Crash on Gundaroo Drive

nanzan 6 July 2009 107

There appeared to have been a very nasty crash on Gundaroo Drive this afternoon, involving at least two cars. Does anyone have any details?

Gundaroo Drive was closed between Nudurr Drive and the new turn off to Crace (Areba Avenue?), resulting in quite large detours for traffic on this busy road.

We happened on the scene apparently after the ambulance and fire brigade had left, but there were still five police vehicles (which seemed a lot) and an ACTION minibus in attendance.

It looked bad – hopefully it wasn’t.

[ED – Crimestoppers have a report]

    ACT Policing is investigating a collision in Crace this afternoon (July 5) which resulted in the death of a 29-year-old man.

    Shortly after 1pm, police were called to Gundaroo Drive, Crace, where a Holden Commodore sedan and a Toyota Yaris were involved in a collision.

    Police as well as ACT Fire Brigade and ACT Ambulance officers attended to the six occupants of the two vehicles, four in the Commodore and two in the Yaris. The 29-year-old male, who was the front passenger in the Commodore, was pronounced deceased at The Canberra Hospital.

    Four occupants of the vehicles were conveyed by ACT Ambulance to The Canberra Hospital while the other two went to The Calvary Hospital. The driver of the Commodore and the front passenger of the Yaris remain in a critical but stable condition.

    The Collision Reconstruction and Investigation Team are continuing their investigations into the incident.

    Police are also seeking any persons that may have witnessed the collision or any incident involving a green Holden Commodore earlier in the day to contact Crime Stoppers.

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107 Responses to Crash on Gundaroo Drive
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ogloooooos ogloooooos 2:29 pm 13 Jan 10

Loveley1981… talk about respect – your father didn’t show any respect, to all those involved, by driving like a lunatic whilst drunk and unlicensed/unregistered. I was behind the car he hit head on and saw exactly what happened, so IMO, most of these comments are pretty fair. I hope he spends a long time in gaol reflecting his stupidity!

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 9:30 pm 26 Nov 09

Of course it’s sad, but if he drove drunk and did something stupid, well…

H1NG0 H1NG0 7:38 pm 26 Nov 09

The fact that this could have been avoided by following the law and using common sense is probably the most haunting thing about this accident.

Loveley1981, I am sorry for your loss. Lets hope that people learn from this example and realise that laws about drink driving, car registration and licensing are in place for a very good reason.

Lovley1981 Lovley1981 7:02 pm 26 Nov 09

After reading these comments posted ( bar a few) i’m absolutly discusted on how judgemental people are. How little respect they have for the family and friends . The man that was driving was my father and Andrew was my brother .i really hope something like this dosn’t happen to you maybe you would understand how hurtful your comments have been. You should really get your facts straight before shooting off insults… RIP brother all that new you loved you

ogloooooos ogloooooos 8:32 am 03 Oct 09

I certainly haven’t forgotten and I’d like to know what happened to the driver as well….he deserves to pay for his crime. HE was drunk, one person is dead and the driver and passenger of the other car are severely traumatised for life!

Tooks Tooks 1:56 pm 15 Sep 09

like a bird said :

100th comment , now let Andrew rest!

He probably was resting until you resurrected this thread a month after everyone had forgotten about it.

Danman Danman 12:19 pm 15 Sep 09

Like a bird, nothing like flogging a dead horse eh ?

like a bird like a bird 10:41 am 15 Sep 09

100th comment , now let Andrew rest!

sunshine sunshine 9:04 pm 19 Aug 09

just wondering if anyone knows the outcome of this – wether or not the police have charged the father as yet?

Granny Granny 4:09 pm 20 Jul 09

If it hasn’t been done already, it’s high time we had a proper review of the evidence base in law enforcement.

What really does motivate positive, constructive change in the population? What policing measures are proven to be successful? How does that impact on civil liberties? What is best practice, and how closely does our system approximate these models? How can the community be successfully leveraged to assist the police in their job? How could improvements be phased in over successive budgets? Etc. etc. etc.

We could endlessly throw money at traffic cameras, and that may or may not be the best use of the limited resources the territory has.

If this has already been done, then perhaps it is simply not possible to achieve more than what is currently being done.

It is worth considering what Canberrans would be willing to sacrifice for increased policing resources. Would you countenance further cuts to sport? Art? Education? Health? More police or equipment has to come from somewhere. Would you be willing to pay more tax for this, and if so, how much?

Just some food for thought.

sassycassie sassycassie 3:36 pm 20 Jul 09

i googled the accident 2 c if there was any progress on charges bein laid n came across this page.. i dont expect everyone 2 mirror my opinion at all.. these strangers have a right 2 express there feelings or opinions bout Andrew as do i

Danman Danman 3:21 pm 20 Jul 09

The question remains….Why do people insist on google the name of their deceased loved ones…then expecting everyone to mirror their opinion/// Does a strangers opinion really matter that much to you…Whats the point defending what you know as fact to strangers just looking for a rise…Just more grief to deal with…

Notwithstanding, Hitler was a bad arse…But some people still loved him and missed him at his passing…

sassycassie sassycassie 2:46 pm 20 Jul 09

Andrew was a lovin father 2 his 2 beautiful kids and took my son on as his own from the day we met… i dont know many ppl who havent made mistakes in there lives but in the 3 yrs we have lived 2gether he has been a wonderful partner n caring family man.. i will b proud 2 tell our baby, who will never get the chance 2 meet its Daddy, wot a fun loving n loved daddy it had…. i hope our baby grows up 2 b jus like Andrew 🙂
Loved and missed forever
Always in our hearts

el el 9:35 am 13 Jul 09

So once again, anyone who dies automatically becomes a saint.

dustydreamz dustydreamz 10:29 pm 12 Jul 09

DJ, your entitled to your opinion & so am I! You have expressed your view on your experiences & I have expressed mine. Everyone more than likely has a different view, I just think more respect should be shown for his family!

DJ DJ 10:14 pm 12 Jul 09

Passed judgement and spoken badly? I expressed my view based on my most recent experience which was the same day as his last.

dustydreamz dustydreamz 8:55 pm 12 Jul 09

I have read this topic from beginning to end, I am absolutely disgusted with the way some posters have passed judgement & spoken so badly of someone who has passed! Maybe its time for some to stop looking thru rose coloured glasses & sweep the sh*t from your own back door before being so disrespectful to others.

There are plenty of people out there right now with their hearts aching, regardless of the rubbish that I have read on here, I will not change my opinion of Andrew, I will always miss him & love him as will many others!

sunshine sunshine 8:52 pm 12 Jul 09

farnarkler said :

Leopards and spots, sunshine, leopards and spots.

so i guess you’re not a believer in rehabilitation then – doesn’t work for all but every now and then a difference can be made

farnarkler farnarkler 8:02 pm 12 Jul 09

Leopards and spots, sunshine, leopards and spots.

DJ DJ 7:17 pm 12 Jul 09


DJ said :


RIP Payto u will be sadly missed by everyone

That isn’t true. Care to share with everybody your relationship with him?

He was a mate im not saying what happened was right or legal but nobody deserves to die irrespective of how it happened and i just think that some people should have more of a heart when it comes to these issues.

Heart like he showed others? Yes it’s sad for some people who knew him but for the most part I’m sorry to say that he wasn’t very much liked – being a coward and bully does that.

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