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Duty of No Care!

By AussieGal83 - 21 February 2008 88

As most of you are aware this week is O Week in our fair city, and all the uni students swarm on Civic for a wave of parties, special events and cheap drinks. One of the highlights of O Week for the last couple of years has been Academy’s famed Foam Party boasting the title of biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Last night myself and a couple of mates decided that we would go along as it had been a few years since we’d been to one, and surely who can resist a night of getting wet and soapy with a bunch of strangers? There’s also the allure of lots of cute boys running around shirtless, but digress, that is a story for another time…

Anyway, my friend and I rocked up early at 9pm, and there was already a line starting to build outside the club. We waiting patiently in line just like on any other regular night out in the city. After about 45 minutes of waiting, news was travelling down the line that they wouldn’t be letting people in until after 10pm, fair enough. So we continued to wait. As we waited more and more people showed up. People in front of us started letting their friends in line. This is fine, we’ve all done it at some point, but it started to get rediculous when you start letting 15+ friends (not exageration) in. More waiting and the line behind us was getting longer and longer, to the point where it was getting close to turning around the corner onto Mort Street.

10pm clocked over and there was no progress being made in the line and still more and more people lining up, now on the sides of the original line. Around 1045 when no people had still been let into the club people started getting restless and rowdy. The bouncers were no where to be seen and quite honestly, were not walking up and down the line to ensure that things were running smoothly.

Soon after things started to get way out of control. There was a lot of pushing going on – then it started to escalate. In the section of the line which I was in a large crowd crush started to happen. It was like being inside the D Barricade at the Big Day Out – and this was just a line outside a night club! Now you may think I am exagerating, how could there possibly be a crowd crush in a nightclub line? This is Canberra after all. But as I slowly started to get more and more crushed along with the 50 or 60 people who were in the same ‘segment’ of the line as me, I started to get more and more concerned. This wasn’t right.

I kept thinking to myself, where are the bouncers? A) Why arent they stopping the people from pushing in? B) Why arent they stopping the people who are creating this crowd crush? and C) Why is no one getting let into the club, thusly alleviating this mess?

At around 11 I had had enough, I literally couldn’t move and I was getting pushed to the point where myself and those around me couldn’t breath properly. I can hold my own in a mosh pit, I’m used to the crushing and the crowd surges, but the girls around me were not – they were quite short and I suspected that it wouldnt be long before someone got hurt. At that point I basically said stuff this, and attempted to get out of the crowd crush, it took a good ten mintues of pushing to get free. When myself and my mates were finally out I walked up to the front of the line to see what the hell was going on. The bouncers were standing around, completely unconcerned about what was going on. I raised my voice to them informing them that they had a large crowd crush going on in the middle of the line and people were getting hurt. They couldn’t have cared less, just staring at me blankly. I lost my temper and yelled, “Where the hell is your duty of care huh?” To which they told me to “Shut Up and Fuck Off”.

Shame Academy! Shame!

What’s Your opinion?

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88 Responses to
Duty of No Care!
barney 1:29 pm 21 Feb 08


ant 1:26 pm 21 Feb 08

Police? What are they?

There’s a business opportunity going begging there. Where there’s likely to be lines like this, you could turn up with a hot-dog barrow and a porta-loo on wheels, and clean up big time. A mobile sly-grogger could do well, too. Someone renting chairs by the hour…. That bloke who read poems in public could have a captive audiency, just think of the possibilities.

Mælinar 1:22 pm 21 Feb 08

Bouncers aren’t usually responsible for off-premises altercations, lets remember the purpose of a bouncer is to evict patrons from INSIDE the premises, not outside.

It is a police matter.

AlpineViper 1:18 pm 21 Feb 08

Perhaps some people thought that waiting was worth it for a night of fun? Just cause you don’t agree with it doesnt make anyone stupid.

Except academy. Nice way to bollocks an event guys.

I was thinking about going but in the end didn’t thanks to laziness. Seems I made the right decision. Personally I would have been seriously considering doing something after 45 minutes, but if you were expecting it to open at 10 then of cousrse you’re gonna hang around till at least then.

Most bouncers I’ve come across are pretty much just criminals anyway, so I really don’t expect them to give a stuff about anything except having an excuse to hit someone. There are good ones around, but sadly not the norm.

I’d consider making a formal complaint to the management but I really can’t see what it would accomplish.

West_Kambah_4eva 1:18 pm 21 Feb 08

Nah, sorry, stupid people are defined by having V8 cars. Didn’t you get the memo?

VYBerlinaV8 the_one_ 1:06 pm 21 Feb 08

Anyone silly enough to spend two hours of their allotted time on this earth waiting in line to get into a nightclub gets what they deserve. Like all stupid people.

Danman 1:05 pm 21 Feb 08


West_Kambah_4eva 12:47 pm 21 Feb 08

…and Duty of No Care is the best line ever! Academy, more like STINKademy!! OWNED

West_Kambah_4eva 12:45 pm 21 Feb 08

All those people who pre-emptively took their pills would have had it coming on too early! They’d be all like “Mmm che mmm che doof doof doof” in the line, man! They would have totally been like “Woooaaahh!” and I would have been like “Waaaaagh!! and the bouncer were all like “Hurrrr”.

ugly_bunyip 12:43 pm 21 Feb 08

It took you two hours to decide you had enough of standing in a line outside a club? Seriously you need to rethink your priorities.

Reminds me of the line ride at the fair in South Park 🙂

barney 12:33 pm 21 Feb 08

Yeah. Again, what did you expect. It’s Academy. And 99% of bouncers are morons who have a severe mental disability. As for the AFP involvement. They are too busy with their MDT’s and Intergalactic Comm’s Systems…

Ingeegoodbee 12:21 pm 21 Feb 08

A queue out the front of anywhere should be a warning to avoid that place.

justbands 12:07 pm 21 Feb 08

Why would anyone line up for hours to get into a fircken nightclub in the first place? People are strange. A good band….sure, but just a club? No thanks.

blood_nut 11:56 am 21 Feb 08


what did you expect?

go to the phoenix.

Queenie 11:49 am 21 Feb 08

I think as far as they’re concerned, if it’s outside the doors of their club they won’t do anything about it. Which is ridiculous, really, as it’s right outside Academy where a lot of fights seem to happen.

I’m surprised the cops didn’t step in and do a bit of crowd control there, actually.

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