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Congratulations to Samuel Gordon-Stewart as the winningest ACT blog in the history of the Universe!

By johnboy - 27 January 2006 22

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing a song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!

* Best Humourous Australian Blog
* Best New Australian Blog
* Best Australian Capital Territory Blog

And runner up for 2006 Best Overall Australian Blog

Making SGS the most successful blogger from the ACT in the history of everything.

I think our views on the blog awards have been vindicated. Thanks to TSSH and TSP, and apparently second preferences by some dude called Jungle Jamie played a major part. Big thanks to all RA readers who joined us on the cyberspace barricades.

The results in full can be seen over on collective apathy.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Congratulations to Samuel Gordon-Stewart as the winningest ACT blog in the history of the Universe!
jr 11:54 am 27 Jan 06

johnboy: yes but Sammy could do a Ted Quinlan on us and stand down… and besides a lil carnage never hurt anyone.

Thumper 11:34 am 27 Jan 06

Never in field of human endevour have so few given so much.

Does Canberra want to be on a geek map, God knows, we get enough crap from Sydney and Melbourne, and Young, Temora, etc etc.

kimba 11:28 am 27 Jan 06

It’s a monumental day for Canberra. Young Sammy has placed us on the geek-map.

johnboy 11:23 am 27 Jan 06

To be fair JR, considering the way Sam is straddling these awards like a collossus removing his votes from the pool would wreak considerable carnage.

Has any single blog ever won so much?

johnboy 11:21 am 27 Jan 06

Hmmm, while deriding the award he also promoted himself: Samuel’s Blog won Best Australian Blog.

Runner up for that one.

johnboy 11:18 am 27 Jan 06

Added now Ari,

I hope if mainstream Canberra media picks up on this they tell the full story.

Ari 11:02 am 27 Jan 06

Is there a link to the results?

LurkerGal 10:59 am 27 Jan 06

And he shouldn’t put too much value on the awards. IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!!!

jr 10:53 am 27 Jan 06

Talk about the perfect hypocrite… Sammy is now rabbiting on as follows: Unfortunately, without forcing a recount and preference issues it is impossible for me to decline these awards, so thankyou for voting for me if you did, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t put much value on these awards.

Why not force a recount?

DoppelFrog 10:51 am 27 Jan 06

Is anyone else having trouble getting some of the ‘winning’ entries.

(2006 Best Post on an Australian Blog)

Somehow, I’m glad I can’t read them again. 😐

RandomGit 10:50 am 27 Jan 06

It more about hanging out with the cool kids than making a principled stand I think.

johnboy 10:26 am 27 Jan 06

I’m not sure there’s actually any award to decline.

jr 10:23 am 27 Jan 06

Sammy said: For some reason that reminds me that voting for the Australian Blog Awards ends shortly (although at least one website is reporting that voting has already closed), and the winners will be known soon. I will keep an eye on this and congratulate the winners. If I win an award I will be declining it. I do hope that none of you voted for me, as I have absolutely no desire to win those awards, and fail to see the importance of them.

I am waiting for the official rejection of his awards….

LurkerGal 10:15 am 27 Jan 06

Does that mean he can now focus on his own blog and stop coming round here?

Blossy 10:08 am 27 Jan 06

go sammy!

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