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Canberra here we come (where to rent)

By desertdreaming 12 April 2010 39

Moving to Canberra in 8 weeks and have no idea where to live, don’t want to buy just yet (things are pricey in Canberra)   What suburbs are the renters favorites ?

There are two of us and we have a budget that extends to 400-450 a week.

Two beds would be great and a little courtyard or as such would be great too. 

Any ideas really appreciated.

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberra here we come (where to rent)
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Clown Killer said :

CSRI, it was my not so cunning plan to frighten people away (Scooby Doo style).

I see. In that case I meant to say, ‘stay away from Kambah, awful, awful place.’ Ominous hills near by – I have it on good authority that they may be active volcanos, *erm* unkept grasslands near by – snake haven and possibly bunyips too oh and it is only a short drive from Kingston, I mean the Causeway.

Chop71 4:26 pm 13 Apr 10

lol, The-Riot Act moving property prices. Next thing it will be responsible for global warming

Clown Killer 4:23 pm 13 Apr 10

You’ve made my afternoon Jim Jones!

Jim Jones 3:56 pm 13 Apr 10

Clown Killer said :

CSRI, it was my not so cunning plan to frighten people away (Scooby Doo style).

The gang of masked teenage vandals really is … [removes masks from teenage vandal] … CLOWN KILLER!

CK: That’s right, I was trying to drive down property prices, and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you kids and your pesky dog.

Clown Killer 3:23 pm 13 Apr 10

Have to disagree with you there. have just moved to Kambah and am very happy living there. Might be something to with previously living in Chisholm and before that Latham…

CSRI, it was my not so cunning plan to frighten people away (Scooby Doo style).

I moved to Kambah seven years ago and am more than happy with living there: a 15 minute commute to work in Kingston, fantastic views of the ranges, a nature reserve at my back door, great neighbours … I figure if people found out about it we’d start getting scumbags from Belconnen and elsewhere moving in which would lower the tone of the place.

toadstool 2:48 pm 13 Apr 10

Wanniassa is good for shops and the commute to Civic. Catch the 111 and you’ll be there in about 30mins. I must admit it is the best bus route I have found in Tuggers. Otherwise try for something in the Woden area if you want to be a bit closer, plus Woden town centre has everything you need in the way of shopping, mechanics, car dealers, restaurants etc etc etc….

Clown Killer said :

Whatever you do don’t choose Kambah. Full of bogans. Scary shops. underperforming schools.

Have to disagree with you there. have just moved to Kambah and am very happy living there. Might be something to with previously living in Chisholm and before that Latham…

Chop71 1:30 pm 13 Apr 10

Don’t rent in Charnwood, buy in Charnwood

Last month I was suprised to read The Australian Financial Review had Charnwood listed as Canberra’s most undervalued suburb due to changes over the past 3-4 years. Selling off of public housing, moving the high school and the demographics of an older population. Land sizes and no powerlines for an established suburb were also mentioned.

Seems we all grow up eventually

ML-585 12:58 pm 13 Apr 10

Sounds like Inner North (east of Northbourne) would be the best option – close to the City and Dickson, most suburbs have local shops and frequent bus services. Downer, Ainslie, Braddon, Dickson or Watson fit the bill. If you want Belconnen then Bruce, Aranda, Macquarie, Cook and Belconnen (Emu Ridge or Ginninderra Heights) are worth considering but apart from Cook and Macquarie, none of these have local shops.

Jungle Jim 10:46 am 13 Apr 10

I’m in Wanniassa and love it, but working in Dickson makes the commute occassionally annoying (average 25 minutes) – especially when my better half has just secured a job down at Tuggeranong.

I would have to say your best bet would be O’Connor / Lyneham / Downer / Ainslie for nice leafy ‘burbs close to shops and work – just expect a little noise during Summernats.

Clown Killer 10:02 am 13 Apr 10

Geographically speaking Woden is the centre of Canberra (although that central point may have shifted noth a bit with the growth of the far northern suburbs).

