But is it art? New Alinga St Installation!

johnboy 6 November 2010 9

Telstra preventing accidents

This appears to have become a permanent fixture next to the GPO.

I’m particularly fond of the strings holding it in position.

Top work Mr Stanhope, I like this one.

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9 Responses to But is it art? New Alinga St Installation!
Feathergirl Feathergirl 11:21 am 08 Nov 10

No joke, there was – probably still is – one of these on a broken phone cover thing in Kambah and it has been there for two years. It will soon be herritage listed.

Rangi Rangi 11:14 am 08 Nov 10

I had to go past there for work this-morning looks like it has been fixed (or the temp fence stolen) as I couldn’t see it

dtc dtc 9:51 am 08 Nov 10

Its Abbot’s broadband. At the other end of the string is a tin can, but this end has a special future proof link to a large metal panel which allows you mobile telephony, as you can walk around the panel but still be able to talk.

peterepete peterepete 9:07 pm 07 Nov 10

It completes the ‘is it art’ set at that intersection

UrbanAdventure.org UrbanAdventure.org 8:23 pm 07 Nov 10

It looks like a furby trap to me. The subterranean furby lives and dwells in drains, tunnels and inspection pits. Attracted by the light, noise and smell of furby prime food sources such as pizza and take away they seek ways to the surface at night. They squeese through the strategically created hole from the underground labyrinth too the surface where they are herded by the yellow framework of the trap into the set of red snare strings. Furbies have poor vision in the red spectrum. Sadly this has lead to their near extension due to crossing roads against red lights. This is why there is now a program to capture furbies to breed them in captivity.

el el 8:34 pm 06 Nov 10

This piece symbolises the disconnected and impersonal world we’ve come to live in, due to modern communications and technology overwhelming society.

Apparently it only cost $650,000 to commission.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 8:22 pm 06 Nov 10

It’s the new SIEV X memorial: kindly sponsored by Telstra.

The yellow frame represents the remains of the sinking vessel, whilst the thin rope attached to the “vessel” represents the bonds between those who survived, and those who disappeared into the dark green sea on that fateful night.

The man in the background represents Australia – heartlessly looking away from the unfolding drama, and not prepared at all to assist. Shame Australia, shame!

Very moving, I thought.

Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 6:13 pm 06 Nov 10

I heard a rumour several years ago that if you report such an issue, they will come out and erect the yellow safety barrier and then no further action will be taken until 3 more complaints are received.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 5:07 pm 06 Nov 10

Reckon is nottink to do wid de Stanhope man, dude, it’s a Telstra responsibility…

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