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Daramalan leaps into the sex abuse ring

By johnboy - 23 July 2008 67

Not content with letting Marist get all the attention, the Canberra Times reports that Daramalan is stepping up its own sex abuse scandal.

    Five fresh compensation claims against the school have been lodged in the ACT Supreme Court in the past week on behalf of former students whom Lyons sexually abused in the late 1980s and 1990s.

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67 Responses to
Daramalan leaps into the sex abuse ring
shauno 3:05 pm 23 Jul 08

I went to Dara and can say while never sexually abused was beaten with straps rulers cricket bats and canes. But that’s besides the point I would say the fact these places were single sex schools may have had a big part to play in the abuse perpetrated by some of these people.

Overheard 3:02 pm 23 Jul 08

Eric North was an exceptional French teacher (the language, mes enfants, the language). I took his class for a year, maybe two. One of life’s true eccentrics — never a dull minute. There were some interesting stories about him (some of which he offered to recount himself during class). I never participated in anything extra-curricular.

Mick, I’d be careful about that sort of disclosure above. It’s your call, but I’d be very wary of putting one’s name to it, especially in the current climate of new allegations coming out about an old case, albeit those of another teacher. I’m no legal expert, but it just made me feel uneasy reading it. Actually, it’s your call and the Mod Squad.

Last I heard of Eric, he’d quit the teaching game and had gone to tend the terminally ill in Adelaide, but that was a loooong time ago.

Mr Evil 3:00 pm 23 Jul 08

Mick1965 said :

What do you suggest then Evil?

Col Mustard with the lead pipe across the forehead in the school carpark at 3.15pm: works every time!

Thumper 1:43 pm 23 Jul 08

I kind of remember Eric North, but not really. I was only there for a year in year 12, and drunk for most of that time as well.

Mick1965 1:28 pm 23 Jul 08

Me neither but I did visit Eric North’s house where he gave me and some mates a beer, a joint and a porno movie. He said we should come back whenever and OK if we were alone!

I also worked at Fantasy Lane where I met up with a few Darra teachers….

Thumper 1:09 pm 23 Jul 08


Mick1965 12:52 pm 23 Jul 08

Thumper – did you get screwed in the butt there? More importantly – did you give consent?

Thumper 12:49 pm 23 Jul 08

I went to dara, can I have some money?

Mick1965 12:48 pm 23 Jul 08

What do you suggest then Evil?

Danman 1:31 pm 23 Jul 08

Class of 95

No Lyons classes for me.

Mr Evil 12:21 pm 23 Jul 08

Yep, queue up for compensation: money will solve all your problems.

Danman 12:10 pm 23 Jul 08

Corker of a thread title ?

Skidbladnir 11:33 am 23 Jul 08

We did have the National Museum of Sex and Erotica at Club X for a while, but calling us the capital of the world when we’d be up against places like Bangkok seems a bit harsh.

Mick1965 11:09 am 23 Jul 08

And Marist Pearce as the “feeder” school…..

Bundah_Bloke 11:01 am 23 Jul 08

If this keeps up Canberra will be known as the Pedophile Teacher capital of the world.

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