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End Of Lease Cleaners Canberra


Getting ready to move out of your rental property? Need a professional cleaner to get your home looking spic and span?

Look no further.

We understand that it’s important to fulfil your tenancy agreement and have your rental expertly cleaned. It’s not always easy to find a trustworthy cleaning company that not only does a thorough job, but also doesn’t charge an arm and a leg.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top three best end of lease cleaning services in the Canberra region.

What Makes a Great End of Lease Cleaning Service?

More often than not, estate agents and property managers are incredibly strict when it comes to end of lease cleaning. They are looking for complete perfection, and if they don’t get it, you risk losing your bond.

So, when hiring an end of lease cleaner, look out for these important traits:

  • Experience. Cleaning is a skill, and the more practice a cleaner has, the better they are at it. Avoid cleaners that are just starting out.
  • Attention to detail. The best cleaners get the job done with extreme attention to detail. Every nook and cranny of your home should be cleaned.
  • Thorough. Poor quality cleaners often take nasty short cuts that real estate agents pick up on. The best cleaners are incredibly thorough.
  • Fast. The most reliable cleaners work fast, and fit into your busy schedule.
  • Bond back guarantee. Did you know that many cleaners offer a bond back guarantee with their end of lease cleaning services? This guarantee ensures you get the cleaning service you need.
  • High-tech cleaning equipment and methods. New technologies make cleaning faster, more thorough, and kinder to our environment. Opt for a cleaning company that keeps up to date with the latest and greatest cleaning innovations.

Did we miss anything important? Let us know what you look for in a cleaner in the comments section below.

Canberra’s Best End of Lease Cleaning Services

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and maintain a minimum average of 4/5 stars on both Google and Facebook reviews.

Blue Cleaning Group

Blue Cleaning Group provides top quality, fuss-free cleaning services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in the Canberra region.

Their team believes that cleaning should not be difficult, and offer straightforward services that get the job done.

Their end of lease cleaning service comes with a bond back guarantee and free rectifications. What’s more, they offer transparent upfront pricing and next day services. If that isn’t convenience, we don’t know what is.

Get Clean ACT

Trust your home with a cleaning company that have served over 4,000 happy Canberra residents. Get Clean ACT is a locally owned and operated cleaning company with a stellar reputation and great pricing.

Their experienced team know exactly how strict real estate agents and landlords can be, so always perform their cleaning services to the highest industry standard.

With up-to-date cleaning equipment, modern detergents, and a whole lot of elbow grease, Get Clean ACT is a fantastic option for your end of lease clean.

Fixed Price Cleaning

Fixed Price Cleaning saw a gap in the market and pounced. Forget wasting time getting a quote, and enjoy fixed priced cleaning services delivered with care and a friendly attitude.

The expert team at Fixed Price Cleaning offers comprehensive end of lease cleaning services, which include the cleaning of walls, kitchens (over and stove top included), windows, bathrooms, and more.

Plus, all Fixed Price Cleaning services come with a guarantee.

Your Experience with End of Lease Cleaning Services in Canberra

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback, if you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Have you invested in end of lease cleaning services in the Canberra region? Share your experience – good or bad – in the comments below.

What's Your Opinion?

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20 Responses to End Of Lease Cleaners Canberra
Keeto Muscat Keeto Muscat 5:38 pm 27 Jan 18

I personally would avoid the big cleaners who send anyone into your home to clean it. Avoiding cleaners who are just starting out is a common mistake. Cleaners just starting out have something to prove. I would go for them over the bigger names.

James102030 James102030 12:13 pm 03 Mar 16

Excellent service, great people. Worth recommending Blue Cleaning Team – – 0403 6867 01

They made my moving out experience so easy. They have done my cleaning, carpets and even my lawns!

Excellent price for the work they have done (good value).

I will use them again. I totally recommend to everyone!

safeforever safeforever 11:32 am 19 Feb 16

another +1 for Frank, used him for my place in Turner and did a great job, cleaner even stuck around during the estate agents inspection to spot clean anything they pointed out. Super accommodating with short warning and the cheapest quote I got.

venessawang venessawang 7:15 am 16 Feb 16

BTW, their website is
strong recommend to all.

venessawang venessawang 7:13 am 16 Feb 16

We went to Mr Guru cleaning services.
They did not only an excellent job. They also fixed my fly screen and help my husband to remove heavy furniture we left behind. Without any surcharge.
Would recommend to all.

yuejialiu25918 yuejialiu25918 7:10 pm 24 Nov 15

James McMahon said :

Frank he is a general house cleaner but does end of leases Vip Cleaning 0403 227 070 He quoted friend of mine $290 including carpet cleaning great value!

