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Civic/Northside hairdressers

By Cherrypom77 - 26 June 2012 41

Can anyone recommend a hairdresser who charges less than $200 to cut, style, colour and blow dry, please?

I have now tried Sibu (charged $65 more than quoted and were not overly friendly), CJ’s in Florey (ok style, ok price, just nothing special), Boho (highly recommended but had two little girls playing with my hair on the night), Epic at Woden (EPIC FAIL!) and Off London who were just ‘off’ (20mins waiting for a 5 min consultation).

Had a nice (if delayed) cut and blow dry in Weston at the Cooleman Hair Centre but can’t believe I need to drive that far for just a good pick-me-up hair appointment. I dream of someone who says ‘I’ve got a couple of ideas for you’ rather than just ‘tea or coffee, is the water warm enough?’ .


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41 Responses to
Civic/Northside hairdressers
EvanJames 3:09 pm 26 Jun 12

Consultation? For a haircut? Que`?

Holden Caulfield 3:08 pm 26 Jun 12

I’m assuming the OP is a lady:

Mrs C has been going to La Bimbi in Belconnen for years and seems pretty happy. Not sure of their pricing in regards to your request.

Otherwise go to Chrsiti’s in the city and save $150+, haha.

downindowner 3:02 pm 26 Jun 12

No sure of the price, but Q Hair at Ainslie has always given me a great cut: I’ve been going to see Madeline Quigley since 1999 and have never had a haircut I regretted.

Jungle Jim 2:53 pm 26 Jun 12

I think Jungle Jane goes to La Bimbi in Acton. Not exactly sure how much she pays, but she insists she’d never go anywhere else. If it’s the right place, Dan’s the guy you want apparently.

Keijidosha 2:48 pm 26 Jun 12

If you’re a little left of centre, ‘Rhubarb & Me’ in Lyneham are fantastic.

Impoverished_Student 2:43 pm 26 Jun 12

I too had several stupidly expensive hair cuts in Canberra and came out looking ridiculous. At one point I was flying interstate to see friends on a reasonably regular basis and so would get my hair cut there!! I eventually found a fabulous hairdresser on London Circuit (cnr Constitution Ave) in that building directly on the corner. Believe it or not though, the best haircut I had was my final one: I was travelling for four months so I thought “sod it” and went to Just Cuts in Woden. Brilliant job and a quarter of the price!!

RandomPoster 2:42 pm 26 Jun 12

Mrs RandomPoster is very happy with Donna at Bentleys in Macquarie and it is always under $200.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 2:36 pm 26 Jun 12

Supercuts in Civic. Fantastic job and great service. Just make sure they don’t give you the cranky old boiler who thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread – I had her once and she did a shit job and complained the whole time anyway.

psychopoesie 2:31 pm 26 Jun 12

Gosh Hair at Dickson is brilliant. It’s a home-based business run by a couple – Raff and Marg. Raff is the one I see. He does beautiful hair. First heard of via word of mouth – at least 4 of my friends go to the same place.

I always walk out feeling on top of the world. His cut holds shape for ages – it’s so good it even looks fantastic if I let it dry on its own & add no hair products. The colour is perfect. Raff really listens to what I’m after but has great ideas of his own too.

Probably around $200 mark but can’t remember if a bit more or less – sorry. Worth checking!

serendipity94 2:30 pm 26 Jun 12

THE Hairdressing in Civic under James Court Apartments is great. You pay just over $200 for the most senior hairdresser (the owner, Darren, who is fabulous) so maybe they have lower costs for other stylists. I’ve done most ‘good’ salons in Canberra and rate this one. Worth the extra money to have hair that feels and looks good and a cut that go for two months if you need it to.

Can always pop in for a consult. My first chat took 10 minutes just to talk about what I wanted and for them to explain the options they would recommend.

Apart from that, it can be good to ask workmates etc where they go if you like their hair and get a personal rec. I always find it better to get referred to a specific hairdresser than just a salon, too random that way.

astrojax 2:30 pm 26 Jun 12

axis, on barry drive, is da bomb.

but have also heard good things about the awfully named rhubarb and me in lyneham…

gourmetmumma 2:25 pm 26 Jun 12

I posted the same question on here over a year ago and someone put me on to a mum & daughter team who work from their converted garage at home. They are at Ngunnawal and they are fantastic…both lovely, very professional and very particular. I was hesitant at first as I’d never been to someone’s home before but I now go every 6-8 weeks and have never looked back. Their business name is Inspirations hair and their number is 0401 647 709. Because they don’t have to pay rent and extra overheads that a store pays, their prices are reasonable…I have shoulder length hair and get a semi colour plus half head foils plus cut and have never paid over $85. The daughter is overseas at the moment for a month but you should still get an appointment…normally make sure you book ahead they are busy girls.

TheDancingDjinn 2:20 pm 26 Jun 12

TG’s in civic is the best – Breanna is my hairdresser but Shane is wonderful, and so are all the others – great people great hair.

OzChick 2:16 pm 26 Jun 12

Giorgio’s Hair & Beauty in Kippax charged me $90 for JUST a wash and blow dry. Never again.

What a rip off!!

Madam Cholet 2:10 pm 26 Jun 12

I used to go to Cataldo’s. Can recommend them, but thought I needed a change anyway. I now go to Smitten in Tuggers. Great if you feel like travelling.

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