Daramalan leaps into the sex abuse ring

johnboy 23 July 2008 67

Not content with letting Marist get all the attention, the Canberra Times reports that Daramalan is stepping up its own sex abuse scandal.

    Five fresh compensation claims against the school have been lodged in the ACT Supreme Court in the past week on behalf of former students whom Lyons sexually abused in the late 1980s and 1990s.

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67 Responses to Daramalan leaps into the sex abuse ring
dazednconfused1 dazednconfused1 6:06 pm 03 Aug 08

I agree with Mr Evil the money thing is a bit of a cop out. And people do not stop coming forward because of comments like that. I mean no offence to any victims of Lyons or Chute, but we have to be honest here, financial compensation is a big furphy. I am just not convinced we can be sure about who, and how many people Paul interfered with. Having said that, I would just love to see Daramalan get sunk by this–same for Marist with Kostka Chute.

You see Paul screwed a lot of people figuratively and literally. Paul did not sexually abuse me but he certainly mindf*cked and manipulated me. That is not a benign action. I know what it is like to be sexually abused, but because it was not a school teacher, well, I can never get a cent. For some points of view it just looks like this:

“If he touched my pecker I stand to gain x amount of dollars, pay off the house, buy a new car, inground pool.
If he did not, then, nothing. Just feel done over”

Sorry about my cynicism. If you were abused by Paul go for it, sink those barstard Catholics I am with you all the way. If you were not, have a go anyway it will make no difference, no one will know any better, you can pay for the house down at Broulee you could not afford and the newspapers will have more stuff to write about.

Canberra Gardener Canberra Gardener 5:19 pm 25 Jul 08

…and no disrepect intended…..

Canberra Gardener Canberra Gardener 5:19 pm 25 Jul 08
johnboy johnboy 5:11 pm 25 Jul 08

CG you can’t just go plagiarising a whole article here to make a point.

Provide a link, quote selectively, sure.

A little more respect for this forum and its other members wouldn’t go astray from you blokes.

Canberra Gardener Canberra Gardener 5:08 pm 25 Jul 08

ABC Online

Schools urged to act on Pope’s apology


peterh peterh 10:21 am 25 Jul 08

Mick1965 said :

I am not a churchie person, but I did turn to the big guy after ainslie village – and it did give me some comfort.

I’m glad you got some comfort from the church – after what happened to me I ran away from the church screaming.

I have tried at times to get over that but it never works out.

sorry mick1965 – I prayed a lot, but didn’t go to church.

My family have always been registry office religious…

We go to church for births, deaths and marriages…

and I am of the anglican faith, not the catholic. No private schools for me, my parents wanted me at co-ed day 1.

Mick1965 Mick1965 10:02 am 25 Jul 08

I am not a churchie person, but I did turn to the big guy after ainslie village – and it did give me some comfort.

I’m glad you got some comfort from the church – after what happened to me I ran away from the church screaming.

I have tried at times to get over that but it never works out.

Groundhog Groundhog 9:04 am 25 Jul 08

Mick1965, Berraboy68, Canberra Gardner. Thanks gents. It is cathartic to have you being courageous enough to share, defend and stay present in this forum.

imhotep – thanks for providing a catalyst that elicits such great posts from others. You’ve no doubt really helped the arguments get clarified, the positions solidified and sentiment riled up enough to motivate others to get involved with the lobby group – and to stay active on this forum. Good work! 😉

Overheard Overheard 8:50 am 25 Jul 08



Overheard Overheard 8:49 am 25 Jul 08

Overheard said :

I have nothing bit sorrow for the victims…

And now, using all ten finges on the keyboard:

I have nothing *but* sorrow for the victims…

Thumper Thumper 8:15 am 25 Jul 08

Class of 81, yep..

A rather, well, interesting year… 😉

Overheard Overheard 1:11 am 25 Jul 08

Bloody Nora! That’s aimed in desparation to the heavens, not at anyone. I’ve just been catching up with all of the above, and for the first time, going back over some of the news reports. Terrible, horrible stuff.

Having spent seven years at Dara, I’m happy and lucky to say that all of the unspeakable acts I’ve been reading about are totally outside of my experience and indeed I never heard about any of it at the time either.

I have nothing bit sorrow for the victims (Dara and elsewhere) and pride for what they’ve been able to rise above. It’s all so outside my experience, I don’t know what to say except to echo the words of a favourite song: ‘We can offer tea and sympathy/But can’t know how it feels’.

I have one fear in this as an observer and that is that while terrible things happened and any duplicity or negligence at any level is atrocious and needs to be challenged and brought to account, I mourn for the people working in these places who were/are not involved and are doing great things and go above and beyond the call, but get smeared by association.

Regrettable, but sadly unavoidable, I guess.

Mick, I think I know who you are. It was the reference to your tertiary study that rang the bell.

Thumper: Class of 1981. From memory there was something of a cleaning out of students at the top level that year after the infamous Leadership retreat, or should that be the ‘Leaf-ership’ retreat.

peter@home peter@home 12:02 am 25 Jul 08

My wife is also very understanding, she has helped me through some of my dark days, and gave me 3 of the most precious, beautiful children on this planet. she does criticize me for being over protective, but I will never let anyone do to my children, what has happened to me.

(dr armellin helped, with IVF, first my daughter, then my twin boys – which is why I am so anti the lesbians who are suing him))

peter@home peter@home 11:58 pm 24 Jul 08

Mick1965 said :


You have had a bad run mate!

Contrary to what anyone else says, please feel free to pour it out here at Riot ACT (well, until the mods kick us out anyway!).

