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Cheaper Bus fares! Would that be a plus?

By paperboy 29 June 2008 51 is reporting here that the Queensland Government is cutting public transport fees by up to 67 per cent to get more people to use public transport.

The Premier Anna Bligh said “Combating congestion is one of the most important tasks my government faces and there is no better congestion buster than affordable public transport.’

Hmm. Wonder if it would work here?

What’s Your opinion?

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51 Responses to
Cheaper Bus fares! Would that be a plus?
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minime2 3:12 am 07 Jul 08

#48 tempestas : Yes Comrade …. that kind of talk pops up every decade or so… usually in Europe, but go for it! Kind of funny that you don’t like SS utes 🙂

bubzie 11:34 pm 06 Jul 08

55 bucks a term for a school bus ticket (for one term! which means, what, 220 bucks a year??), compared to a one off, 5 buck parking pass for school.
Heck, even with the rising fuel prices, i know which one i’d prefer!! 🙂

And not to mention, half an hour bus ride (with smelly randoms, who i’d rather not share a bus with..)compared to a ten minute drive, its become beyond a joke! gah!!

Pesty 7:33 pm 06 Jul 08

I’d love a hybrid van, to the best of my knowledge, such things don’t exist, what’s more, because I run a business, its automatically assumed that I can afford to transfer to LPG without a subsidy from the government. Not the case, although I use more fuel. and subsiquently polute more than joe average. so much for the green commitment!Beacause I have to endure the excalating cost of fuel, I am doing it a lot tougher than the average commuter.

Tempestas 9:32 pm 01 Jul 08

Pesty said :

Bollocks! I have a business to run, so you are suggesting that someone taking granny shopping gets priority over me in my van (a single occupant) trying to get from A to B to make a living? There would have to be so many exceptions to this rule that it would become farcical.

Sorry Pesty that is exactly my point, if your van is commerical than maybe one of the joys of paying commerical rego might be ability to use the T2 lanes at certain times in the day. There will be a way to make vehicles exempt from single lanes pretty obvious, different colour plates, more lane cameras etc.

You won’t be getting people out of cars unless you really make it painful for them to drive them across town by themselves just to get to work with everyone else. The psychology of seeing buses and multi-occupant cars zoom past might drum the message in.

I’d be all for a diesel or petrol hybrid van being exempt so long as SS utes and SUV’s were automatically unable to be exempt.

Its about what is the most efficient overall not what suits any particular individual

MRJ 8:00 pm 01 Jul 08

I’d be happy to pay MORE for bus fares if it meant they put out more buses and hired more drivers.

blueberry 12:24 pm 01 Jul 08

I don’t have a car yet manage to get everywhere just about by bus. The network is fine, quit bitching about it.

In my post I said that it was hard to see incentive when the cost of catching the buss was more expensive than parking, which it is even if you get a ten ride and on top of that the busses I have to catch are always crammed full to the point where they often have to drive past stops with out picking people up.

All of these are facts and if you had actually read my post you would understand that I did not actually say it was cheaper to drive than to bus I said that cheaper fairs would give me a larger incentive to put up with having to sit with somebody’s arse in my face for and hour and 20 min every day to get to work.

Also where do you live? And where do you have to bus to? I do catch the bus every day to work but I can tell you right now that it is 3 time quicker to drive than it is to catch the bus. The main reason I catch the bus I that I am conscious about the environment and I can’t see the point in driving my car all the way to Woden just for me but you aren’t going to convince any one that faster and easier than driving so there is no point trying until it actually is.

Sir Fondle 12:49 am 01 Jul 08

Whichever way you see it, the bus is cheaper, if you say it’s not your wrong.

As someone said, 10 ride adult ticket is $22, that’s $2.20 a ride, total of $4.40 a day to work and back. Each ride also includes a 90 minute free transfer in case you have to go to the huge effort of getting off your suburban bus and walking 10 metres to the intertown.

Or even better, buy a monthly ticket..its only $82..divided over a month is about $2.70 a day, for unlimited travel. You can catch as many buses as you want for four weeks, now how is that not cheap?

I don’t have a car yet manage to get everywhere just about by bus. The network is fine, quit bitching about it.

So if you can’t afford maximum $6.60 a day for the bus then go drive your car, wait in traffic, get frustrated, turn up your radio, put $100 worth of fuel in your tank, then go search for 30 minutes for a park and pay exorbitant prices just to park at work for the day. Then tell me you still enjoy the freedom and control of driving yourself, just to get home 10 minutes earlier.

Felix the Cat 9:40 pm 30 Jun 08

Thumper said :

Monorail that starts from Northbourne Avenue at Wakefield Avenue, down to Limestone, down Anzac Parade, left onto Parkes way, across the lake on Kings Avenue up to Capital Hill, cut back down Commonwealth Avenue, round City Hill and back to the start.

How about a human powered monorail – it’s a recumbant bicycle inside a perspex box that is attached to a monorail track. Type “shweeb” into Google for more info!

Seriously, for some of the quieter suburban routes during the day I don’t know why ACTION don’t get some LPG powered Hiace vans to ferry the passengers around in. I’ve seen ones that seat 11 people (+driver). They would cost a lot less to buy and surely to run and maintain than a regular full size bus.

Felix the Cat 9:30 pm 30 Jun 08

Woody Mann-Caruso said :

I ran some figures for fuel prices rising from $1.65 to $2/L. At $1.65/L it’s $3.19 for me each way in the car. At $2.00/L it’s a little under $4 each way. Unless the network gets a whole lot better (which for me means much less overcrowding) I’ll spend the extra few dollars a day for the privilege of coming and going as I please, choosing the radio station and being able to run errands.

Double those figures to take into account rego and maintenance and possibly repayments on the car. Petrol isn’t the only expense of owning a car.

Pesty 7:44 pm 30 Jun 08

peterh said :

why don’t they just bring back the 333 service?

makes more sense…

Only half evil?

Pesty 7:38 pm 30 Jun 08

Tempestas said :

Well said Al.

Canberra due to its “built around the car suburban layout” needs a unique solution. Some hi-tech rechargable driverless thingy that constantly circles a suburb, which connects with high frequency – every 5 mins or so – feeder bus or simliar along all the main inter suburban roads which then link into a Adelaide style busway on the main/arterial roads. Take 1+ lanes off the roads and make them bus only, on all three lane roads make only 1 lane for vehicles with 1 occupant, the other a T2. Once people face a choice of slower than a bus single occupant car – they will either car pool or use public transport.

With all the high-tech speed camera’s no reason not to make a slower speed limit for single occupant cars. Make smart cars or anything less than 999cc exempt from needing 2 people to use a T2.

That would radically change Canberra’s traffic.

Bollocks! I have a business to run, so you are suggesting that someone taking granny shopping gets priority over me in my van (a single occupant) trying to get from A to B to make a living? There would have to be so many exceptions to this rule that it would become farcical.

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