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Bylines updated

By johnboy - 11 October 2006 24

As so many of you put so much effort into coming up with comments to go into our byline text I’d like to take this opportunity to announce the winners.

They’re all live and active now, just keep hitting reload to see them in all their glory, or take the easy option and read on.

Absent Diane had better come through with the beer.

As an added bonus this will give humourless creeps fresh material with which to write their angry diatribes about me.

“I think that it’s rude to accuse someone of reading the Canberra Times” – Big Al, September 2006

“I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.” – VYBerlinaV8, ad nauseum

“I’m a staunch dragway supporter, and all you leso commo pinko greenos can go and f*ck off, your arguments are bullsh*t and I laugh at them.” – Vic Bitterman, August 2006

“so many angry, angry people” – Smackbang, 2006

“Most contributors on RiotACT are good people, but there are some real f*cking wankers out there” – Insatiable Banalities Podcast, September 2006

“I blame Dj’s death entirely on the police” – Rach, September 2006

“Auto-nomination is fine” – Johnboy, September 2006

“Can we bribe you with beer to get a byline?” – Absent Diane, September 2006

“just keep your thumb out of its anus and you’ll be fine.” – Johnboy, Sept 2006

“You’re all nothing but a bunch of low-bred c*nts” – Norro from the VeeBees, Insatiable Banalities Podcast 47

“Bonfire has jumped the shark” – RandomGit, ad nauseam

“maybe those gay recumbent cyclists have a point after all” – BarkingToad, September 2006

“I don’t care about any of your families because they are all just a further drain on our worlds resources.” – Absent Diane, August 2006

“I know it looks like we run any old crap here, but we do have some standards.” – Johnboy, July 2006

“You’re a pack of gutless pricks and really not worth the effort.” – CrazyChester, July 2006

“I’ll give you a lesson about democracy on the internet you’ll never forget – CrazyChester, July 2006

“RiotACT – Whinging here sure beats doing something useful” – S4anta, September 2006

“RiotACT – It used to drive me mad but after a while it has grown on me” – Jey, September 2006

“The majority is usually wrong, I can’t say I’m too concerned” – Johnboy, August 2006

“I forgot that we are under the rule of a non-garden-variety socialist dictatorship. Please accept my sincere apoligies and don’t lock me away” – Samuel Gordon-Stewart, July 2005

“I get all my news from the Chronicle” – Mr. Evil, September 2006

“the best facility the Government could invest in is a nice brick wall to stand these fucked-up maggots against and a well trained firing squad to deliver the rehabilitation” – Big Al, August 2006

“As I have stated throughout this process, there is no plan to sell school sites” – Andrew Barr, July 2006

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
Bylines updated
VYBerlinaV8 9:07 am 13 Oct 06

Remember the great old catchphrase – “There’s nothing quite like a V8”?

Love it!

Vic Bitterman 7:59 pm 12 Oct 06

VYBV8 makes me proud too!

VYBerlinaV8 also share a common interest in driving decent cars – and we’re members of another forum 🙂

If was to resubscribe on here, I’d be VYSSV8 🙂

Jey 3:46 pm 12 Oct 06

Yes, VY, so very proud of you.

Mr_Shab 1:27 pm 12 Oct 06

I’m so happy for you VY.

VYBerlinaV8 1:22 pm 12 Oct 06

woohoo – I get a byline. I just love this place… (and hot married lesbians).

Binker 12:47 pm 12 Oct 06

CC clearly not happy with just the one byline, now appears to be attempting to make every phase in her recent post byline worthy (I know she shits you to tears but she really cracks me up).

Absent Diane 12:05 pm 12 Oct 06

email sent 🙂

Jey 11:24 am 12 Oct 06

hooray! I have a byline!
I shall have to post a link to the thread on my blogwhore-ness.
…or I could go back to working on my thesis…

Mr Evil 11:22 am 12 Oct 06

“Stingrays and Steve Irwin I suspect”

Ha ha ha. 🙂

Danman 10:32 am 12 Oct 06

Stingrays and Steve Irwin I suspect

Mr Evil 10:16 am 12 Oct 06

“just keep your thumb out of its anus and you’ll be fine.” – Johnboy, Sept 2006

JB, I have to ask – what was this comment in reference to?

johnboy 9:54 am 12 Oct 06

A little bit goes a long way.

Mr Evil 9:44 am 12 Oct 06

Good to see you’ve run with the CC classics, JB.

God, I miss that woman!

johnboy 7:21 pm 11 Oct 06

Oh I’m sure whatever you’re buying will be fine AD

Absent Diane 7:16 pm 11 Oct 06

whats your drink of choice JB??

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