Bring out your CFLs

johnboy 19 August 2008 5

With the imminent disappearance of warm old-fashioned light bulbs upon us the ACT Government has noticed that there are health issues surrounding the universal adoption of compact fluorescent lights. Particularly relating to the poisonous mercury they can release when broken.

To that end John Hargreaves has announced that the Mugga Lane and Mitchell tips are going to start taking dedicated drop offs of CFLs from the public for no charge.

    Fluorescent lights collected in the ACT will be sent to a specialist recycler of mercury-containing wastes in Victoria.

    “Aluminium from lamp ends is separated for recycling, glass from the tubes and the lamps is separated and recycled into glass wool insulation, mercury is distilled from the separated powders and then re-used in the manufacture of dental amalgam, phosphor powder from the fluorescent tubes is used in the manufacture of fertiliser products.

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5 Responses to Bring out your CFLs
Thumper Thumper 9:01 am 20 Aug 08

I throw them in the nearest available river.

The smooth action of the currents push them over rocks which breaks them into tiny pieces and over eons turns it to sand.

The gases simply dissipate into the air and are never seen again.

You know it makes sense….

In all seriousness a good idea, although I think Mr Evil is correct in saying that a lot of people won’t be arsed driving out to mugga to get rid of a few bulbs. indeed, alot of people can’t be arsed putting their rubbish in a wheelie bin.

Ruth Ruth 8:31 am 20 Aug 08

Great idea. We’ve been putting our used fluro lights in a box ready for a time like this. The drop off suggestions mentioned above are great but in the mean time, it’s a good move.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:17 pm 19 Aug 08

A good move by the Minister.

We are regularly told about the problems that stem from fluoros, smoke detectors (Americium 123 – radioactive), and various batteries. Toss in chemicals, medicines, paints, and more, and the leachate beneath a landfill is surely one of the most horrible cocktails imaginable… Bit like that scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

But seldom are we actually offered a solution. Good drop-off suggestions above notwithstanding, for many of us, these points are “on the way” somewhere anyway, so not inconvenient.

Credit where it’s due.

Fiona Fiona 4:09 pm 19 Aug 08

given I can’t remember replacinmg one of those bulbs yet, maybe they’ll all go at once and then the trip will be worth it?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:43 pm 19 Aug 08

I applaud the ACT Govt for attempting to deal with this issue, but really, how many people are going to actually bother driving all the way out to Mugga Lane or Mitchell just to drop off one or two bulbs?

Maybe they should set up other collection points around town, like at the ACT Govt Shopfronts?

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