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Canberrans live longer but don’t breed

By PB - 14 February 2007 54

The ABS have released data that shows that in 2005 the ACT had the lowest total fertility rate of all the states and territories, with 1.65 births per woman. This means that a woman living in the ACT, if she were to experience the current age-specific fertility rates, could expect to have 1.65 children over the course of her reproductive life, compared with a rate of 1.81 births per woman nationally. Unfortunately the ACT birth rate has been below replacement fertility (2.1 births per woman) since 1975.

The good news is that ACT residents have higher life expectancy at birth than residents of other states and territories. A boy born in the ACT in 2005 could expect to live to 79.9 years, compared to 78.5 years nationally. A girl born in the ACT in 2005 could expect to live to 84.0 years, 0.7 years more than the national average (83.3).

Does this mean that you live longer if you have fewer kids?

What’s Your opinion?

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54 Responses to
Canberrans live longer but don’t breed
Absent Diane 3:18 pm 14 Feb 07

what is the benefit of increased population? And don’t give me some meaningless economic rubbish.

Ralph 3:12 pm 14 Feb 07

Softheads choosing not to breed because of environmental considerations are doing the right thing and consciously removing themselves from the gene pool. This is a good thing.

johnboy 3:07 pm 14 Feb 07

and assessed for human rights implications.

Nik_the_Pig 2:59 pm 14 Feb 07

Standope should ban copulation altogether except in licenced premises in designated areas (like Fyshwick and Mitchell) where it can be properly monitored and taxed!

Maelinar 2:41 pm 14 Feb 07

snahon – why else do you think that skyfire and summernats are at opposite ends of the calendar ?

Hospitals would complain that their birth suites were too oversubscribed if they were closer.

Al 12:59 pm 14 Feb 07

Zizzo: less kids likely would stem from concern for the environment and not exacerbating the impacts of population growth through rabbit-like breeding.
Of course the down-side to that is that the bogans continue their rabbit impersonations and we as a society evolve ever more bogan-like.

neanderthalsis 12:36 pm 14 Feb 07

Based on these fact I think we can rightly conclude that kids make you die younger. Due the the burden that having children places on our already over stretched underfunded health system Chairman Stanhope of the Peoples Republic of Canberra should move to ban all copulation for reproductive purposes. We would all live longer and the savings made on not needing to run schools (we have already solved that one)and health services for the young would be astronomical. As big Sam K says; “you know it makes sense.”

Zizzo 12:16 pm 14 Feb 07

I assume Canberra has lower birth rates due to there be more working women here than in other cities. Plus there is probably less families with 4+ kids.

snahon 11:57 am 14 Feb 07

so what are the reasons for the big bogan breeding bonanza ?

S4anta 11:26 am 14 Feb 07

every society needs a caste that looks after our poo. In canberra it is the bogan.

CouldExpire 11:20 am 14 Feb 07

good no kiddies for me then!.. hahaa

Maelinar 10:58 am 14 Feb 07

I wonder how many children are born approx 9m after Summernats ?

Indeed, bogans do breed more than others, and not just to one partner. A study should be done.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 10:27 am 14 Feb 07

I think bogans generally breed more than others, and Canberra has less than the average proportion of bogans.

Al 10:24 am 14 Feb 07

Pretty sure I’d be a fitter healthier person if not for the kids…

Mr Evil 10:09 am 14 Feb 07

….unless you are a kid who was operated on with unsterilised equipment by Canberra Hospital in the last 10 years????

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