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Continuing demise of the NCA

Jazz 19 February 2008 17

The continuing fall of the National Capital Authority is starting to read like a war and peace epic worthy of thenow defunct tropfest. Despite that there are those who are rallying to its cause as the once great bastion of planning seemingly totters on its last legs.

The ABC bring us the sagely advice of Terry Birtels, from the ADFA School of Physical Sciences. Not sure exactly how Physical Sciences include town planning but he says “Canberra will change if the city’s planning powers are handed over to the ACT Government. What we have now is that the National Capital Authority is losing any right to have real say over the planning of Canberra and it’s all being passed over to development interests of various sorts”. I’m inclined to agree. ACTPLA has come under lots of critcism in the past for its planning policy.

Others are also coming out in support of the NCA (or what could be loosely construed as such). Seems to me that the RSL are pondering how they are going to find the volunteers to now run tours of anzac parade instead of complaining loudly that NCA should stay. And in a totally non committal politcal statement, Jon Stanhope has come out supporting the need for reform, as long as he doesnt have to take any responsibility.

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17 Responses to Continuing demise of the NCA
blah blah 2:54 pm 20 Feb 08

Check out yesterday’s House of Reps Hansard for the lowdown on the NCA. It all seems pretty reasonable to me…

Meconium Meconium 12:05 pm 20 Feb 08

FWIW guys, ever since the National Museum opened I thought it looked a lot like a Nod construction yard. Anyone agree with me here?

wishuwell wishuwell 8:56 am 20 Feb 08

National Capital Development Commission. Used to do what the name suggests. The past! Its always the past.

trog trog 9:55 pm 19 Feb 08

Yo Sepi – traffic at the aiport.. right on. Having come from another small town that was ruined by lack of transport planning and lack of a good public transport system, I reckon the traffic is going to get FAR FAR worse here because the town isn’t going to stop growing, and bigger and better roads are NOT the answer. They tried that in Brisbane, they tried that in Gold Coast, they tried that in Sydney. The answer is to integrate mass transit into the heart of the city right now while the cost is still reasonable.

sepi sepi 9:49 pm 19 Feb 08

Yeah – now if the NCA had been serios about their role of protecting the ‘gateways to Canberra’ they should have got their teeth into the airport traffic disaster.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors to Canberra would have noticed the loooong taxi wait and congested traffic. Far more people than would have noticed the ‘green spaces at the entrance to northbourne ave’ that the NCA used to insist on.

ant ant 9:37 pm 19 Feb 08

and we had a local gov’t power, and a federal power, and yet neither could prevent the mess that has happened at the airport.

Since Xmas, something new must have opened because the traffic is at a standstill from Russell to the airport, every goddam morning! And it’s just going to get worse.

What a disgrace.

sepi sepi 9:14 pm 19 Feb 08

If the FEDS don’t trust local govt to maintain Canberra, they should get rid of local govt altogether. but it was never going to work having local govt looking after most of Canberra, and NCA acting for the FEDs in parts. At best it would mean a gorgeous parliamentary triangle, and the rest of Canberra going down to pot. In reality it has been worse, with the NCA sticking their fingers into all sorts of random things, from banning the Pierces Creek settlement, to greening Northbourne Ave, to having input into rural leases on the way into Canberra, and allowing some high developments within the parliamentary triangle despite going against the Canberra plan.

At least if our elected govt stuffs things up it is our govt.

trog trog 6:17 pm 19 Feb 08

Who cares which bunch of bureau-droids does the planning for this town? All the biggest stuff-ups in planning have already been made viz:

1) No integrated public transport. No rail system for the suburbs. The coach terminal is completely divorced from both the long distance rail station and the aiport. The long distance rail station will likely be shut down completely in the near future by property developers seeking to extend the apartment complexes. In short, all the development revolves around cars, which is seriously stupid.

2) All of the pubs/restaurants/cafes etc are in the residential suburbs where the drunken people should not be – these things should be by the lake where the views are sweet, and close to where the people work, so that they can go and hang out after work and blow off steam. There should be good public transport and from these places so that they don’t have to drive home afterwards.

3) The place has no soul. By this I mean there is no local culture, and the cultures that have been transported here are not cherished, but are treated with an cold disdain for much of the time.

4) Parliamentary Circle dominates the place far too much. Fair enough it’s a national capital , but the people here shouldn’t be slaves to it. The town needs to have its own throbbing heart as well.

5) The disdain for Queanbeyan/Jerra is seriously wierd. Even Gold Coast/Tweed Heads has largely gotten over that sort of childish nonesense and is moving on. State borders are stupid left-overs of colonialism. Canberra is not better than Queanbeyan, it’s just as bad because it’s also in the middle of nowhere.

6) It’s in the middle of nowhere. 🙂

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 4:09 pm 19 Feb 08

I am not the nerdiest nerd who ever nerded, but I am a limited nerd.

Mælinar Mælinar 3:34 pm 19 Feb 08

Perhaps I’ve just drawn the nerds with my cunning nerd trap.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 3:31 pm 19 Feb 08

Geeze Maelinar,

Know your nerd organizations before drawing your nerd comparisons.

la mente torbida la mente torbida 3:29 pm 19 Feb 08

I think the NCA/ACTPLA emnity was fully supported by the incumbent Federal Liberal Govt

54-11 54-11 3:22 pm 19 Feb 08

The problems stem from the interminable and totally counter-productive bickering and game-playing between NCA and ACTPLA. Both of them were at fault, but the Labor parliamentarians(Sen. Lundy in particular) saw the major antagonist as NCA and has campaigned to sort them out. Hopefully, she will now turn her attention to the thoroughly dysfunctional ACTPLA (as noted above, it is purely profit- and developer-driven).

The NCA has been its own worst enemy (with the exception of its even bigger enemy, ACTPLA) in that there are a lot of Canberrans who got heartily sick of their shennanigins and game-playing, so there’s not a lot of sympathy. It’s a shame about some of their nationally focused activities, but they’ve paid the price for their own stupidity.

Now, who’s going to sort out ACTPLA? Not Stanhope, and not our Labor parliamentarians, that’s for sure

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 3:19 pm 19 Feb 08

The Hand of Nod is just a barracks, Maelinar.

The Brotherhood of Nod is the organisation.

Mælinar Mælinar 3:10 pm 19 Feb 08

And GDI lose another town to the Hand of Nod.

areaman areaman 2:56 pm 19 Feb 08

I agree. I can see the point of running Australia Day live and the Anzac Parade tours, but the rest of the dog an pony show should be run by the ACT government rather than a significantly smaller NCA.

Ian Ian 2:44 pm 19 Feb 08

To be honest, I often wondered why these bread and circus things for the people of Canberra were run by the NCA, rather than the local govt. I’d have thought that with a few exceptions they are local not national things. Its hard to argue with the Fed Govt that the NCA shouldn’t be funded to provide local entertainment.

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