Dash-cam footage reveals frighteningly close call on Monaro Highway

Glynis Quinlan 3 August 2018 37

A screenshot of the dash-cam footage provided by Grace Stevens showing a close call between a ute and a white car on the Monaro Highway.

In an effort to highlight dangerous driving occurring “every single week”, a Cooma woman has released dash-cam footage of a frighteningly close call when a ute is faced with an overtaking car travelling right into its path on the Monaro Highway.

The incident captured dramatically on camera took place around 5 pm on Tuesday (July 31) and shows the ute swerving off the road to narrowly avoid the oncoming car which has crossed into its lane.

Grace Stevens was travelling back to Cooma and was near the Ryrie Road before Bredbo when the near-miss took place in front of her.

Grace said that “sadly this happens way too often, especially between Cooma and Canberra” and so she decided to post the footage on Facebook to draw attention to the problem.

“I posted it to definitely draw attention to the ridiculous and dangerous driving that happens on the roads with the snowy mountain region,” Grace told The RiotACT.

“People have been trying to draw attention to this problem for so long, especially with this year feeling as though it has been the worst.

“I experience someone driving recklessly every single week and people dying is still not enough to stop them, which is a shame.

“And being locals to the area, it’s a shame that generally it’s the tourists causing these problems and putting lives at risk.”

Grace said that the young man driving the car has been in touch with her since the incident and has told her that he is “a little shaken but okay.”

“Just wanted to say, good on him for the way he quickly reacted and avoided the situation.”

The driver, Will Wright of Berridale, has since been in touch with The RiotACT and said that the other driver’s rush to get home could have come at the cost of his life.

“Unfortunately this [kind of driving] is a common occurrence in our local area, it was only Grace’s footage that made this public,” Will said.

“I encourage people to invest in dash-cams, it helps raise awareness of dangerous driving such as this.

“It’s lucky I was able to evade this collision and I hope everyone stays safe on the roads – and please don’t rush.”

Grace said she has passed the footage on to the Cooma and Jindabyne police and is waiting for them to get back to her.

Below is the dash-cam footage of the incident provided by Grace Stevens.

On my way back home to Cooma, a close one caught on my dash cam.. sadly this happens way too often, especially between Cooma and Canberra. share it around friends and create more awareness for the safety of others. This is not okay!!UPDATE: Has been handed into police but awaiting another statement from someone else. If you experienced this and just so happened to get the rego then please let me know. *The poor young fella in front of me has been in contact and is a little shaken up, but okay. Just wanted to say good on him for the way he quickly reacted and avoided the situation*Dash Cam Owners Australia – Monaro Police District – Australian Federal Police- Monaro Team Rural Fire Service – Snowy Monaro Regional Council – The Monaro Post – WIN News Canberra – 7 News Sydney – 7 News Australia – ACT Policing –

Posted by Grace Stevens on Tuesday, 31 July 2018

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37 Responses to Dash-cam footage reveals frighteningly close call on Monaro Highway
wottaway wottaway 11:06 am 11 Aug 18

Something very similar happened to me early one morning in ’68 heading to Cooma, only three cars involved. I was following a Falcon when a car well ahead came wide around a bend, out of fog. Both the Falcon driver and myself thought it would go back on the correct side of the road. It didn’t, the Falcon braked hard slewing the car to the left which was just enough room to allow the other one through, I ran out of space and into the Falcon’s rear. The driver had been asleep.

Angry_of_Devonport Angry_of_Devonport 4:59 pm 09 Aug 18

How about the third car back at 0.21, the SUV with no lights on? a dark coloured car, twilight, cloudy, same colour as the road.
O.K. he may be able to see where he is going but almost invisible to others.
People don’t realise that at that time of day you do not see colours so well, this car is the same TONE as the road and as I said, nearly invisible.

Caroline Fraser Caroline Fraser 12:05 pm 04 Aug 18

Cotter Road- see it all the time, and we have cyclists and dead Roos and wombats as well as live ones to negotiate.

Alex Williams Alex Williams 4:09 pm 03 Aug 18

This happened to us on the Barton highway the car illegally over taking threw rocks up at our windscreen causing us to have to get a new windscreen. We are now looking at purchasing a dash cam.

