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CT ‘Earth Hour’ Magazine

By Deano - 14 March 2008 24

Does anyone else think the Canberra Times’ idea of producing a 40 page ‘Earth Hour’ magazine sort of misses the point of the exercise?

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
CT ‘Earth Hour’ Magazine
sepi 4:04 pm 14 Mar 08

The main idea is to get people thinking about saving energy – which seems to be working.

It isn’t up to China to save the world. Every country should do their bit. And China is more likely to get on board if everyone else is.

RuffnReady 3:40 pm 14 Mar 08

Thumper, thank you for recognising resource depletion as the single greatest threat this civilisation has faced. So few people even think about it.

As for “coping with climate change”, the last Ice Age was pre-12,000BC, and it took 3000yrs (ie. to 9000BC) for the change that became the current interglacial (warm) period to occur. At the time, humans were hunter-gatherers and there were an estimated 10 million of us. We didn’t start to settle down and get into agriculture until some time between 7500-5000BC.

Now compare that with today – 7 BILLION people and rising with little space if any for migration, monoculture agriculture set in place (what about shifting rainfall patterns, etc. – we’ve seen what they do to Austn agricultural production) and entirely reliant on FOSSIL FUELS (fertilizer, her and pesticides, machinery and transport are all reliant on OIL)… and that’s just a short summary forgetting sea level changes.

10 million hunter-gatherers can “adapt” (and did by settling and planting crops). 10 billion consumers? A bit more of a task.

Sorry for the doomsaying, but I’ve read a lot about all of this and the outlook for this civilisation is not rosy.

That being said, humans will survive as a species as long as we don’t nuke the planet. There are too many of us for the whole lot to die. The question is what we will leave for future generations..?

Thumper 3:24 pm 14 Mar 08

‘Adapt’, not ‘evolve’…

idiot 😉

Thumper 3:22 pm 14 Mar 08

Humans will evolve to cope with climate change (if it actually exists), note the last ice age.

However, we are seriously in trouble when (not if) we run out of oil, coal, ettc.

in my book it’s natural resource depletement that is the worlds biggest threat.

Besides, until China decides to do something it’s all a waste of time, given they are a third of the worlds population.

dalryk 3:19 pm 14 Mar 08

I too plan to turn on every light in the house during ‘Earth Hour’ in protest at its stupidity and self-righteousness. Then, like RuffnReady, I will continue to save energy as best I can and achieve a practical outcome without pointless dramatic gesetures.

Mælinar 3:00 pm 14 Mar 08

Deb Foskey runs naked around bonfires. You have been warned.

Thumper 2:35 pm 14 Mar 08

I think I’ll run a bonfire night for global warming, er, sorry, climate change.

I wonder if the Stanhope government will sponsor it?

RuffnReady 2:34 pm 14 Mar 08

Wide Boy Jake, you don’t know what you are talking about. The science is robust and global warming is a reality. The current rate of warming is 10-100x the natural rate observed between glacial and inter-glacial periods. I am not going to debate you about it here, but you are WRONG. Try reading the science, then tell me how thousands of the world’s top minds are wrong but you and your conspiracy theory are right.

Even if you don’t believe in global warming, there is a big problem called resource depletion that the world is soon to face. The international Energy Agency, using oil supply curves from the world’s oil deposits, predicts that the oil will be GONE in roughly 40 years at predicted rates of consumption. Thus, we must replace 1,000,000,000 (and rising) internal combustion engines with a comparable technology that is yet to be developed. Moreover, neither natural gas nor coal will last out this century. The world population will reach 10,000,000,000 by 2050, and everyone wants to live like us. How exactly is the world going to find replacement energy sources to facilitate the scale of the transition necessary unless something is done now? It won’t. And how do you re-direct the market – you use carbon cap and trading, amongst many other things.

RuffnReady 2:22 pm 14 Mar 08

As someone who has studied energy sustainability, and is soon to begin a career in it, I think symbolic gestures like this are a bad joke. They make everyone feel like they are doing something when actually they are not.

Turning your lights off for an hour won’t make a lick of difference. Why are the lights on every floor of many office buildings left on anyway? Don’t the cleaners only need lights in the immediate area they are cleaning?

Token efforts make me want to puke. I’ve changed my lifestyle in small but significant ways and thus reduced my electricity consumption by 60% in a year, without any investment in new technology. I now consume about 6kWh/day (vs 18kWh/day Australian average) despite living alone, so this is something everyone can do with little effort. But no, let’s all turn the lights off for an hour and then forget about it… oh, and while we’re at it, let’s all buy MORE SH#T WE DON’T NEED! Let’s do lots of that! Let’s totally ignore the embodied energy that goes into producing, transporting, displaying and selling it… fark, do not get me started.


Wide Boy Jake 2:20 pm 14 Mar 08

Another bit of greenie wankery. I’m going to commemorate Earth Hour by turning on every light and appliance in the house. Global warming is a natural phenomenon – nothing Man can do will either stop it or slow it down. In the same way as the world experienced ice ages in the past, so to we are entering a period of slightly higher temperatures. Let’s hope we are not roped into joining a carbon trading scheme – the financiers’ version of the virtual world on the Internet.

Mathman 2:10 pm 14 Mar 08

Somebody calculated that the plan by King O’Malley’s to use candles during Earth Hour would actually release more greenhouse gasses that they would save by not using electric light. Particularly if some pisshead knocks over a candle and burns the place down!

Thumper 1:50 pm 14 Mar 08

AH, we’ve entered a new and great age my friends…

The age of symbolism.

A tad like Ms Foskey flying to New Zealand for a conference on climate change…

Mælinar 1:43 pm 14 Mar 08

40 pages of high gloss bleached paper for an environmental mag that nobody will read.

neanderthalsis 1:41 pm 14 Mar 08

40 pages of high gloss bleached paper for an environmental mag. I like their style.

Ava 1:31 pm 14 Mar 08

These symbolic gestures get pretty boring. All this planning, advertising etc just so people turn their lights off for an hour? Is that stupid or what!

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