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Coming soon to a bus shelter near you: advertising

By Smackbang - 19 January 2007 30

I don’t know if this just slipped under the radar, or if it was covered in other local media, but here’s a story I thought might be of interest.

Seems that the streets of Canberra will soon be featuring something they’ve never had before: commercial advertising, on bus shelters.

As this press release reports, Adshel has won a 15-year tender let by the ACT Government to provide bus shelters with advertising:

Under the contract the company will provide up to 314 bus shelters incorporating over 266 advertising panels across the ACT, a large proportion of these in the capital Canberra.

(Where would the other ones be?! Tharwa? Williamsdale?)

There’s no money involved: the deal is that Adshel installs and maintains the shelters, emtpies the bins etc, and earns the revenue from advertising.

Apparently the shelters will look something like this.
Evo bus shelter

Personally I’m all for it. There’s no reason the Government should be spending money doing this sort of thing when Adshel and companies like it have a business model that enables them to provide public facilities at no-cost to the public.

Of course, I’ll admit that there are bound to be many who are opposed to the introduction of panel advertising on Canberra’s streets. But the question is simply, would you prefer to have facilities that are not maintained, or for the Government to be spending tax dollars to maintain them, or to endure the minor inconvenience of advertising in order for a private company to undertake the installation and maintenance. To me it’s a no-brainer.

[ED – IMHO It beats dicky little coreflute banners all over the place (something even the ACT Government has resorted to using). One wonders if we couldn’t have got a better deal]

What’s Your opinion?

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Coming soon to a bus shelter near you: advertising
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Delfichael 11:50 am 20 Jan 07

Just so long as the bus timetables read loud and clear on the other side of the panels, I’ll have no problems. Heck, you might have something new to look at and pass the time when there’s a long wait for a bus.

Hasdrubahl 6:28 am 20 Jan 07

Well now we know why you are an ex-canberran. And may it remain so.

novacain 1:47 am 20 Jan 07

as an ex canberran, all i can say is this is freakin typical. so what if there’s advertising on bustops? what does it really matter? would it mean there are more sheltered stops? and if not, how would the advertising detract from what i remember as an ACTION/ACT govt issue in actually being able to provide a decent bus shelter? does it really make a difference to have a shelter on par with Sydney or Melbourne? tho i guess you could all go back to the pebbletex bomb shelter….

miz 11:48 pm 19 Jan 07

Perhaps ACTION could use the new space to inform people of the blinking timetable???? (My son keeps missing loop weekend buses because there is no info on which side of the road to wait – it alternates on the hour, and the buses don’t stop!).

cranky 9:10 pm 19 Jan 07


Would you care to re-read my post?

I wrote about advertising, not bus shelters.

Sammy 9:03 pm 19 Jan 07

Pity the small business owners … who’s A-frames and corflute signs are confiscated by the sign police.

A-frames serve no public benefit. Bus shelters do.

cranky 7:08 pm 19 Jan 07

So if you cross Stanhope’s palm with silver, you get to advertise by the roadway to your hearts content.

Pity the small business owners, attempting to attract custom, who’s A-frames and corflute signs are confiscated by the sign police. Oh, you can pay to recover them from the impounding yard.

Consistency of policy is sadly lacking in this town.

Deano 1:57 pm 19 Jan 07

One thing to be said for the old ‘pillbox’ bus shelters is that you could actually take shelter in them from the rain, wind or blazing sun. These new ones don’t seem to offer much in the way of shelter.

I spoke a while back with the architect who designed the bus shelters in the Civic Interchange. He stated that the shelters were deliberately designed to provide limited shelter and comfort so that they did not attract homeless people (or bus patrons for that matter).

sheer 1:57 pm 19 Jan 07

Adshel shelters are the bomb. My current bus stop in Griffith reeks of trash, and is covered in grafitti and scorch marks (from the charming locals who persistently try to set it on fire). Adshel has a fleet of guys in white vans who spend their days cleaning and generally freshening up their shelters, so I hope they stop by mine first!

Smackbang 1:48 pm 19 Jan 07

“The mental landscape”?!!?


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