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Dogs off school ovals

By johnboy - 5 February 2007 63

John Hargreaves is quick off the mark in addressing one of the gravest issues confronting the Canberra community at this time.

“Rangers from Domestic Animal Services will be conducting random patrols of school grounds throughout Canberra over the coming weeks. In the first instance, owners with dogs on school property will be warned; any subsequent offence will result in fines being issued”

Here in the RiotACT bunker we’re pleased that this menace to society is being promptly dealt with. We’re comfortable in the knowledge that rangers have nothing better to do.

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63 Responses to
Dogs off school ovals
shauno 8:59 am 06 Feb 07

What a crock of shit thats all I can say to more examples of excessive rules and regulations.

Maelinar 8:58 am 06 Feb 07

Hasdrubahl, lol how did I know your dog was going to be called Simba !

As for the Parking Nazi’s – an open thankyou.

I parked outside my building all day last Friday, completely forgetting that I was in a 2 hour carpark. When I returned to my vehicle after work – I suddenly despaired that I hadn’t moved my car, assuredly I would have a new bill to pay.

Thankfully, I didn’t. Thanks for missing me chaps !

Hasdrubahl 8:52 am 06 Feb 07

My uncle will not be happy with this development. He owns a convenience store which has many kids stealing sweets etc from it, and has been training his Ridgeback to deal with these thieves.

He finds that school ovals are the best place to teach Simba to chase small children.

Growling Ferret 8:38 am 06 Feb 07

At this the Rangers on PooPatrol makes a change from them spending all day walking around carparks trying to book anyone 30 seconds after their pre-paid parking expires…

Ralph 8:15 am 06 Feb 07

Miz, you are an extremely irritating sheila.

You’re not that woman from the Australian Pensioners Insurance ads?

Thumper 7:38 am 06 Feb 07

Disclaimer: My old fat terrier couldn’t be bothered going for walks around ovals these days so I don’t take her to them.

terubo 7:38 am 06 Feb 07

Fifi, my Bichon Frise, has often been set upon by gangs of unruly Primary school kids at our local oval.

I trust the Rangers will deal with these young hooligans appropriately.

Thumper 7:37 am 06 Feb 07

What about on school ovals where the school has now been closed? Or on public ovals not directly linked with a school but next to the school oval?

By all means, fine people if the dog is off a leash, or is a menace.

More fascist rubbish from a government with way too much time on their hands. First water nazis, now dog nazis…

What’s next? Fines for unrestrained alpacas?

miz 7:32 am 06 Feb 07

VG, no, it’s irresponsible dog owners that make them have to do this kind of task. I agree that it would be better if there was no need. But unfortunately there is.

Wolfkeeng, maybe you are a responsible dog owner, but many aren’t. Kids and teachers have enough to worry about without dogs added to the mix. You are right about the broken bottles of course – broken glass and doggie doo show up the irresponsibility of some people using shared green space like school ovals.
As for ‘confronted’, well frankly most kids are eyeball to eyeball with dogs, who may ot may not be on a leash (ie apparently uncontrolled or controlled by someone they don’t know or trust).
It is confronting.

vg 7:05 am 06 Feb 07

The rangers do have better things to do. Its just the Govt makes them waste their time doing this shit

terubo 7:01 am 06 Feb 07

I note that this Stalinist crackdown is to last for only six weeks.

What do the DAS Rangers do after that – face ignominious redundancy?

wolfkeeng 12:04 am 06 Feb 07

Just because a dog is on school grounds (public property) doesn’t necessarily mean any one is ‘confronted’. We could all happily share the space if both dog owners and non-dog owners were tolerant and responsible. I get pretty sick of people scooping their children up at the mere sight of a dog – that’s just breeding an unreasonable fear of dogs.

Things worse than “landmines” at schools include, but not limited to:
– broken bottles on playing fields
– bullying
– poorly resourced staff and libraries and aging infrastructure
– the stifling of creativity, individuality and childhood

My dog’s shit may well stink, but so does everyones. And who cleans up people poo? No one. In oh so many places in this wide brown land it is flushed away (in drinking quality water), out of sight and smell, to sit and fester untreated at the bottom of oceans, lakes and rivers. We’re just damn lucky in the ACT that the LMWQCC is such a high quality piece of infrastructure our poo infested water is returned downstream in a better state than we take it out of the river upstream.

The government would be better off enforcing water restrictions than dogs. For if we run out of water there will be no school grounds worth squabbling over.

miz 11:30 pm 05 Feb 07

Water doesn’t have teeth!

johnboy 11:26 pm 05 Feb 07

And miz, you’re terrified of where water comes from.

miz 11:15 pm 05 Feb 07

Lots of kids (and adults, including me) are scared of dogs, and can do without being confronted with one as they start school.
And there’s nothing worse than a landmine on school grounds. You would be amazed how many selfish dog owners there are out there who think their ‘little darling”s shit doesn’t stink.

I don’t have a prob with this one at all. I hope they also check out adjacent bike paths for owners not cleaning up after their pets.

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