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Eighteen greyhounds?

By IrishPete 19 December 2009 45

I have great sympathy for people who lost pets, property and livestock in the fire in the Michelago area, but does ANYONE think it is responsible to have 18 greyhounds as pets? If you’re a breeder, maybe, but then there are regulations governing breeders (I think).

And the owner claimed to be a firefighter and to have her property well-prepared, but her dogs clearly weren’t beneficiaries of this preparedness. If they had been let out they could have outrun the fire.

I’m serious considering writing to the RSPCA about this – they have strong views on what they call “Animal Hoarders”.

UPDATED: In reply Madame Workalot has sent in the following:

My name is Jennifer, and Bruce and Lindsay Perrin are my parents. Mum, Dad and
myself lost 13 of our beloved greyhounds on Thursday.

I would just like to thank everyone for their well wishes and understanding.
What my parents have gone through was horrific, however we have all been
absolutely overwhelmed with the community response and the assistance provided
by everyone, including greyhound breeders, trainers and enthusiasts all over the

IrishPete, I really don’t have anything to say to you. However, I would like to
clear up some of your concerns.

Myself and my parents had 18 greyhounds. All of these were racedogs until about
2 years ago, when we all decided to retire them. When we originally got the dogs
we made a pact we would not put them down when they finished racing, and they
would remain our pets. We live on approx 100 acres at the foot of the Tinderry
Mountains, and our neighbours have never had a problem with our dogs.

Our dogs were not in wire enclosures or typical greyhound accommodation – they
had timber houses, with a large timber yard for each dog. In addition, they had
long fenced off paddocks behind the kennels where they would be exercised each
day. In hindsight, they may have been better off in greyhound enclosures but
they had a very happy life and were just beautiful dogs.

You may not be aware of this, but there were two or three firetrucks on the
property during the fire specifically to protect the dogs. The firies were not
able to save them all, the fire was just too intense. Both of my parents
suffered from smoke inhalation and burns to their faces trying to protect the
dogs and the aviary. There simply wasn’t time to consider letting the dogs or
the birds loose – it happened too quickly. From the time the fire was reported
to the time it reached the property, it was a mere 45 minutes. The firies
thought they had done all they could to protect the animals, and in a normal
fire their actions would have saved the dogs. However, it simply wasn’t a normal

Five dogs remain – all are suffering from smoke inhalation and one has been at
the vet since Friday being treated. I thought I was going to lose her, however
thankfully she seems to have turned the corner and I should be able to bring her
home tomorrow. Thank you all once again for your kind thoughts. I will update
you in a couple of weeks with progress – for now, we are trying to clean up and
just deal with what happened.

What’s Your opinion?

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Eighteen greyhounds?
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wishuwell 7:45 pm 23 Dec 09

I would like to suggest the RiotACT introduce a ‘Dog With a Bone’ award and I will nominate IrishPete as a worthy winner. The criteria for this must include:
Tasty looking bone, have a chew then bury.
Dig up and have another chew (regardless of how smelly, rebury).
And finally, when you can’t resist any longer dig it up again (even if its beginning to stink)and enjoy regardless of how many other people object to the smell. Refer to my previous comment #9.

I-filed 9:30 am 23 Dec 09

IrishPete, you could have apologised for your initial post there! I think you’ve actually dug yourself a little further in there …

Mordd 8:58 pm 22 Dec 09

IrishPete – i hope you aren’t somehow implying that if your brigade had been there you would have been able to save the dogs after all. If I was you id be apologising for making these massively unfounded accusations in the first place, not for the fact that “your brigade wasn’t there”.

-1 IrishPete – I think that takes you to about -5 so far.

IrishPete 8:05 pm 22 Dec 09

Thank you Jennifer for your very measured response (though I get the hint that you are offended). I genuinely sympathise with your and your parents’ losses.

I am sorry my Brigade wasn’t asked to assist protect yours or anyone else’s property (and there may be another story there – we may never know) – I would have been honoured by the opportunity.


Icepoet 4:59 pm 21 Dec 09

+1 for Woody Mann-Caruso’s comment.

If anything it sounds like they were being very responsible. They must be devastated to have lost so many animals in their care.

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