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Democracy threatened as ANUSA election postponed

By creative_canberran 16 August 2011 15

Breaking news in Woroni today that the ANUSA elections, much maligned by 99% of students, have been postponed by the chancelry (sic). No new dates have been set for the polls originally intended to occur next week.

I would guess though that from the majority of students, a collective sigh of relief could be heard, for hopefully this means Union Court may actually be navigable. On the downside, we’ll have to wait to witness “Hawes’ sausage flippers against Duggan’s Stimulate mates” in a  “messy as cornflour glue… trying love in a time of student politics.”

Yep, the writing in Woroni hasn’t improved either.

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Democracy threatened as ANUSA election postponed
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luther_bendross 11:30 am 18 Aug 11

ANU is not the centre of the universe.

busybee1991 12:38 pm 17 Aug 11

I read your last story too CC, why so bitter? Is the Canberra rain getting you down? It’s forecasted to clear up on Monday.

dtc 9:44 am 17 Aug 11

Actually, I always get annoyed when I walk through union court and no one tries to hand me a flyer. Admittedly I graduated 20 years ago, but surely I still look young enough to be a uni student . . . (don’t I?)

creative_canberran 10:30 pm 16 Aug 11

upsidedown23 said :

Re “postponed by the chancelry (sic)” – see

Maybe look for substantive issues to address time. 🙂

That’s priceless! I couldn’t find another University that uses this spelling of it 🙂

“Chancelry is an archaic contraction of chancellery… but in 1963 the University Council decided that the administration building should be known as the Chancelry”.

The Frank Sinatra method of English obviously.

LSWCHP 10:15 pm 16 Aug 11

I’ve found that giving off a bad vibe can be useful. It just takes a little bit of method acting.

Imagine, for example, that you’re an enraged serial killer who hasn’t butchered anyone all day, and you’re feeling A REALLY STRONG URGE to slice someone up into little teensy pieces and eat them raw.

I guarantee that if you put yourself in that frame of mind, and perhaps combine it with the hard look as suggested by Henry82 you will be able to walk through a Volvo load of student politicians unmolested. It certainly works for me. Also beneficial for dealing with obnoxious charity panhandlers in Civic.

upsidedown23 9:37 pm 16 Aug 11

upsidedown23 said :

Re “postponed by the chancelry (sic)” – see

Maybe look for substantive issues to address next time. 🙂

upsidedown23 9:36 pm 16 Aug 11

Re “postponed by the chancelry (sic)” – see

Maybe look for substantive issues to address time. 🙂

Henry82 7:08 pm 16 Aug 11

gooterz said :

Most of the people running only do it for their CV..


They dont talk to me in union court, i give them a hard look then just walk straight through

dpm 6:23 pm 16 Aug 11

Hey, kinda like learning to drive, we were all younger students once! Some may still be. So for those of us who have all grown up, simply smile and shake your head at ‘those scruffy tearaways’ and their crazy highjinks!

Tetranitrate 5:58 pm 16 Aug 11

Honestly, do you ever actually post anything that doesn’t involve whining and/or moaning about students or Gen Y in general?

Boring_Name 5:58 pm 16 Aug 11

I just ignored them, easily done. Or tell them some non-sequitur if they try to ask a question, like
“No thanks, I have to drive” or “I’d love to, but I just ate” and keep on walking.

I had a friend who used to try to give them grief by collecting all the flyers scattered around the lecture theaters and on the tables in the refectory and try to give them back to the people canvasing in Union Court, but that was too much effort for me.

ajd 5:29 pm 16 Aug 11

Walk straight through without stopping, slowing down, making eye contact or in any way interacting. Works for me.

For ANUSA elections they won’t talk to postgrads simply because they vote for PARSA positions instead…

gooterz 4:55 pm 16 Aug 11

Most of the people running only do it for their CV.

Best tips for the younger crowd is to avoid all eye contact 🙂 usually works or pretend your a grad student, they never talk to the grads as far as i’ve seen.

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