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Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant?

By Avy - 17 April 2007 25

Well, it’s getting to that time of the year when we have to give some of our money back.

My old tax accountant was satisfactory, but they’ve left town and this is a good opportunity to find a new one. What we want is someone who is compotent and reliable, preferably with a good understanding of tax law (so we don’t have to go checking everything ourselves).

So, any recommendations RiotACT?

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant?
vg 9:02 am 09 Aug 11

Don’t waste your time with a fluffy private tax ‘expert’. Tax is simple. Use H&R Block or ITP. That’s all they do and do a hell of a better job than the ‘full service’ accountants I used before who were slow and hopeless

dibs 10:09 pm 08 Aug 11

I am a registered tax agent, it took me over 7 years to acheive this status….

I may not be a chartered accountant, but I will guarantee my taxation knowlege / expertise is just as good. Sadly some equate a good tax refund with the quality of tax accountant they use. I might remind people that the size of their refund is NOT a reflection of your tax accountants abilities but a reflection of the nations taxation legislation as it stands at this date.

Jasmine_Keene 4:58 pm 08 Aug 11

You need to go to someone who is a registered tax accountant and even better…someone who is a member of Chartered Accountants. Its a pain to get (my mate got his and its a 3 year course plus prac) but it is basically a seal of approval so you know that they are legit and have the BEST knowledge of tax law. Dont trust just anyone coz it will come back to bite you in the bum. Id suggest Nexis Accountants. The lady I went through (Lesley Henderson) is a chartered accountant and she serioulsy knows her stuff. Call her on 6264 8000 or email Shesa tax genius and got me all my tax back! ALL OF IT! Legend!

Maelinar 3:57 pm 19 Apr 07

Dixon in Civic, my brother in law works there and says they are all dodgy geezers.

Which means they are all good tax accountants…

Ari 2:52 pm 19 Apr 07

Shhhh Random, it’s hard enough getting in to see him as it is.

RandomGit 2:34 pm 19 Apr 07

Manv in Phillip. I am yet to get a return not running into the thousands from him.

All legit of course.

Sikkukkut 1:04 am 18 Apr 07

I use Deakin Alliance in Deakin, have done for a few years now, and am very pleased with them. My taxes are usually pretty simple, but every so often I have some income-averaging to do which they take in stride.

el 9:04 pm 17 Apr 07

Don’t worry GnT – I’m over 3 years late 😉 (Should be sorted within a fortnight though)

GnT 8:17 pm 17 Apr 07

I actually just got home from getting my tax done! Only 10 months late!!

I use Taubenschlag & Associates in Woden. I’m very happy with John Taubenschlag. He is straight to the point, doesn’t muck around, and always seems to find some deductions I haven’t thought of.

My tax is very simple, so if you have specialist needs you may want to shop around.

andy 6:15 pm 17 Apr 07

I use needhams in tuggeranong, satisfactory for my liking.

And hey, as a Public Servant, all yuo need to do is find the appropriate deductions 😛
(Of course, you could list your job title different.. i’m not a public servant, I’m an IT Support officer for the Govt.)
Means I can deduct things I wouldn’t be able to if i was a public servant

Miranda 5:01 pm 17 Apr 07

Helen Volmari. She does mine every year and she’s brill. Very quick. Always contactable via email. Not the cheapest, I guess, but I’ll pay any amount to not have to deal with numbers and stuff. Counting? Not moi.

Helen Volmari
Unit 14, Birubi Chambers, Hawker Place
Postal: PO Box 4121
Hawker ACT 2614

02 6254 9717 – Bus phone
02 6254 9719 – Fax
0418 441 400 – Mobile

emd 3:46 pm 17 Apr 07

I think it’s important to get an accountant who understands your particular area of business (unless you’re a pube, in which case you get bugger all tax deductions anyway).
For example, an accountant who mostly deals with primary producers probably isn’t up on all the details of deductions for artists.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 3:31 pm 17 Apr 07

I have used Holland and Partners in the city for several years, and found them to be excellent.

Avy 3:23 pm 17 Apr 07

+1 to me for incorrectly spelling “competent”!

tommy 3:16 pm 17 Apr 07

I’ve had good results from Andrew Eggleton’s in Braddon

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