Defence renews Campbell Park lease after two-year search for new ACT office space

Damien Larkins 22 December 2021 24
Campbell Park Defence offices from the air

Defence has been resident at Campbell Park since it was built in the 1970s. Photo: Graeme Bartlett.

The Department of Defence has extended its long-standing lease at Canberra’s Campbell Park offices until 2027, two years into a search for an alternative site.

Campbell Park was built in the 1970s in bushland just east of Mount Ainslie to accommodate rapidly increasing numbers of Defence Department personal.

The 450-metre-long buildings are an example of Canberra’s brutalist-style public architecture – much like the Cameron and Callum Offices, the High Court, and the National Gallery.

Campbell Park currently houses around 2,000 office and administration workers.

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The building was sold to the private sector in 2002 and leased back to Defence on a 20-year lease which is due to expire soon.

In 2019 the department went to market, looking for a replacement for the ageing facility.

However, Defence has confirmed in a statement to Region Media that they are staying in the building for the time being.

“The Department of Defence has a 20-year lease on Campbell Park Offices that expires in 2022,” a Defence spokesperson said.

“Defence recently exercised the option to lease the Campbell Park Offices for a further term of five years.”

Defence's Campbell Park offices panorama

Defence is set to stay in the ageing Campbell Park offices for a further five years. Photo: Liamorama.

The spokesperson said the department’s search for new accommodation is continuing, but would not elaborate on its progress or details of the lease extension.

“In 2019, Defence undertook an approach to market seeking alternative office accommodation to replace its Campbell Park Offices,” they said.

“That procurement process is in progress and subject to probity.”

The five-year extension gives Defence more time to find a suitable new site.

Region Media understands several major ACT development groups have already put forward bids for new Canberra locations.

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The original sale of the Campbell Park offices into private hands wasn’t without controversy.

It was sold for $98.7 million to GE Capital (Beldon) Pty Ltd in June 2002.

In May 2005, the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) published a report into Defence’s management of long-term property leases. Then Auditor-General Ian McPhee found that the money from the sale of Campbell Park was to be invested in Treasury bonds and the proceeds put towards the 20-year lease.

Those proceeds were estimated to be $286 million.

However, the total of the lease came to $336 million, leaving a $50 million shortfall and exhausting the proceeds 16 years into the lease.

Campbell Park construction from the National Archives

Campbell Park under construction in 1973. Photo: National Archives of Australia.

The ANAO also found Defence had committed to more extensive responsibilities at Campbell Park than usual under standard Commonwealth National Lease terms.

This included an additional obligation to maintain building services, plant and equipment.

“It is not common practice for Defence to assume such repair and maintenance commitments in expenditure leases negotiated by Defence,” the report said.

The report also notes that the only assessment showing value for money in Campbell Park’s sale and leaseback was done after the sale was completed.

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Campbell Park has changed hands since the original sale and is currently held by Asian investment firm PAG and Brisbane-based Cromwell Property Group.

Cromwell issued a short statement to Region Media on the Defence lease.

“Defence is a valued tenant customer of Cromwell; however, the terms of the arrangement are commercially confident,” a spokesperson said.

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24 Responses to Defence renews Campbell Park lease after two-year search for new ACT office space
Philippa Ellis Philippa Ellis 8:12 pm 24 Dec 21

Castle Greyskull reigns supreme

Gerard Dwyer Gerard Dwyer 10:36 pm 23 Dec 21

I'm concerned about the environmental value of ecosystems surrounding the area. Please protect.

purplevh purplevh 9:54 pm 23 Dec 21

Ageing? It is a 50 year old building that was designed and built with a 100 year service life in mind. It’s another 40-50 years before it can truthfully be called ageing.

On another note what idiot thought that selling it and paying back all of the sale proceeds in rent in a mere 16 years was a smart idea? Good for the investor as usual a raw deal for the tax payers of Australia

Shayne Borger Shayne Borger 6:21 pm 23 Dec 21

Itll be another 20yrs...lols. Defence is a big ship to manoeuvre

    Clive John Trenton Clive John Trenton 8:00 pm 23 Dec 21

    Shayne Borger more like steering a continent

Ben Stewart Ben Stewart 6:09 pm 23 Dec 21

Penny Gotch, Scott Neilsen, not moving soon

Peter Bee Peter Bee 4:05 pm 23 Dec 21

Surely Terry Snow to the rescue…..with a great deal for the public service waiting !!

Futureproof Futureproof 2:22 pm 23 Dec 21

I knew a blind chap the worked there once. I went to his office to fix up an IT issue and his face was all scratched, like he’d been in a fight. No fight, he had just walked too close to the building façade and scraped his face on that

Scott Anthony Scott Anthony 1:02 pm 23 Dec 21

The Sale was at Government behest, but the full responsibility for the shoddy deal does go to Defence Property Services who negotiated and oversaw such a disgraceful waste of taxpayers money..

Jackie White Jackie White 12:56 pm 23 Dec 21

The utter stupidity of the Howard government's 'economic' policy of selling all assets.

This article reminded me of the Senate Estimates hearings in 2002 where they were questioned about the sale of over 150 Aus embassy/consulate residences around the world, then rented them back. Claiming to the gullible public that they 'balance the budget', when in reality they get a quick hit of income from sales, then spend a lifetime paying out money to the new owners. These buildings just a few of the assets sold, which we, the tax payer, still pay for via rent.

EG: my teenage home of 5 Butavas St, Khandallah, Wellington. Sold for 500k 20 years ago, rent - back then - 43k per annum. Who knows how much it is NOW. So any profit swallowed up in 2 decades or less.

John Winston Howard - worst PM EVER - and that's saying something considering what we have now.

Wade Bermingham Wade Bermingham 12:54 pm 23 Dec 21

Id wondered about that place it's got that ominous overlooking government "them" type feel about it but the stained concrete and mismatched windows showed its age. little suprised its around 50 years though

Linda Stapleton Linda Stapleton 11:11 am 23 Dec 21

Pretty certain there is a huge big white building atop a hill, in the ACT, that is under utilised......

    Martin Budden Martin Budden 11:14 am 23 Dec 21

    Linda Stapleton only 2 sitting weeks in 8 months 🤬

    Linda Stapleton Linda Stapleton 11:24 am 23 Dec 21

    Martin Budden perfect, move in the Department of Defence and the pollies can use what ever available office space there is in town when they arrive each year.. more economical by far. 🙂

April Littrell April Littrell 10:43 am 23 Dec 21

repurchase that empty 500m ASIO building

    Silins Kris Silins Kris 10:54 am 23 Dec 21

    April Littrell pretty sure it’s not empty just not used to full capacity

    Onelia Herriot Onelia Herriot 2:53 pm 23 Dec 21

    Silins Kris I think she is refering to the empty 1990's building at Russell.

Mark Scarborough Mark Scarborough 10:14 am 23 Dec 21

Sounds like a good opportunity for ACT Government to incentivise developers with some land in Gungahlin town centre to boost the employment base in Gungahlin.

    Steve Ulr Steve Ulr 2:08 pm 23 Dec 21

    Mark Scarborough i think fed. Dept education are building in Gunghalin in next two years

    Matt Jakab Matt Jakab 2:09 pm 23 Dec 21

    Gungahlin was intended to be a hub for office accommodation, but Brindabella Park disrupted that plan.

    Jack Hearps Jack Hearps 2:27 pm 23 Dec 21

    Matt Jakab Yep Howard's mates got the leg up with zero infrastructure in access roads ...

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