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Enough is Enough – Why is the Canberra Liberals’ site perpetually broken?

johnboy 23 October 2005 12

I can’t take it no more, I can’t stands it no further.

If you look at the Canberra Liberals’ website, and get past the propoganda for the federal government in the ticker, you’ll come to a bizarrely disfuctional index bar.

Screenshot of Canberra Liberals

At the time of writing the functional links were: Newsroom, Policies, and Young Liberals.

The dead links are: About Us, People, Publications, and Womens [sic] Forum.

Make of it what you will?

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12 Responses to Enough is Enough – Why is the Canberra Liberals’ site perpetually broken?
RandomGit RandomGit 12:59 pm 03 Nov 05

Verily, mine eyes are humming even now!

Kerces Kerces 11:58 am 03 Nov 05

Feel the power of the RiotACT…

Andrew Wilsmore Andrew Wilsmore 9:21 am 03 Nov 05

Dear Riot Act

Thank you for bringing to our attention the problems you have experienced with the drop-down menu system on our website when using browsers other than Internet Explorer.

We have acted to rectify this problem and are pleased to advise that our web-designers have updated accordingly to work with all major browsers.

Please let me know if you experience any further difficulties.

I hope you enjoy the full functionality of the site.

Andrew Wilsmore
ACT Director
Liberal Party of Australia

GuruJ GuruJ 10:47 am 24 Oct 05

Their JavaScript code is correct for about, oh, 1999.

Tt appears that the dropdown menus will work with Netscape *4*, but not a more modern browser.

And the Liberal site falls into an interesting gap: Firefox/Mozilla will work with IE-specific code as long as the website doesn’t test whether it will work *first*. Since it tests for IE-compatibility (but then doesn’t provide code to make Firefox work), the menus are silently dropped without an error.

Thumper Thumper 7:52 am 24 Oct 05

Well ACT Liberals are dead, so why not there site?

jr jr 11:57 pm 23 Oct 05

I get similar problems when working on my own sites… apparently standards aint standards.

johnboy johnboy 11:26 pm 23 Oct 05

Or just make then standards compliant?

I wouldn’t mind (as much) if they were consistently broken.

Kerces Kerces 11:23 pm 23 Oct 05

Actually that would also explain the apparent timing of their site stopping working for me too…

Kerces Kerces 11:22 pm 23 Oct 05

Would you look at that: in explorer on a windows machine you get fancy menus popping down from all those links.

Why couldn’t they just make them links as well as fancy menu doovys?

johnboy johnboy 11:06 pm 23 Oct 05

Actually I use safari by default.

but i tried things in IE recently to little improvement.

So the liberals are the party of monopolistic degredation of open protocols these days? Interesting.

jr jr 11:03 pm 23 Oct 05

I would hazzard a guess that you are not running a John Howard compliant web browser… I can get the site to work in IE but not in Firefox…

I suggest you get yourself a Liberal standards compliant browser (mind you your not missing much on their page anyway)

Kerces Kerces 11:02 pm 23 Oct 05

If you actually want to find out anything about your Liberal MLAs (given the Peoplelink is non-existant), I’ve discovered you can go to the “ACT Politics” link where you can click on each of their names.

I use that all the time on account of never remembering who’s the spokesperson for what.

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