Pandy 30 March 2008 61

So who were the fools who by using candles to light up their hour, produced more greenhouse gasses than if they used low energy light globes for the same level of lighting?

And will the government really turn off their lights up on the hill for good? Don’t think so.

I for one kept all of my lights on as per normal.

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61 Responses to EarthHour
Mælinar Mælinar 9:56 am 31 Mar 08

I too was business as usual. I turn off the lights I’m not using because it affects my power bill. The rest is academic.

Thumper Thumper 8:06 am 31 Mar 08

I personally did not participate, but then again, I wasn’t home. And we usually burn candles every night anyway so it would have been academic.

In addition I have no problem if people want to turn their lights off, afterall, it’s their lights, not mine. And likewise, if people don’t want to turn their lights out then why should they?

As for the whole event, it is just another piece of symbolism which appears to be par for the course these days. Saying sorry, videotaping whaling activities, holding 2020 conferences, earth hour, etc….

The big difference being with earth hour is that, climate change doomsayers aside, we do need to cut down on natural resource use and earth hour is a good way to get this message across.

(The WWF stated that 79% of Canberrans participated in Earth Hour. Somehow I think this statistic is a bit on the inflated side)

Pandy Pandy 6:22 am 31 Mar 08

Portly!!!!!!!! Geez you don’t score if you are portly, even when you drive a Merc!!!!

damnintellectuals damnintellectuals 4:29 am 31 Mar 08

What I have learned is that people like Pandy only change when a problem affects their life. Maybe one day Pandy will get skin cancer, or Pandy’s child will suffer an asthma fit, or the precious lawn shrivels up and dies because there’s not enough water. Pandy’s world encompasses about two feet beyond Pandy’s portly belly. It’s a arrogant way to live but Pandy enjoys it and that’s what matters most.

hax hax 1:04 am 31 Mar 08

I’m well aware of the problem. I don’t need to *symbolically* do anything, and others doing it didn’t make me any more aware than I already am.
I’m not for or against anyone who participated or otherwise. Whatever.

We could have probably closed down all the coal-power stations and built clean power plants (whether or not the *best* kind) by now and all be driving electric sportscars / hummers and hosing down our driveways with endless “green” de-salinated water if money wasn’t an objective.

It’s kind of like, an all-life-on-earth ending astroid is heading towards us and we all die cos the solution was possible, but too expensive!

*hippy dream ends*

ant ant 12:26 am 31 Mar 08

eh_steve said :

ant said :

When was that photo taken? Last night!

Erm, was there a storm last night in Braidwood?

Nope, that was the top of the storms that went across Sydney. You see some amazing weather out here. There was another 2 to the right, that were around B-Bay, and south of that. All strobing away busily.

Pandy Pandy 11:15 pm 30 Mar 08

Kraemer yes.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 11:08 pm 30 Mar 08
smokey4 smokey4 10:30 pm 30 Mar 08

Crankey if you are getting water it is coming from somewhere and is probably not ground water due to the drought. Check your hot water heater if it is gas and over 8 years old them it has probably had it. Check your water meter if it is clicking over then there is a leak somewhere.

If the house was built in 1974 or there abouts then the alcheapo Brazilian copper piping has had it. Darwin is full of this stuff along with Morwell in Victoria. Generally any large housing development built in the early seventies will suffer from this and it is very expensive to fix.

If we can manage to fix the climate,water and energy I think it will be achieved on a community basis rather than the smoke and mirrors of international Kyoto type summits. This is where significant environment successes are normally achieved.

Kramer Kramer 10:27 pm 30 Mar 08

Duke – when you are ready for some real fun on your mountain bike check out CORC – Canberra Off-Road Cyclists.

Kramer Kramer 10:24 pm 30 Mar 08

My wife and I put the kids to bed early, got some yummy takeaway, turned off the TV, computers & lights, and had a very nice candle lit dinner. I vote for earth hour every weekend!

Pandy – So you don’t like the gesture of earth hour, but you do run compact fluorescent light globes? have insulation in your house? walk short distances instead of driving??

Duke Duke 9:27 pm 30 Mar 08

Ruth – the bikes are an excellent idea, pity tho it’s just getting cold in Canberra. Bought a mountain bike a few months ago so I could leave the falcon at home – the major side effect is you get really fit and wind up with perky buns – buns of steel baybee!

And I also save money by not calling a plumber – I just put a bucket under the dripping shower and use that to water my plants.

cranky cranky 9:19 pm 30 Mar 08

Got an underground water problem. Dumps about 30 litres/hour onto/under my property.

Capture it, and pump into a tank.

Cost to pump it from sump to tank? Cost to pump it to the garden?

Not to sure this system is real green.

But I can hose my driveway with impunity.

Pandy Pandy 8:52 pm 30 Mar 08

This will fizzle out just like “Clean up Australia”.

Oh I hose down my patio legally every Sunday.

Ruth Ruth 6:28 pm 30 Mar 08

Well said astrojax (Comment #2).

My household is already taking active measures to reduce our environmental impact. We’re currently participating in a months-long energy challenge to reduce our power consumption as well as investigating other methods for reducing our environmental (such as riding our bikes for grocery shopping etc).

NathanaelB NathanaelB 6:24 pm 30 Mar 08

I have no other explanation for this thread than Pandy’s account has been hacked – it doesn’t make sense.

And yes, I too was one of those “fools”; well actually a hybrid lighting mix of candles and torches 🙂

It is symbolic, it is about awareness. And Pandy isn’t the only one who doesn’t get it … I’ve been reading articles where people have even complained about the CO2 emissions created by the Earth Hour website!!

*deletes several draft ranty paras and leaves it there*

imhotep imhotep 6:03 pm 30 Mar 08

My take on earth hour is that it is a consciousness-raising exercise.

Participation in it shows the the community, the politicians and climate change deniers that MANY people acknowledge that we do face serious problems. Nobody ever claimed that it was anything other than symbolic.

Viewed in that light, I think it’s a great idea.


Cameron Cameron 5:38 pm 30 Mar 08

I was at a well-lit Canberra stadium to watch the Raiders beat the Dragons. So turns out the lights at my house were off during Earth Hour… I have to say if I’d been home it might have been a different story.

I think everyone agrees it is a symbolic gesture… if that’s admitted, surely people can accept that not participating in a symbolic gesture that has no practical effect doesn’t mean that person is against being environmentally friendly.

My wife and I already take steps to reduce our environmental impact, and we’d happily participate in community-wide efforts that actually achieve something.

boomacat boomacat 4:18 pm 30 Mar 08

Yawn, Pandy is boring.

spoonbill spoonbill 3:42 pm 30 Mar 08

Well we turned off the lights, the TV and computer and played monopoly by candlelight. It’s nice to know that the majority of Australians care about global warming and the future of the planet.

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