City Walk West is complete!

johnboy 1 August 2005 7

The No-Nonsense Minister Hargreaves has put out a media release bringing the Happy News that City Walk West has been completed (not to be confused with Civic West.

Apparently we should all notice a much more pedestrian friendly environment. Not that I ever felt particularly threatened through there as a pedestrian, unless you count menacing drunks late of a Friday night, which I don’t think will be addressed by a simple road narrowing.

So what did all the money go on? One wonders…

“A new logo – featuring a hexagon shape of the road patterns of Civic with three surrounding crescents representing community, culture and the surrounding landscape – has also been erected on the bins and seats as part of the project. This logo will be used throughout the City to reinforce its distinctive identity.”

I feel more vibrant already!

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7 Responses to City Walk West is complete!
b2 b2 9:25 pm 02 Aug 05

why would you think about buses when the upgrades are about walkways?

Kerces Kerces 11:57 am 02 Aug 05

Ok fair point Sam.


Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:03 pm 01 Aug 05

No, my entire world doesn’t revolve around buses, but a fair bit of it does. It was just the first thing that occured to me when I thought about the “upgrades”

Special G Special G 5:40 pm 01 Aug 05

I guess that would include the worst designed pedestrian crossings in the world at the intersection of Alinga St and Moore St. Who’s idea was that?

If the intersection is that busy put some traffic lights in. At the moment you just get people stopping all over the road, or almost running over pedestrians to avoid stopping in front of the bus that is coming the other way.


Kerces Kerces 2:09 pm 01 Aug 05

Sam, does everything in your world revolve around buses? I’ve done my fair share of bus catching (and am about to head back to it), but I don’t think of everything in terms of buses (except for timing interviews).


Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:21 pm 01 Aug 05

And the buses get to either have their tails out in traffic or stop well past the bus stop, the walkways are nice, but they didn’t think about the buses…and the traffic behind them.

Kerces Kerces 12:11 pm 01 Aug 05

Well they also paved it and put in pedestrian crossings so no more diving through peak hour traffic on the way to early morning hair cuts.

That is, if it’s the work they’ve been doing where I think it is.


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