ClickAID, playing games to save the world

mossrocket 23 October 2012 3

I am working on a new concept – a game platform that will channel funds to charities.

ClickAid is a Micro-transaction Game System that is designed to provide real world aid, as well as achievements and pretty things to share on Social networks.

Users create a cute personalised avatar to engage in various Aid related activities around the virtual world. Their avatar will gain skill points, levels, and other achievements. As a User gains levels they will be able to recruit their friends to make teams that work on a common activity.

General activities would include community building (schools, hospitals), micro-banking, medical aid work (eg immunisation), farming, etc.

These gaming activities will involve micro-transactions – with all revenue going to registered charities.

ClickAid would also produce emergency based games – for example: flood relief, famine. These games would be made available as another option for the general public to give support. The aim would be to have these games promoted alongside other charities by the media at the time of emergencies.

Revenue raising for administration purposes will be based on Corporate sponsorship. The emergency based games will display branding, as a layer, allowing local media outlets to brand the game as part of their own charity efforts. Rescue helicopters, food boxes, (well, anything within reason) can be branded by sponsors in every country that has media coverage of an emergency event.

ClickAid will be made available on computers and mobile devices; and will be cross-platform compatible.

The initial funding will be used to design the prototype of the game system and to produce marketing materials to attract technology partners.

I am a Web Designer with a background in web applications and government service delivery websites. Examples of my work can be viewed at my website mossrocket designs

I have started a crowd funding attempt on Pozible. If you would like to help – please share the link, maybe even pledge an amount of money to get this off the ground.

Once I hit 500 likes I will start work on the prototype game…

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3 Responses to ClickAID, playing games to save the world
Masquara Masquara 7:46 pm 08 Nov 12

Some risks for the sector here I would think. Would it be tempting for companies to sponsor “virtually” and dispense with on-the-ground activities? I can’t see established charities partnering with this unless it’s in the hands of careful PR professionals.

And what sorts of animation are you planning for the recipients? “Cute” avatars for “aid workers” are one thing, but how will you avoid a “cartooning”, stereotyped look for victims? Or do you plan to make those “cute” in order to attract funding?

I’m afraid I’m picking up a distinct, though not intended, “Ja’mie King” vibe from this project!

Is there complete transparency around whether you plan to donate all your time and effort for free? Or will you make private money from this venture? You haven’t spelt that out.

HelpingHand HelpingHand 4:04 pm 08 Nov 12

WOW – what a sensational idea. We are currently planning to raise awareness of world poverty by walking across Australia and delivery presentations to schools and community groups. I think your idea would really appeal to high-school and college kids who have an interest in international development and after all they will be the ones dealing with these issues in the future. Where are you at with your project now??

mossrocket mossrocket 3:47 pm 23 Oct 12

Thanks everyone!

Since this story was posted on RiotACT, I’ve hit 1900+ likes today – there was under 10 yesterday!

So that means I start work on the prototype a lot sooner than I had thought I would!
As in – tonight!


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