Chief Minister goes mental

johnboy 7 March 2007 64

The Canberra Times reports on an astonishing outburst in the Legislative Assembly:

During an emotionally charged outburst yesterday, Mr Stanhope told the Legislative Assembly Mr Smyth was a “despicable little man” with a “dirty mind” who belonged in the gutter.

“He likes it there, down with the cigarette butts and the dog turds and the wasted life,” he said, after calling the MLA “Mr Slimeball from Tuggeranong”.

Aside from wondering what the people of Tuggeranong will make of some of the possible interpretations of the outburst let’s go back to what caused it.

While Leader of the Opposition Brendan was disappointingly soft on the fire issues. one question he did pursue was where the Chief Minister was the night before the fires when, as acting Minister for Emergency Services, he was unavailable for contact from his emergency services chief, Mike Castle.

Many people would think this was an entirely reasonable question to ask about the night before Duffy went up in flames. But our Chief Minister has for the last four years strenuously insisted it’s nobody’s business but his own.

In his outburst yesterday the Chief Minister seems to be alleging that Brendan Smyth has been insinuating that the unavailability was caused by some sort of extra-marital dalliance.

The Chief Minister has now set the record straight saying he was dining with no less than Magistrate Grant Lawler, and the Catholic priest Dermid McDermott.

Bill Stefaniak has asked with a sly innocence: “Why on earth wouldn’t he say that four years ago? I find it extraordinary that he didn’t just say what he was doing at the time”

I don’t suppose anyone caught the outburst on the Assembly’s web stream?

(Note to commenters: Please think long and hard about potential defamation suits, conducted against you as likely as us, before posting any new information on this matter)

UPDATED: Thanks to “captainwhorebags” for pointing out that the Liberals now have an image [Canberra Times] for their campaign posters.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently Our Brave Leader has apologised to the people of Tuggeranong this morning on radio 666. And yet to date his website lacks any statement making such an apology (12.50pm).

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64 Responses to Chief Minister goes mental
Thumper Thumper 8:06 am 12 Mar 07

VG and Seepi have hit the nail square smack bang on the noggin.

Even I used to have to leave my phone on at all hours in a previous employment. To use the Americanism 24/7, to use the Oztralianism, all the bloody time no matter what.

Surely as a CM you should have to do the same?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:04 am 12 Mar 07

I believe the phone did go off.
-Problem was, the catholic priest was in the middle of saying a lengthy grace, the magistrate was furiously signalling to the CM that it would be ‘criminal’ to answer the phone, and the wife was out the back selecting the vintage sauvignon blanc.

seepi seepi 10:22 pm 11 Mar 07

Countless people in Canberra are on call. IT people, PR people, Security, and many more.
I think it is wierd that Jon S is acting like he shouldn’t have to be disturbed by the phone.

vg vg 9:55 pm 11 Mar 07

When I am on call for work I have lost the right to turn my mobile off at dinner time. In fact I have lost the right to turn it off full stop. If you are the CM you only have the right to do so when you are on leave and someone else is sitting in your spot. It’s about being accountable, something this man is incapable of being

Thumper Thumper 8:33 am 09 Mar 07

It would seem that Tin Tin has had a minor go at you JB on his blog.

Something about you listening to 2CC.

johnboy johnboy 4:06 pm 08 Mar 07

Hansard suggests he was made a special magistrate in 2002.

Very Good Very Good 3:55 pm 08 Mar 07

Grant Lalor was not a Magistrate at the time. Appointed by Sonic a year later – position never advertised.

Man With The Plan Man With The Plan 11:25 pm 07 Mar 07

Is it just me, or does CM bare a striking resemblance to Evil Bert in the photo in the update?

johnboy johnboy 9:27 pm 07 Mar 07

BTW is he going to publish a transcript of this interview that makes everything clear? Or just get his stooges to spin it unsourced in every forum and venue they can find?

johnboy johnboy 9:21 pm 07 Mar 07

I’m saying his stories (in general) are contradictory and conflict with the findings of the coroner.

Are YOU saying Mike Castle was lying?

astrojax astrojax 9:17 pm 07 Mar 07

he actually said, ‘i did not turn my phone off …’ among other statements regarding his actual status that evening.

so, someone is saying something that is not the case, it would seem. mebbe they tried a wrong number? maybe god was acting all mysterious…

cranky cranky 7:13 pm 07 Mar 07

Just saw the goose in tears.

Love to be a fly on Kate’s wall.

Pandy Pandy 7:02 pm 07 Mar 07

You never ate with a priest in the locker room then?

cranky cranky 6:55 pm 07 Mar 07

Not sure about the majority of the great unwashed, but I havn’t had dinner with a priest since my first crap.

johnboy johnboy 6:53 pm 07 Mar 07

Always intriguing to see the great secularist turn to the church in moments of trouble.

Great to know he was having such a high falutin supper as fire raced towards Canberra.

Sammy Sammy 6:47 pm 07 Mar 07

while they’re “allegedly” getting the leg over

Sonic was at dinner with his wife, a judge, and a priest. It doesn’t get much better than that, as alibis go.

cranky cranky 6:10 pm 07 Mar 07

Teddy Bear,


Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:17 pm 07 Mar 07

Yeah, but the ring tones turn me on!

johnboy johnboy 4:59 pm 07 Mar 07

I can’t understand why anyone would turn their phone off while they’re “allegedly” getting the leg over. 😉

Then you’re not doing it right.

teddy bear teddy bear 4:58 pm 07 Mar 07

Emergency Services Ministers, acting or not, should not turn their phones off under any circumstances as far as I am concerned especially the way the fires were going by that evening.

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