Whatever you do don’t choose Kambah. Full of bogans. Scary shops. underperforming schools.

Holden Caulfield 9:58 am 13 Apr 10

Based on the info gievn in post #19 I would agree with the recommendations for Ainslie and Lyneham. Also consider Campbell if you’re keen on inner north. All three suburbs have a good mix of shops and the housing you are after. O’Connor, too, fits the bill.

Some of the closer Belconnen suburbs to the city might also be suitable. A few have been mentioned, Aranda, Cook, Page, Bruce, Giralang and the like.

Southside, not sure how far your rental budget would go with the inner suburbs, but Deakin or Yarralumla have pretty good local shops and are well established areas with plenty of greenery around.

Curtin ticks all your boxes, too. Actually, Curtin is probably a pretty good starting point.

A bit further south still and Hughes or Garran might be good, or even Mawson or Chifley if you’re happy to go another few bus stops along.

As an inner north resident myself I would recommend there as its a pretty nice place to live.

p1 9:50 am 13 Apr 10

Cook or Aranda are both nice suburbs, Cook has a good local shop, both are close to the Jamison Centre (which is quite nice after some much need refurbishments), and best of all, you can be in Civic in ten to fifteen mins by car, or 20 to 30 by bus or push-bike.

Daspuck 9:42 am 13 Apr 10

Ok, so as a northsider so I’d never consider anything down south.. (*shudders*) So FROM a north perspective, I’d be choosing suburbs like Kaleen, South Bruce, Aranda or O’Connor – they’re established suburbs with lots of trees. They’ve also got lots of main road options and they seem to be just as close to the Belconnen Town Centre as they are to Civic so they’re very convenient from a getting around point of view.

Thumper 8:34 am 13 Apr 10

At present, getting out of Belconnen is a nightmare. I’ve been unfortunate enough to get stuck in the exiting Belconnen traffic and it’s a nightmare. And yes, I have commuted in bigger cities.

You’re kidding aren’t you? Takes me 15-20 minutes max to get to civic.

Look at Giralang or Kaleen if you want to be reasonably close, driving wise, to civic.

MrPC 12:13 am 13 Apr 10

Charnwood, Richardson, The Causeway, Duffy and Jerrabombera are all worthwhile choices from a lifestyle perspective. Sure, the services there can be basic, but you’ll get to know your neighbours very well once you move in.

Anywhere in Gunghalin is worth looking into if you like fast broadband. The infrastructure there is all new relative to the rest of Canberra.

jessieduck 11:39 pm 12 Apr 10

Ainslie has the best trees in Canberra and one of the nicest local shops. Ainslie or O’Connor are my votes!

mcs 10:41 pm 12 Apr 10

I know I know the inner north is overpriced and the all, but it sounds like you have a more than adequate budget to be looking at Inner North, especially considering you are going to work in Civic. I live in Downer which I think is a very nice suburb all things considered (No shops but only a couple of minutes to Dickson shops)- otherwise I’d look at Ainslie or Lyneham or even Dickson. All have good public transport links as well, and I think its the way to go, especially as your budget should get you a pretty decent 2 or 3 bedroom house for rent.

2604 10:10 pm 12 Apr 10

desertdreaming said :

Thanks for your comments everyone and the recommendations thus far.

We will both be working in Civic but don’t want to live there so we are heading to the ‘burbs. So a good bus route to /from Civic would be ideal but not essential, more importantly it would be good to rent in a suburb that had a decent set of shops with a bit of energy and variety, established trees and gardens – a good place to go home to. Is this a Belconnen suburb ? Is this a Woden suburb ? Tuggeranong ? Kingston is very nice but we have two cars not sure about parking.

Wanniassa. Established suburb with lots of trees, good shops, quite good bus connections to the City (via Woden – you usually don’t have to change buses). Plus for $450 you will get something much better than the freezing ex-govies you get in Belco, Weston Creek and the Inner North and Inner South.

Welcome to Canberra, good luck!

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