Hope you are healing mate and I hopoe you get some closure with your attackers.

Do you know who the guy was at Ainslie Village?

never knew his name, he went by the name of “spider” at the village – should have seen that one, shouldn’t I?

the guy in nt, he topped himself after it was revealed who he had been doing this to over the years, several of my mates were in the same boat as me, so we still keep in contact when one of us is a bit down. a bit of a private network. I am not a churchie person, but I did turn to the big guy after ainslie village – and it did give me some comfort.

Mick1965 Mick1965 8:52 pm 24 Jul 08


You have had a bad run mate!

Contrary to what anyone else says, please feel free to pour it out here at Riot ACT (well, until the mods kick us out anyway!).

Hope you are healing mate and I hopoe you get some closure with your attackers.

Do you know who the guy was at Ainslie Village?

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 6:36 pm 24 Jul 08

Peterh – mate, thanks for sharing that. And you’re right abuse can happen anywhere, anytime by anyone. I take teh same appraoch with my kids even though one is in kindy and one in pre-school.

You seem to have coped well considering what happened but if you want to talk privately contact me at timeforhealingACT@gmail.com

peterh peterh 5:23 pm 24 Jul 08

the worst of all of these posts about the treatment of kids by figures of authority is that there are many sad stories out there, Teachers aren’t the only one who do this kind of thing, it can be perpetrated by a family friend, with both boys and girls, or a parent of a child’s friend. I had this happen to me, twice.

in the NT, a mate’s father took me and him to collect firewood. my mate was a bit tired (never really thought why until now) and laid down for a sleep in the back of the car. His father molested me. I was confused, and even though I was told he would kill me, I told my mother. She didn’t believe me, and didn’t until only quite recently, when he was caught molesting one of his grandchildren.

the second time was in ainslie village. I was moved there into emergency accomodation, and as a lad of 19, was a bit on the thin side. (not eating for a month will do that to you)

The guy who raped me, no other word for it, had taken the trouble to become my friend. He was a predator. I was left, bleeding, in the shower block. Found by one of the workers who could not believe that the guy i claimed had done it would have.

I managed to get out of that hell hole and improved myself.

My kids are only little, but when we take them to the doctor, they are told, and it will sink in, if anyone touches you where the doctor is touching you now, you must tell mummy or daddy right away. If I catch someone doing this kind of thing to my kids, well, we will see what happens…..

I was an active leader in the YMCA, and assisted with youth insearch with troubled teens, runaways etc. I wanted to ensure that they were shielded from the hell I had experienced.

it is a hard thing to discuss. the betrayal that i suffered through my parents is very painful. I don’t deny them access to my kids, but they seem indifferent to forming relationships as grandparents.

perhaps they have trouble protecting any kids…

Canberra Gardener Canberra Gardener 5:22 pm 24 Jul 08

imhotep – the abuse I am referring to is the abuse dished out by the church, the insurance company and the schools, by refusing to acknowledge responsibility and covering up the details as they covered up the abuse.

All they have to do is spill the truth that all the victims know is the truth……and we can all move on…..abuse isn’t just raping someone…….the schools are participating in bullying it’s victims…..by denying responsibility and the victims day in court.

I didn’t illustrate any point your making…….we aren’t even on the same planet. Keep thinking what your thinking……whatever helps you sleep at night. The schools are damaging their own reputation, not us…….and as it was reported in the press the lawyers are starting to sue individuals….. principles, teachers……etc.

The fact remains……for 20-30 years 100’s of little boys were repeatedly abused and raped at two schools in Canberra, the schools knew about it and chose to do nothing. Full stop.

Now we are all grown up…….and big enough to ensure that the truth comes out…

….and if I was one of those people that covered it up, did nothing, ignored the abuse, when I should have done everything to lock these dirty filthy child rapists up……..

….I too would be worried, real worried.

The truth will come out……eventually….it will come out……..

KARMA is on it’s way…….yeee ha. Giddy-up

Mick1965 Mick1965 5:07 pm 24 Jul 08

This is the first I have heard of this letter and may I say SHAME!

The “funny” thing is it’s the same sort of letter they would have written “in the day” and it really brings home to me that nothing seems to have changed.

I am certainly not grateful for their presence in Canberra and if I had 3 wishes the first would surely be that they never came to Canberra. And am I alone in thinking they are saying it’s a fair trade – the presence of these wonderful brothers for a few torn sphinctas? Nice trade off!

Thanks for sharing Berra. I’m very angry now.

Marist – bloody unforgivable. Get over yourselves.

BerraBoy68 BerraBoy68 4:22 pm 24 Jul 08

The school simply has to remember “”the truth will set you free”. It also has to stop trying to win a supposed PR battle (there isn’t one) by writing letters to the Canberra Times containing sweeping statements such as:

“There can be no doubt that the abuse of students is wrong and the impact
of those actions is tragic and long lasting. However…. The Brothers at Marist College live a life of consecration and demonstration of their faith: To Christ through Mary. The great good that these men have achieved over many years needs to be acknowledged and for their presence in Canberra, we are sincerely grateful.”

This was part of a letter written by the school board to the Canberra Times. It wasn’t published. It was however circulated throughout the Marist community and I know for a fact it has been responsible for the victims support/Lobby group ‘Time for Healing ACT’ receiving new members. Basically, the condescending tone of the letter and the fact it tried to push the abuse issue into the background turned a few ambivalent people against the school. I also understand that those in the Marist community who wrote back to the Marist Headmaster expressing their anger over the letter are still awaiting a response.

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