Used Frank for my end of lease clean and my new place too ,good job and reasonable price

yuejialiu25918 yuejialiu25918 7:05 pm 24 Nov 15

thx for the recommedation ,Frank have dnoe a very good job at a reasonable price .we pass the inspection and get my bond back without any problems

sam20111 sam20111 9:33 pm 06 Nov 15


I got my end of lease cleaning done by kikstar. He did a fantastic job and was super friendly. I had him clean my very dirty house and he delivered with a lot more than I expected. I thought his price was reasonable and he added free carpet steam cleaning. Definitely recommend this guy. Here is his webpage

Milzy1 Milzy1 9:49 am 14 Jul 15

I used Revitalise to get my 3 bedroom apartment in Kingston end of lease cleaned and they were great!

The staff who came to clean were hard working, very nice and knew what they were doing.. Martonia and two other staff came but she is one of the loveliest ladies I’ve met ?

Surprisingly, they were also one of the cheapest quotes I got. All over, great service at a great price. I couldn’t be happier with the experience and inspection passed first time. All the best to these guys!!

The receptionist – Meg was a joy to deal with as well when getting quotes and when the removalists cancelled on me she was very understanding and quick to reschedule the cleaning.

Their website is or 0412 849 666.

Sarah_Milton34 Sarah_Milton34 11:32 am 03 Jul 15

I tried to use Jims the other day but they were externally expensive.

Some how I found a company called Blue cleaning group, they were so friendly and reasonable price for an urgent clean.

Cleaning was great! and they also do steam clean. Totally satisfied.

EliteFishing EliteFishing 8:26 pm 11 Apr 15

Thanks PuppiesCanberra for the great recommendation, I ended up using for my end of lease cleaning and they were fantastic! They did such a good job my real estate agent said the house and carpets looked better than when I moved in.. They even helped me move some of the small stuff left over in the house to my car. Highly recommend to anyone else looking for a cleaner.

My friend also said was really good too, as they let you see their prices and book online. Will give these guys a try in the future!

zllauh zllauh 6:49 pm 17 Mar 15

Was living in a shared house in Canberra and when we vacated the carpet was filthy ! We got referred to . These guys did a pretty good job , was a helpful lad who helped us a bit with the moving as well . Would surely reckon them for carpet cleaning and for moving furniter ;).

My 2 cents.

PuppiesCanberra PuppiesCanberra 9:47 pm 26 Feb 15

I used Revitalise cleaning the other day at my place in Canberra city for an end of lease cleaning job which involved steam cleaning the carpet. Jisan was friendly and did the job quickly and I passed inspection – i recommend him! is the address.

Elboy Elboy 2:39 pm 24 Oct 14

Yeah I can, call Phill Belgrove. Really nice guy and easy to deal with. here is his website,

Antagonist Antagonist 11:50 am 13 Sep 14

If you do it yourself – take photos of EVERYTHING afterwards including silly little things like window tracks. I’ve been stung once. And thanks to the digital camera revolution, that is the only time I have ever been stung.

JimCharles JimCharles 10:09 am 13 Sep 14

I think it’s more to do with some unscrupulous landlords trying to retain rental bonds by finding something to complain about. It’s usually about dirt and perceptions of cleanliness, even if a place is spotless.
If you go with their own agent’s recommended cleaner, there’s little they can complain about.

Alderney Alderney 9:56 pm 12 Sep 14

Have you thought of doing it yourself?

The last place I rented before I bought, the real estate agent complained that the bloke who cleaned the carpets left fluff around the edges (easily cleared away with a quick vacuum), and failed to notice that I’d replaced the whole kitchen lino, and done a pretty bodge job of it too.

The point I’m trying to get across is that these people only see the low hanging fruit. Leave them something that is easily remedied to whinge about and they’ll feel they’ve done their job.

bloodnut bloodnut 3:05 pm 12 Sep 14

Email your real estate agent and ask who they recommend – that way they can’t complain about the cleaning at final inspection.

Monomyth Monomyth 12:19 pm 12 Sep 14

Not a recommendation, but I would advise against Dial An Angel.

They did my End of Leas clean. I went back to check it and there were dirty foot prints on the lino floor, the walls hadn’t been touched and the oven was still flithy. They also didn’t do the blinds. They blamed the footprints on the carpet cleaner tracking mud. I asked why the guy cleaning my place (contract to Dial An Angel) didn’t tell him to keep off the lino, or at least clean it afterwards, they had no response. I had to re-clean everything to get my bond back, total waste.

Wasn’t too hard to get a full-refund either, so they evidently knew it was a bad job.

Check out Gumtree, I found my last one there and he wasn fantastic (unfortunately I don’t have his details to pass on) and their prices are competitive.

James McMahon James McMahon 12:16 pm 12 Sep 14

Frank he is a general house cleaner but does end of leases Vip Cleaning 0403 227 070 He quoted friend of mine $290 including carpet cleaning great value!

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