15 April 2005

Diesel Drops from Buses

| Bodhichitta
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I have been enquiring with friends about the amount of what I thought was oil all over the roads in Canberra. Im amazed at just how much we get on the roads here, most noteably around roundabouts.

I’ve since found out that this oil is actually diesel and it drops from the buses.

Apparently the seals on the diesel fuel caps for the buses gets worn after a while and rather than replace them on a regular basis, Action prefer to wait until enough people have accidents caused by the diesel trails before they fix the problem.

Why is this considered acceptable in this Territory? I just cant believe the amount of dropped diesel there is on our roads. Am I alone in thinking that this is a problem that should be constantly checked and enforced?

I for one, will be making complaints to whomever I can find about this and hope that we can get some sort of action on the issue (no pun intended).

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Trolling? I’m only pointing out that the problem is not necessarily with buses per se.

Rubber tyres are made with oil. Roads get hot, rubber gets soft, rubber stains road.

You just said the problem is not from cars, but then finally admitted the problem may not only be with buses.

I don’t find the local dry, stained roads, to be slippery at all. Throw a bit of water on it and they will be. I gaurantee the next decent bit of rain will bring a spate of accidents.

Rubber doesnt show drips and is easily discernible from oil on the road. To suggest otherwise shows that you are just trolling.

Its dangerous to have a slippery surface on the road. Especially for motorbikes, but just as much so for cars. Crap driver or not, as long as you have a licence the law says you can drive.

I dont see why you keep bringing cars into this, you are obviously trying to divert the issue, hence the Action employee comment. This problem is not from cars. Trucks, perhaps, buses more likely.

Who checks that their fleet of mechanics do a good job? you? Wouldnt be the first time an employee couldnt be bothered checking everything.
But I will say once again…
YOU are bringing Action into this, Ive taken thier name out of it from the first response. I admit the problem may not only be with them.

You’re the one that wants to engage on the issue.

Rubber doesn’t get distributed on roads in a uniform manner.

Who says it is dangerous? Only if you’re a crap driver.

I think there’s a broader issue of unroadworthy cars in Canberra. Annual vehicle inspections are required.

ACTION have a fleet of mechanics who regularly maintain the buses.

Wow, you must be bored.
1) yes, but not to the extent showing on our roads. How many cars do you know will still be running after dumping a 3foot wide by 20 foot long patch of oil?
2)umm, I reckon I can tell the difference between oil and rubber. Especially when you can see splash marks from the dropped fluid. A straight black mark compared to a think brown line? hmm, tough one there.
3)yes, but they also go down less popular streets that dont usually have a lot of trucks, etc on them. Again, Ive not said its ONLY Action…again I suggest you read before making yourself look like an idiot.
4) really? wow, thanks for that, I never would have known….

There was a bit of rain recently that has not removed it from the roads. Nevertheless, even if it had, are you suggesting that we should live with dangerous conditions and pray for rain so that we can all be safe again? wake up son.

Sounds like we got an Action employee here.

Oh gee, you got me – NOT!

Here are some alternatives for you to consider:

1) All cars drop fluids at some point in time;
2) All tyres shed rubber (more on corners);
3) ACTION buses follow streets that are generally main thoroughfares; and
4) We are currently in drought.

The next decent bit of rain should wash it all away, along with your worries as well.

Well yeah, I do think so Ralphyboy, otherwise I wouldnt have posted this…eh?
As Ive said before (it does help to read before you post)
“I cant prove either way, so will accept that there could be others involved.”
“The fact that there is all this oil or diesel on the roads?”

You see. Im happy to accept there could be more to it than I originally posted. But that said, what was originally said still appears to make more sense than any other theories presented…are you gonna offer an alternative here or just spin shit like usual?

In my opinion there is too much of it around to be oil, that is what had me confused in the first place. The diesel theory makes sense and the fact that the majority of it that ive seen is:
A) on corners and
B) on bus routes
presents an pretty obvious picture. Sure, I cant prove anything, but then Im not trying to.

Either way, why is there so much on these roads compared to other places?

Please feel free to prove me wrong Ralphy, go stick your finger in it and come back here to give me your learned response.

Thanks, I think Ive said enough here. I wasnt aiming to try to convince you lot, just to bring it to your attention. I have sent emails to the people I think count.

Oh you think so do you? How do you know its diesel? Have you actually gone onto the road and stuck your finger in it?

Thanks Ralph. What is the shit you speak of?
The fact that there is all this oil or diesel on the roads? Because all you need to do is open your eyes to see it, its all over the place.

Biggest load of shit I’ve heard in aeons.

The stanley steamer was defected by the police for such an offence.

I dare say that just about any vehilce will, and does drop oil or fuel at some point. Have you only noticed these pools after it has rained? Were they in depressions along the road where just all viscous matter gathers?

fair enough.
I cant prove either way, so will accept that there could be others involved.
The email that I will be sending out will not target anyone in particular.
I wonder why it is so bad here in Canberra and not other cities?
Ive lived in most Australian cities and have never seen the diesel on roads as much as I have here.

I was just thinking that ACTION may be being blamed for something that isn’t necessarily all their fault? I mean, there’s plenty of light trucks driving around Canberra that are diesel powered and may also lose some diesel on bends or roundabouts?

Is that question relevant? Does it matter?
Im not sure of anything, Im going by what has been told to me and until someone can show me otherwise this explanation makes sense.

There are plenty of these drops around smaller suburbs where larger buses would not normally go and yet are on normal bus routes. The large roundabout near the Chisholm shops is a perfect example.

Are you sure it only comes from ACTION buses?

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