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Charnwood 2615 ACT?

By Hazel 12 June 2013 55

Hello, I am looking at buying a house in Charnwood, Belconnen.

I haven’t been in Canberra for long, I would appreciate your opinion about the neighbourhood, especially concerning safety and good neighbours 🙂


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Charnwood 2615 ACT?
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Heavs 10:50 am 18 Jun 13

Really though, the people bagging Charnwood here (having never been there) are the same ones who have a s***-fit whenever a Canberra bashing article comes out in the national press.

Thailand71 12:14 am 18 Jun 13

True there is some crime (as there is anywhere). But I don’t feel in any more danger than I have anywhere else – in fact having a few retirees in the street who keep an eye out is quite reassuring. The local Neighbourhood Watch distributes information on where crimes have taken place – by and large if you look at a map the offences are distributed around the lower end / lower income / cheaper rental part of the suburb.

A_Cog 10:04 pm 17 Jun 13

Charnwood is a focal point for crime and general douchebaggery. Just look at the ACT Police crime stats, and compare the crime rates against neighbouring suburbs, and other scummy places.


milkman 5:42 pm 17 Jun 13

montana said :

good to see the negative opinions of charny is still the same after 20 years, keeping the prices down in this suburb.

so ill happily continue to pay $120 a week for a 3 beddy house that is close to a woolies, PO, and maccas and closer to civic/belco than some newer suburbs such as west macgregor.

Guvvy housing doesn’t count.

montana 3:22 pm 17 Jun 13

good to see the negative opinions of charny is still the same after 20 years, keeping the prices down in this suburb.

so ill happily continue to pay $120 a week for a 3 beddy house that is close to a woolies, PO, and maccas and closer to civic/belco than some newer suburbs such as west macgregor.

Chop71 2:28 pm 17 Jun 13

annus_horribilis said :

I bought in Charnwood in 2012, stunning house, amazing views, quiet neighbourhood. I love it.
I grew up in this area, went to Charnwood High, moved away, and chose to return. An old reputation meant I bought a bargain.
There are some dodgy streets….in every Canberra suburb.

Charny Heights

Holden Caulfield 8:17 am 17 Jun 13

Thailand71 said :

Hazel ignore the naysayers…

To be fair, I know a couple of really nice and decent people who grew up in Charnwood.

It can happen.

Thailand71 5:08 am 17 Jun 13

Hazel ignore the naysayers – we have lived in Charnie for the past couple of years and it’s fine. Like anywhere, just choose your location. At the ‘top’ end of the suburb near the border with Fraser are mostly privately built houses, quiet streets and in some cases nice views out to the mountains. We bought a large, modern house for a very reasonable price that we could not have afforded elsewhere (and yes, we looked at plenty of suburbs both Nth and Sth). Our place is so quiet and we have lots of native birds visit – just today was watching the first kookaburras of the season playing on our back fence. There are walking/cycle paths behind most blocks which is great for our daughter as she doesn’t have to be on the footpath or road on her bike. Our neighbours are mostly older retired couples who have lived in the area for 25+ years and they all keep an eye out for each other. There is an active Neighbourhood Watch group, an excellent community medical centre (pay a yearly membership & then all appointments are bulk-billed), the supermarket is currently being renovated to double its current size and there are all the essentials at the local shops. Public transport is not great but there are peak-hour express buses to Civic in the morning (and return buses in the afternoon).

HeighwayQueen 12:25 pm 14 Jun 13

You couldn’t pay me enogh to live there again.
We lived there for a year – 2009- while our house was being built in another suburb, and I hated every minute of it.
I’m sure my husband and I were the only people in the street that worked, everyone else was always around all the time.
We’d come home and there would be random kids in our backyard playing on the trampoline, somehow they’d get through the locked gate.
I once had to break up a brawl in our front yard, there was constantly bogans doing burnouts at the end of the cul-de-sac.
There probably are nice streets as other’s have pointed out but I didn’t live in any of them, ours was one of the cul-de-sacs off Cartwright and it was dodgy.
The houses are cheap there for a reason, it’s one of the lowest socio-economic area in Canberra.

Grimm 12:23 pm 14 Jun 13

Watson said :

I checked

Safer than some neighbourhoods with a much better reputation, it seems. And it kind of speaks for itself that the poorer the neighbourhood, the less attractive it is to burglars.

That’s a case of not s***ting where you eat.

I’m pretty sure that to live in Charnwood, you need to have a mullet, wear ugg boots or maccasins as daily footwear, and use the battle cry “avagoyacarnt” any time somebody looks in your general direction.

watto23 11:59 am 14 Jun 13

If you actually look at the crime stats, charnwood is quite high but not the highest in canberra. then you notice there were 5 assaults and 2 sexual assualts, alot of theft etc.

Chisholm in tuggeranong is bad too, but its all a matter of perspective. The statistics in the ACT make it look safe compared to many cities in australai and or the world. Still there are reasons why houses in Charnwood are cheaper, whether those reasons are valid or not.

Hazel 11:30 am 14 Jun 13

Thanks guys for all your comments, appreciate it. I’m having mixed feelings about the place now and probably have to think about it some more! I’ll keep an eye open for other suburbs as well, prices might go down next year! Thanks again.

familydude72 10:57 am 14 Jun 13

I am no longer certain that Charnwood is in the ACT. When i receive my parcel delivery notifications from the Charnwood post office, they all state that Charnwood is in NSW.

tim_c 4:07 pm 13 Jun 13

tuco said :

Hello, I am looking at buying a second hand white Commodore.

I would appreciate your opinion about the best decals for me to plaster across the back window.


How about a set of RM Williams horns?

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