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Canberra Scootergals are go

By johnboy - 8 August 2008 42

The following in from the Canberra Scootergals:

    With an increase of over six percent in motorcycle and scooter sales in the last six months due to petrol prices at an all time high, Canberra is becoming more populated with scooter riders who prefer the easy commute to work, along with ‘no hassle’ parking.

    Now there is a new all female scooter group beginning in Canberra, cheekily named ‘Scootergals’.

    Tess Ryan, Scootergals founder said, “We aim to encourage fresh, new riders who may feel intimidated by joining established clubs, and who want to begin their passion within a female oriented environment.

    “We wish to provide a community for more experienced riders, to welcome other women to the joys of scootering.

    “Our aim is to be fresh, feminist, feisty and fun, to enjoy a democratic community that enables scooters of all descriptions from 50cc up the chance to ride within Canberra and its surroundings.”

    The Scootergals vision is to hold regular rides and tours, encompassing things other than scootering, and with a ‘retro’ feel. We also wish to further educate female ‘Scootergals’, with training on better riding practice and safety skills, and regular maintenance and mechanic nights. All of this shall be in a fun, community atmosphere.

    The Scootergals first event details as follows

    Time 11:00am
    Date Sunday 7th September
    Location Debacle, 30 Lonsdale St, Braddon

    Come along for brunch, meet new people and head out for a ride.

    If you would like more information regarding Scootergals, you can contact them through their email address We also have a facebook page.

Tess promises a Hooters on Scooters charity calendar real soon now.

[Photography by Steve McGrory]

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42 Responses to
Canberra Scootergals are go
bigred 6:43 pm 09 Aug 08

I hated it when I couldn’t catch a short skirt on a PX 200 while on my yamaharley. I went and got a big bike after that.

Thumper 6:32 pm 09 Aug 08

I’ll stick to my Yamaharley. Scooters scare the willies out me….

scootergal 5:35 pm 09 Aug 08

AND MY Scoot easily does 100.

scootergal 5:33 pm 09 Aug 08

Of course, Al. The photo (and others we have for publicity) are simply that, publicity shots. I personaly own Joe Rocket gear, and part of our education of fellow scootergals shall be in the wearing of decent protective wear.

Can I also say that the wearing of decent kevlar clothing is something that I have known some men to forget about, not for the sake of coolness, but because they just couldn’t be arsed??

I have heard enough horror stories about coming off with your jeans around your ankles and bones where your elbows used to be to know better. 🙂

el 5:31 pm 09 Aug 08

I think that was G. Al’s point iCanberran – coming off at 60km/h will still do NASTY damage without safety gear.

iCanberran 5:28 pm 09 Aug 08

Scooters really are a bit of a w*nky method of transport. Personally though, I don’t think they’ll need safety gear as every scooter I get stuck behind in a 80 or 100 zone can barely manage to do 60!

Gungahlin Al 5:21 pm 09 Aug 08

Having come off a bike a couple of times, I have to say that it seriously makes me cringe every time I see a girl scootering while wearing flimsy clothing (like in the pic).

Do girls on scooters think that sliding along bitumen at anything under 8okph doesn’t hurt?
Doesn’t shred clothes? Doesn’t shred the skin and flesh beneath those clothes the same way taking to your hands, elbows, feet, knees, back and arse with a cheese grater for 5 minutes would?

It does and it would. Ever seen the mess left behind after skin grafts? Just for the sake of looking cool? Not a real cool look in bikinis afterwards…

I’d rather come off a large bike at 100 in safety gear than any bike at 30 in streetclothes.

Scootergirl might wear decent safety gear (dunno) but plenty of girls around here don’t. I hope you’re pitching “brains in gear before scooter in gear” Tess.

[off soapbox]

scootergal 10:23 am 09 Aug 08

The swarm is a great club, and I recommend people who want to join to go right ahead. Scootergals is a different type of club, and in no way connected with The Swarm, which is a club by invitation only.

Canberra is big enough to have more than a few groups, clubs, whatever within it realm.

Overheard 9:32 am 09 Aug 08

And copies of the film ‘Quadrophenia’ (1979).

Thumper 8:33 am 09 Aug 08

Cool. Mods in Canberra.

Break out the Who and Small Faces records 😉

Mælinar - *spoiler 7:39 am 09 Aug 08

As opposed to the Swarm

TheDogz 1:06 am 09 Aug 08

Aww that’s a shame!

scootergal 1:02 am 09 Aug 08

No it is not the same Tess Ryan. 😛

TheDogz 12:58 am 09 Aug 08

Is this the same Tess Ryan who can be found at ??

Ari 12:53 am 09 Aug 08

Is this an alternative to dykes on bikes?

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