing for quick retrieval, especially if I had explicit written instruction to do the ad buy.

Jazz Jazz 12:14 pm 21 May 09

Anyone know what a half page ad in the CT costs us taxpayers?

The only info i have is that its $12.97 per single column centimetre if you spend over $660k per year (which would be a fair guess on what this govt spends with them). Mind you that was also last years rates.

RayP RayP 9:52 am 21 May 09

I think that when you put this story together with mine and other comments under the story “How does one compain about senior public servants?” you get a very bleak picture of the reality of government in Canberra.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:49 am 21 May 09

D’oh Kerces – personal jinx!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:48 am 21 May 09

Canberra Times have gone front page unimpressed with this as well today. There is a fair bit more in the paper than is on the website as I write this.

Includes comments from Stanhope saying he doesn’t endorse the wording of the email from Lasik (essentially seeming to dump him in it as the one responsible) but not clarifying whether his displeasure was that the email remarks were inaccurate or that it would have been more politically astute to have worded such a discoverable email more diplomatically.

Stanhope also says that it was the heading he was annoyed at rather than the article content, which CT make a point of stating was correct.

Interestingly, CT doesn’t mention the attack reporting aspect at all, but focusses on the political but tax-payer funded LDA ad.

Kerces Kerces 9:42 am 21 May 09

CT ran this on the front page today with a full copy ragout of the email on an inside page. (The website only has a fraction of their story).

They say Stanhope never rang the editor but Lasek did.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 8:40 am 21 May 09

bigred said :

Seems he is getting a bit bored with being CM and will move on soon. So will he be replaced by Katy or will ANdrew Barr step up to the plate and being the first openly gay leader in the country?

Don Dunstan?

Thumper Thumper 8:06 am 21 May 09

BTW, the reason I asked about his ego was because he said words akin to ‘This is the greatest housing scheme anyone has ever put forward’.

Um, sorry? greatest? Ever?

Thumper Thumper 8:05 am 21 May 09


I’m sure he’s a really nice bloke outside of politics. However, he comes across as a petulant, arrogant and petty little man while in office. And as deeza said, he seems to be unable to admit defeat or mistakes and will pig headedly continue pushing for something long after it has been proved to be wrong or not in the publics interest.

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