Nicole Dobson Nicole Dobson 4:02 pm 03 Aug 18

Roberto Cordova remember when this happened to us coming back from the snow...

bigred bigred 4:00 pm 03 Aug 18

I have only been driving or riding a motorcycle on that road since 1980, so don’t really feel that qualified to comment. In my view it is not that bad a bit of road if you are aware of the risks. If you give yourself a 3 to 5 second gap it can become quite a smooth trip. I find a lot of people using it drive like they are on Northbourne Ave.

Moving to the video. Firstly, the guy driving the ute did everything correct and as others have said needs congratulating. The flog driving the white Audi did pretty much everything wrong and should have their licence pulled and car crushed without delay. The driver with the roof box on should have moved over earlier. The 4WD ute driver is certainly way too close to the car in front and made sure the Audi had no chance to safely pull in. Did they actually speed up to hinder the overtaking manoeuvre as some on that road do? Grace should probably also look at the separation distances she uses because if it had gone totally to custard she may well have been caught up in a multi vehicle crash. I will add the disclaimer that those dash cams tend to distort distances somewhat.

I notice NSW Police have established Strikeforce Puma for investigating, amongst other things, bad driving videos that appear on social media. I await a similar initiative for this side of the border, but don’t expect it in a hurry.

Grimm Grimm 11:46 am 03 Aug 18

Happens all the time along there. Half the issue is that there are way too few overtaking lanes, and way too many people doing 20 under the limit until they get to an overtaking lane, where they miraculously start doing 110-120. Other one is people towing caravans that way exceed their vehicles towing capacity, doing 70, and have a mile of traffic backed up behind them but are too inconsiderate to pull up and let people pass. People end up getting frustrated and do stupid and dangerous things to overtake. Either put in more overtaking lanes, or police both sides of the stupidity.

Lui D'Ambrosio Lui D'Ambrosio 10:46 am 03 Aug 18

Pass onto police

Michelle Gr Michelle Gr 7:29 am 03 Aug 18

Every time I drive on this road I see the worst examples of dangerous drivers

Pauly Berger Pauly Berger 11:59 pm 02 Aug 18

Have you driven in 🇹🇭 Thailand 🇹🇭😂

Grant Lawson Grant Lawson 11:48 pm 02 Aug 18

Happen twice in a matter of 15 mins this time last year on the way home from cooma. Cars heading to the snow quite scary.

Carly Maree Carly Maree 11:46 pm 02 Aug 18

Why do Coomarians hate winter? Is it the cold? No. It’s the idiots on the highway!!!! Why do people never learn?!

Michele Woods Michele Woods 11:05 pm 02 Aug 18

Everytime i drive that road

Sue Hunter Sue Hunter 10:11 pm 02 Aug 18

Same thing happened to me near Bredbo. A car overtaking a long line of traffic (on a curve!), and unable to merge back in, was heading straight for me. Luckily the shoulder was wide enough for me swerve onto and pass it. If there had been no shoulder I wouldn’t be writing this post

Jordan Miller Jordan Miller 9:58 pm 02 Aug 18

Typical Audi driver

James Messervy James Messervy 9:55 pm 02 Aug 18

Bloody Audiots.

Jatin Fangalia Jatin Fangalia 9:42 pm 02 Aug 18

The issue is that if you report dangerous driving. Police will ask you to Identify car, witness and record statement. At the end of conversation, you will loose interest in being a good citizen. In this case hopefully evidence works and police might be able to use if any data available from

Avg speed cameras to make an example.

    Jackson Bond Jackson Bond 5:04 am 03 Aug 18

    What do you expect police to do if you report dangerous driving? They didn't see it, YOU did. So of course they will ask for as much information as YOU can give and yes, as YOU witnessed it, YOU should be expected to provide a statement and give evidence in court if needed.

Deb Meuronen Deb Meuronen 8:55 pm 02 Aug 18

Holy moly! On dusk and all.

Alen Marin Alen Marin 8:37 pm 02 Aug 18

Meanwhile Police at servos eating Krispy Kremes .....

Jen Dee Jen Dee 8:37 pm 02 Aug 18

Terrifying driving on this road

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