Canberra Raiders reach all-time membership record despite no city stadium

Lachlan Roberts 17 May 2018 23

The Canberra Raiders have reached 19,319 members in 2018. Photo: Supplied by Canberra Raiders.

Less than three years ago, the Canberra Raiders were struggling to reach 10,000 members.

Fast forward to present day and the Raiders have reached their all-time membership record by nearly doubling that in the space of three seasons.

Raiders Commercial and Marketing Manager Jason Mathie said the new record of 19,319 spoke volumes about how the club was able to engage fans to come to matches.

“It is fantastic. We have 19,319 members currently and I know that our club is really optimistic about hitting 20,000 which is something we have banded around for a couple of seasons now,” he said.

“We really need to thank most importantly Greg Johnson and his team from AustBrokers Canberra because it is a fantastic number for our club but it wouldn’t have been achieved if we didn’t have the fantastic support of our membership partner.”

Mr Mathie believes the membership would continue to rise if the Raiders had a city stadium but is content to play with the cards he is dealt.

“I know our club is very supportive of a city stadium and potentially one with a roof,” he said.

“If we could have a better facility, then I think there is a great opportunity that we can grow.

“Having said that, we just have to live with what we have got and I think we have shown that notwithstanding the cards we are dealt at the moment, we are able to grow our membership.”

Mr Mathie said the next step was getting all the members to the stadium to enjoy their improved game day experience.

“This morning I was chatting to the ticketing and membership manager and she mentioned that of all the ticketed members we have, which is just over 80 per cent, we are only getting 50 per cent of those people coming to each and every game, so there is plenty of scope for growth in game-day attendance.”

“To improve that, we just need to keep chipping away and having conversations with the people who are absorbing our product.”

“The changes that we made were not just about promoting the game of football on the field but actually giving people the opportunity to come here for the experience.”

Teenage sensation Nick Cotric thanked the members for their support and believes the fans help the Raiders to get over the line in close matches.

“It means a lot for the players and a lot for me too to have great support from the members and the fans that come out to help us get through the game,” he said.

“It’s good to have all that support from all the fans and the Viking clap. The more spectators and members that come to the game is better for the players and helps us get home in the close games.”

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23 Responses to Canberra Raiders reach all-time membership record despite no city stadium
Patrick Lyons Patrick Lyons 9:36 pm 18 May 18

Who are those two vikings in the crowd

Paula Crowe Paula Crowe 8:43 pm 18 May 18

John Mackay Rex Carmody it is Peter and Zach in the photo. Zach is so stoked.

John Caldwell John Caldwell 8:35 pm 18 May 18

Peter Crowe, this is you and Zac, surely.

Jimmy McGilvray Jimmy McGilvray 7:43 pm 18 May 18

Membership going up but crowds going down? Sounds like the membership numbers are being fudged.

Adelaide Reilly Adelaide Reilly 1:25 pm 18 May 18

A stadium in the city is a ridiculous idea. It would be a large dead zone and eye sore for the 95% of the time it’s not being used. Would also cost a fortune. There are far better things we can and should spend our money on. If they want a new stadium so badly they should advocate for a refurb of the current one as the basic infrastructure is already there.

    John Moulis John Moulis 2:39 pm 18 May 18

    If it goes ahead it should be paid for - and maintained - by the private sector, not the government. Etihad Stadium in Melbourne was paid for by Etihad and they still own it and pay the bills.

    Luke McCall Luke McCall 3:31 pm 18 May 18

    Etihad do not own the stadium they are only a naming rights sponsor. The AFL now own the stadium. The Vic government has announced they will contribute $225m to upgrade the stadium in the next few years.

    Peter Kelly Peter Kelly 4:06 pm 20 May 18

    Or you build a nice stadium , stick a bunch of corporate boxes in it that can be used every day of the year for meetings ect (google the success of the Green Bay Packers stadium) , use it for Rugby, NRL and maybe A-league, surrounded by bars and restaurants for pre and post match life, with public transport connections. Really doesn’t sound that ridiculous

Richard Willcoxson Richard Willcoxson 10:15 am 18 May 18

But their average crowd attendance is down this year.

MrPC MrPC 9:10 am 18 May 18

Penny pinching on the buses is poor form. Just because the new operator is smart enough to turn the early buses around and do a late pickup from Civic, Belco or Gunners as a 2nd trip using the same bus, is no excuse for cramming everyone in (sardine style) on the return journey.

If there’s not enough buses to give everyone a seat on the return trip (and they monitor the numbers – they know), tell them they have two hours to find more drivers and bring in more buses.

Mark Norman Mark Norman 7:45 am 18 May 18

Canberra crowds have always been fickle. Whichever team is winning gets the crowds!

Michael Ahern Michael Ahern 7:08 pm 17 May 18

Can’t afford a stadium due to the light rail....

Rick Jackson Rick Jackson 4:32 pm 17 May 18

As a many decades long brumbies member... it pains me to say...

The Raiders have it right.

Sadly poor rugby and poor game day experience is turning brumbies fans into raiders fans - and it’s totally understandable.

While a city stadium will no doubt help both clubs, I’m not sure it can be the sole cause of poor brumbies attendance.

Well done, Raiders.

    Jenny Gordon Avery Jenny Gordon Avery 7:56 pm 17 May 18

    Congrats to the hard work of the Raiders but I think our Brumbies are negatively impacted by the times the games are scheduled.

    Raiders get majority daytime games = BIG turnouts

    Brumbies get majority night games = low turnouts.

    Rick Jackson Rick Jackson 8:01 pm 17 May 18

    Jenny Gordon Avery - let’s not forget the dour spectacle of rugby they are currently displaying and the poor game day experience.

    15 years ago the brums played nothing but night games and were getting 15,000+ every game.

    Even three years ago they were getting more than 6,000 to night games.

    The game time, sadly, isn’t to blame.

    Peter J Bowman Peter J Bowman 9:52 pm 17 May 18

    Rick Jackson it is a significant part of it though Rick. Can't bring kids to all the games. But I agree the dour performances though are doing us no favors.

    Rick Jackson Rick Jackson 10:17 pm 17 May 18

    Peter - it’s a part, no doubt... as much as the shoddy old stadium.

    But is it 10,000 people per game difference??

    Remember the days of helicopters dropping in game balls and the streamers being shot from the grandstands??

    Now you have a couple of muppets from 106.3 talking nonsense for a half hour and then the game.

    Long queues (well, when there are people there), poor infrastructure, over priced tickets, poor performances... the list goes on.

    I was reading an article the other day from the ceo blaming the stadium and saying if crowds kept declining brums won’t survive. It annoys me that the problem seems to be everything except their negative play.

    I’ll keep buying membership and sitting in the cold - but I can’t blame the sane populous from swapping to the raiders!

Geoff Cooke Geoff Cooke 2:53 pm 17 May 18

When compared to the Raiders marketing and PR efforts of around 2011, the club has changed dramatically for the better. When compared to a few years back, it’s as if hardly an effort was made and crowd numbers were very low. Now all we need is for the Refs to give the Raiders a fair go and we might see another premiership 😁

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