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Canberra – Country Music Capital?

By paperboy - 4 February 2010 21

Tamworth is supposed to be the country music capital, but why does Canberra suddenly have two country music radio stations.

2CC is apparently behind Hot Country which broadcasts on 95.7FM, but with really poor signal strength.

And KIX Country (not to be confused with KIXFM, later MixFM) has started broadcasting its test transmission on the AM band around 1323. (No idea who’s behind the KIX venture in Canberra)

Both originate from Queensland, with local ads and weather thrown in to make it sound like a local product.

But two country music station in Canberra!!??!!

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Canberra – Country Music Capital?
Rockerchick 10:29 pm 06 Feb 10

It wouldn’t we so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that 90% of country music played in Australia is just soft, soppy, middle of the road, male oriented rock with the odd pedal steel guitar riff thrown in. Oh and the performers must wear cowboy / girl hats!
People in Australia don’t really understand the true roots of country music as they’ve only been exposed to the watered down brand that’s become the music of choice for really really white folk! The origins of country / Bluegrass came out of the deep south of the US as a result of rebelious white boys sneaking off to jam with the black folk – unheard of back then! Ironically, modern mainstream American country music has become the refuge of the white conservative. Nothing’s different here in Australia! That sticker covered, giant mudflapped ute culture is about as redneck as it gets. It’s not limited to rural communities either; there are sooo many of them in Canberra!
There are also some excellent Australian country acts – check out The Flood, Karma County!

switch 8:53 am 06 Feb 10

Make that 1323 kHz on the AM band. Hope they can improve their sound, they have the audio bandwidth of a telephone at the moment.

prhhcd 12:21 pm 05 Feb 10

Listened to Kix last night after reading this post and music was good – really good actually. Has now won a spot on my AM channel settings in my car. Is transmitting at 1353 AM for me.

Pommy bastard 7:28 am 05 Feb 10

Country music has produced some gems…

This one for instance, I consider it my theme…

You’re My Son (Kenny Rogered)

thy_dungeonman 1:20 pm 04 Feb 10

More importantly why don’t we have digital radio yet? It was launched right here at parliament house ironically. You can even buy digital radios from the stores here, of course after buying one I soon realized it was just a very nice paperweight.

CapitalK 11:51 am 04 Feb 10

Does anyone else get a sence of Deja vu?
Positive we had this exact comment several months ago – and no I’m not going to check
Anyway whats wrong with 2 or 20 for that matter

bd84 11:29 am 04 Feb 10

Discussed in Oct 2009

motleychick 11:09 am 04 Feb 10

Worst type of music ever.

Trunking symbols 10:34 am 04 Feb 10

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we live in a regional area outside the big cities. Country is not just music, it’s a whole attitude and mindset. Despite the protestations by many that we are more sophisticated, the fact is we are not Sydney or Melbourne and I for one am glad about that.

mirage3 10:31 am 04 Feb 10

Complete waste of airspace!

wishuwell 9:05 am 04 Feb 10

One for country, one for western I suppose.

buzz819 9:03 am 04 Feb 10

It’s so they can play both kinds of music, Country and Western…

Pommy bastard 8:58 am 04 Feb 10

“Why does Canberra have two country music radio stations?” Would be better expressed as; “why does anywhere have any country music radio stations?”

“Country music” is self contradictory….

KB1971 8:21 am 04 Feb 10

Country music is trendy, cant stand it myself.

I grew up in the country & never used to listen to it.

pptvb 8:07 am 04 Feb 10

Just kill me now.

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