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Double Disadvantage

By Sad_Mushroom - 14 March 2009 78

I see lots of Gubby agencies advertise jobs,,and state they employ a diversity of people….(including race, age and disabled) BUT when did you last come upfront with a disabled person????????

The Gubby offers extra money ect apparently for businesses to hire disabled people,,but where is that??

If you ring the Tax office you get some  person (asian) who has no idea,,,but they are approved to answer phones……why not a disabled Aussie??? who has some idea????

There is a disabled person here who has done many courses and even been to ANU and ran for Gubby……she is ignored because she is in a wheel chair,,,,WHY?? When her brain functions better than most!!!!

The time for disabled is coming,,,,,get ready for it…

What’s Your opinion?

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78 Responses to
Double Disadvantage
JoyceStanton 12:02 pm 15 Mar 09

If only she had been a really attractive person in a wheelchair,she might have ‘stood’ a better chance. Whoops! Might have stumbled upon another controversial topic…..

deceit 11:58 am 15 Mar 09

Whats ‘some asian’ person got to do with it? Why bother pointing out the race of the person, like that matters? How many Australian people answer phones these days without an idea? You narrow minded bigot.

I’m surprised you have a job with an attitude like that and a lexicon with the likes of ‘Gubby’ in it.

If anything the disabled person should be taking your job and back to the cave with you.

tastyjam 11:05 am 15 Mar 09

Granny said :

You might be interested in this young man.

Very interesting Granny… i’ll try get that some Medicare attention.

astrojax 10:00 am 15 Mar 09

‘irregardless’, genie?? you really have been in gubby too long! ; )

[and yup, hippy, was kinda wondering what the slant was by using ‘gubby’, which also took me a moment to translate…]

grunge_hippy 7:22 pm 14 Mar 09

ok, i figured out what gubby was…

Granny 6:55 pm 14 Mar 09

That is fantastic, tastyjam! You might be interested in this young man.

tastyjam 6:48 pm 14 Mar 09

I work in the IT support sector, for the Medicare Australia Central Office in Tuggeranong. They employ about 10 – 20 disabled people and are always looking to interview more.

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:19 pm 14 Mar 09

The number and percentage of APS employees with a disability has been steadily declining for a long time now. The 2007-08 State of the Service report shows that in 1994 there were almost 8,000 people with a disability in the APS, or about 5.6% of the APS. In 2008 there were just over 4,500, or 3.1%.

I suspect the general upskilling of the APS as a whole has eliminated many of the positions suitable for people with an intellectual disability, and this may account for much of the drop. There were around 5,300 engagements at the APS1 and 2 levels in 1995; in 2008 there were just 1,500.

The idea that somebody would be precluded from an APS position for which they are otherwise qualified because they’re in a wheelchair is morally and professionally repugnant.

Genie 6:12 pm 14 Mar 09

I was beginning to think the Government was lying when they claimed they would hire anyone in the public service irregardless of any disability – as long as they were suitable for the job. After getting turned down for job after job and being told it was because of an existing back injury – I was amazed at how many intellectually disabled people and mobility challenged people work for Defence. I have no idea what they do – but yay for them.

ant 5:36 pm 14 Mar 09

When they got rid of the CES in 98, what also went was the APS Recruitment office that ran the APS tests. Another of their roles was placing people with disabilities, and Aboriginals, into permanent positions in teh APS. When that went, teh numbers of both groups in the APS diminished. With no one actively pushing the concept, and making it easy for departments to get these people, it’s no surprise that this happened.

el 5:19 pm 14 Mar 09

BUT when did you last come upfront with a disabled person????????

If I understand the question you were trying to ask – Yesterday, in fact.

Suggest you yourself might have trouble finding work given,,,, your!!!! writing style…….,,,!!!

bloodnut 5:03 pm 14 Mar 09

yeah. they should get rid of those asians with no idea.

5 star post disabled bigot lady.

Granny 4:10 pm 14 Mar 09

It’s not here yet. It’s more common for a person with a disability not to be able to find work after leaving school than the reverse.

It certainly should be here. I agree that the time for people with a disability is coming. I believe we can close the gap. I certainly thank all the MLAs that are working so hard to achieve this, particularly the Greens who have been spectacular.

planeguy 3:57 pm 14 Mar 09

So just because your friend can’t get a job (whereas a lady with an Asian accent, who needs to be a citizen or permanent resident to be employed in the APS) you think that the Government departments ignore people because they are in wheelchairs?

I will admit that I don’t work with anyone in a wheelchair, nor have I. However, I work with blind people (both totally, and legally blind), deaf people, intellectually disabled people, mobility challenged people and more. Everyone one of them (bar one, who was given the job because she was friends with the boss) won their position based on merit, and is performing to a similar standard as there peers.

Oh, I should say, that these people have jobs ranging from mail delivery, through to engineers, Project Managers, Senior Executives etc..

And before anyone makes a smart arse comment about “no wonder the public service is buggered, they are all disabled”, the contractors that I work with have a similar number of disabled people, filling similar sort of roles, and we are on schedule, under budget, and fully meeting requirements.

So, if the “The time for disabled is coming,,,,,get ready for it…The time for disabled is coming,,,,,get ready for it…, then I say, why isn’t it here already.

Pommy bastard 3:39 pm 14 Mar 09

I’ve no problem with people hiring people with disabilities, I’ve done it myself on more than one occasion.

However I hope they refrain from hiring people with, “multiple punctuation syndrome”…,,,,!!!!!?????

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