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Can the shopping bag ban be overturned?

By Mr Gillespie - 27 July 2012 137

As we head into the the 2012 ACT Election, a time when we are allowed the opportunity only available once every 4 years, to have our say in who gets seats in the ACT Legislative Assembly, I ask the question that affects our lives every time we have to get the groceries.

Can the plastic shopping bag ban be overturned?

Will the new Assembly overturn ACT Labor’s regrettable decision banning free shopping bags at Canberra checkouts?

When you go to the polling booth in 2 month’s time, please think about the injustice you have to endure each and every time you have to find something to carry all your groceries in, before you give your mark of approval to Labor or the Greens on your ballot paper.

What’s Your opinion?

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137 Responses to
Can the shopping bag ban be overturned?
bd84 12:24 pm 27 Jul 12

Build a bridge and get the hell over it. You don’t have a god given right to have a free plastic bag for your chocolate bar, and using them as rubbish bags is not a valid excuse for them to be free either. You will just have to continue going to the shops and buying them like everything else in your house. Before you ask, no I won’t be voting for the Greens/Labor government, mostly because they are the biggest waste of space who cannot effectively plan, run and manage anything and have been pissing our money up against the wall for the past 6+ years.

HiddenDragon 12:23 pm 27 Jul 12

Well said, although to me, the larger issue here is do we want elected officials who see a seat in the Assembly, and the power which goes with that, as an opportunity to ram their views, and the views of those whom they seek to please and appease, down our throats (at our expense) or do we want elected officials who see it as their primary role, and duty, to serve the Canberra public by doing for us, as effectively and efficiently as possible, those things which truly need to be done, and are genuinely worthy of doing, collectively, rather than individually?

I do not think that those who seek to displace the current majority in the Assembly should be required to promise, categorically, and regardless of costs and consequences, that they will overturn this, or other particular measures which their supporters dislike. Rather, in most instances, I would be happy to hear candidates make a persuasive argument that they will be focussed on somewhat more pressing issues – most particularly the state of our finances and accountability for spending on the major program areas – and so will be happy to let individuals decide for themselves how they run their day-to-day lives.

NWare 12:17 pm 27 Jul 12

To use the shopping bag ban as a basis for your voting decisions, and to cal this ban an injustice, is ridiculous. I, personally, am glad for the ban and do not find it much effort at all to take my own bags when doing my grocery shopping. To “have to find something to carry all your groceries in” is surely not a difficult thing is it? I cannot escape the multitude of reusable bag options at my fingertips (and in my car)! Think ahead, pack your bags and if you do forget your reusable bags then you simply can purchase another.

artuoui 12:12 pm 27 Jul 12

I’m surprised you still notice it. I’m even more surprised you’d think it worth revisiting the assembly debate in hansard.

You seem to be very slow to adapt to changed circumstances if this post and your previous comments about reduced speed limits through work sites are any guide..

Duffbowl 12:04 pm 27 Jul 12

If I hadn’t read Mr Gillespie’s early missives on shopping bags, I’d call troll.

Yes, let’s decide who should govern the ACT solely on the most important issue facing Canberrans today – shopping bags.

This kind of thing is one of the reasons why we get mocked.

smcphill 12:00 pm 27 Jul 12

Oh the injustice!

Mr Gillespie has posted 3 articles: 2 of them on the horror of having to pay for plastic shopping bags.

Life must be very good for My Gillespie. But perhaps not. Perhaps he is trying to be funny, or attempting to troll. If so, he’s failing.

Jerry Atric 11:57 am 27 Jul 12

Actually I will be thinking of the injustice several million Somali Africans who have nothing to put into their legal plastic bags, will endure.

Grail 11:48 am 27 Jul 12

OH NOES! Those nasty Greens are making me think about what I am doing!

I might have to keep bags in the car so that they are always ready for shopping trips!

I might have to cope with a landscape devoid of shredded plastic bags!


futto 11:39 am 27 Jul 12

It could only be overturned if the elected government wants to. If the Liberals get in, would they? Can anyone shed the light on what their policy is on this matter.

Back in November 2011, Mr Seselja concluded, “This illogical ban goes against evidence and will inconvenience customers and businesses” (

Does that mean they will overturn it? Who knows.

davo101 11:37 am 27 Jul 12

ACT Labor’s regrettable decision banning free shopping bags at Canberra checkouts

Oh dear, haven’t we been here before? As I asked before exactly where in the act does it say that shops can’t give you free bags?

All it says is that they can’t give you a non-biodegradable polyethylene bag less than 35 microns thick.

PS: Should have left this till early August, there’s no way you’re going to get this month’s Mully you’ve left it to late.

PantsMan 11:31 am 27 Jul 12

I would support tanks on the streets on this issue.

colourful sydney rac 11:19 am 27 Jul 12

get over it.

beejay76 11:10 am 27 Jul 12

You’ve really got your panties in a bunch over this one, don’t you? Perhaps I’m a bit unusual, but it doesn’t bother me. If I drive, the bags live in my boot. If I walk I take my granny trolley. I don’t find it onerous to just pick up a bag or two as I leave the car.

enrique 11:07 am 27 Jul 12
Gantz 10:38 am 27 Jul 12

I refuse to generate a thought at your request, scumbag.

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