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Canberra Has An Environmental Footprint

By che - 26 May 2006 22

The ABC has this story on Environmental scientist Barney Foran discussing how we in Canberra with our higher levels of income are creating a greater environmental impact.

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22 Responses to
Canberra Has An Environmental Footprint
Thumper 6:52 pm 26 May 06

Compared to?????

Potato Point?



What a stupid bloody article. Of course we are leaving a bigger environmental footprint you wanker, there’s more of us!

And frankly, I don’t hold much credence in the ACT Govt’s Office of Sustainability. After all, when has the current government actually told us anything important or of relevance.

Which ties into JB’s very first comment.

barking toad 4:44 pm 26 May 06

yeah Les, but what does it do?

Indi 4:27 pm 26 May 06

Greeniology in action!

bulldog 4:00 pm 26 May 06

bahaha! Nice one Ari.

Ari 3:55 pm 26 May 06

If Canberra’s leaving a “footprint”, does that make Queanbeyan the dog shit between our toes?

Les Whinin 3:53 pm 26 May 06

The OoS works on issues of the ACT’s environmental, social, and economic future. The department was formed under Stanhope by grabbing staffers from Environment ACT, Treasury, etc.

simto 3:52 pm 26 May 06

Sits in a corner and whimpers, probably…

Geoffco 3:50 pm 26 May 06

Do these reports compare Canberra to other cities (larger, smaller, same size?), or to the impact of Canberra when it was smaller?
It’d make sense to say that bulldozing some land for a suburb or road or whatever has an impact.
And ultimately, does it matter?

Perhaps the most sensible question is, for our size and population, are we doing OK or could it be better (and what would that involve?).

barking toad 3:46 pm 26 May 06

the council’s got an office of sustainability? ..the fuck? what does it do?

DT 3:40 pm 26 May 06

I don’t think it can be put down to Canberra-bashing: the ACT Govt’s Office of Sustainability produced a report with similar findings two years ago.

Available here: ttp://

boomacat 3:23 pm 26 May 06

I can’t help but notice the apparrent correlation between the “Canberra’s getting fatter” and “Canberra’s environmental footprint growing” stories. Perhaps we are getting so fat that we’re eating Canberra to death?

Ralph 3:16 pm 26 May 06

Green propaganda. Higher levels of economic growth and incomes have led to improved environmental outcomes and standards.

capt_benno 2:39 pm 26 May 06

this what Auslit has on the b’stard

bulldog 2:24 pm 26 May 06

I have a couple of problems with this useless piece of crap article.

1) What is Mr (note the absence of Dr or Professor) Foran’s qualification? What precisely makes him a scientist? No, this is not terribly important, but it’s all part of the rant.

2)Is Mr Foran a Canberra local? This sounds suspiciously like Canberra bashing because the theory that more money leads to more pollution, waste and eco-destruction cannot be proven.

3)Where does Mr Foran get the information to make these claims?

I only ask these question because it seems pretty plain to me when I travel to Sydney or Melbourne that we are a very clean town.

*There is, by comparison, very little litter in our streets.
*We seem to have newer and more roadworthy vehicles on the road thus diminishing our air pollution levels (and this is attributable to our higher standard of living).
*Many of us cycle as a form of transport, which also is a “green option”.
*We have huge tracts of reserve and park land between our residential areas – thus assisting the eco-system to retain some balance.
*We are generally pretty frugal and caring with our water supply – I imagine there aren’t many other water supply dams in the world where you aren’t able to take a motor-boat out.

In fact – I’d have to think long and hard to try and ascertain what we are doing worse than towns and cities of comparable size and population. Anyone care to shed some light on what we’re doing wrong?

Last, but not least – the claim that individulas do more damage to the environment than industry is ridiculous.

johnboy 2:22 pm 26 May 06

So much for the idiotic “no waste 2010”

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