Fight over parking space sends men to hospital – Canberra

ChrisinTurner 22 December 2009 15

I thought I would share this report with everyone because although it’s just typical of Canberrans to fight over parking spots, I have never heard of anyone using objects to hurt each other over them.

“ACT Policing is seeking witnesses to a disturbance in the Westfield Woden underground car park on Thursday afternoon (December 17) which resulted in two men being conveyed to hospital.”

About 1.55pm police attended the underground car park located off Corinna Street, Phillip after reports of two males engaged in a fight which is believed to have started after a dispute over a parking space.

During the incident, both males have used objects to strike each other resulting in both men receiving significant head injuries which required treatment by ACT Ambulance Services.

A large number of members of the public witnessed the incident and numerous calls were received by ACT Police Operations. ACT Police

Any witnesses to this incidentshould contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the website at

UPDATE: We’ve now been informed that the opening words here were lifted from another site.

Our apologies, and rest assured Chrisinturner will not be posting here in future.

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15 Responses to Fight over parking space sends men to hospital – Canberra
nicky00 nicky00 8:01 pm 24 Dec 09

To Jamie Wheeler, yes I am 100% sure. To Malcolm Powder, it was not over a car space, it is unclear as to what the bat weilding imbicile was doing or thinking and conveniently couldn’t understand english when the police showed up but when he was yelling like a lunatic his english was perfect. My son witnessed this as well, very upsetting for an adult let alone a child I must say.

Ian Ian 5:00 pm 23 Dec 09

At least there was no risk of brain damage! Gotta have some grey matter to be at risk.

Malcolm_Powder Malcolm_Powder 4:37 pm 23 Dec 09

What a clown. Beating somebody with a bat over a f**king car space. Very courageous and mature. Merry Christmas, here is a bat over the head…. Drop Kick

Jamie Wheeler Jamie Wheeler 1:59 pm 23 Dec 09

Nicky00, are you sure that was the same incident? The police reports clearly said both men involved struck each other with objects and were both injured and taken to hospital. It sounds unlikely the man in the arm brace was in a position to injure anybody.

junkett junkett 12:48 am 23 Dec 09

The combatants weren’t the only one’s just a wee bit excited eh nicky00?

Breath man, breath!

nicky00 nicky00 4:57 pm 22 Dec 09

I was in the carpark the day of this incident and saw first hand what happened.This was not over a car park space and only one of the men had a weapon and that weapon appeared to be a wooden bat similar to a baseball bat but not as long. The man with the weapon had become abusive screaming out from his vehicle “I’ll kill you” for no particular reason at the vehicle behind him, when the man from the vehicle behind him got out of his car to question why he was being threatened he was clearly seen stopping the man from geting out of his car by holding the door shut and it became clear once the man walked away why he was in fact holding the door shut because the man in his car had the weapon in question and once out of his vehicle hit the other man repeatedly around the head and upper body (the man being assaulted was wearing an arm brace and was cradling this to avoid injury it appeared) however this did not seem to make any difference as he was beaten with the weapon, a female with him was also threatened with the weapon as she tried to intervene, also throughout the attack the man with the weapon was clearly heard saying “I’ll kill you” on numerous occasions.
It sickens me to think that people have little respect for others and this could have quite easily turned into a fatality and become a murder investigation.

Grail Grail 4:13 pm 21 Dec 09

Hrm… that comment about Israel and Palestine reminds me – does anyone know the significance of the “Palestine” stickers popping up on cars all over Canberra? They seem to be almost exclusively the feral motorhead types (most significant to me was a big silver Hummer with “Palestine” pasted over the back of it in red gothic style letters, which almost had my red car splattered over the bonnet) who have little respect for speed restrictions, right of way, other drivers or even their own vehicles.

Mordd Mordd 11:34 pm 20 Dec 09

Thank god australia has strict gun laws is all I can say…..

J Dawg J Dawg 11:19 pm 20 Dec 09

harley said :

They’re probably sociopaths, which begs the question:

Why didn’t they just park in a disabled or parent’s with prams spot?

Despite being sociopaths, they probably realise that fighting disabled people and parent’s with prams for their parking spots is morally wrong.

But everyone else, fair game.

harley harley 3:13 pm 20 Dec 09

They’re probably sociopaths, which begs the question:

Why didn’t they just park in a disabled or parent’s with prams spot?

katahandmade katahandmade 2:02 pm 20 Dec 09

wow people relax! we all want to get our last minute Christmas shopping done… but no need to fight over a parking spot! lol

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 1:00 pm 20 Dec 09

thats christmas for you… parking at woden is nuts. i am avoiding it like the plague this week.

rosebud rosebud 12:31 pm 20 Dec 09

A microcosim of the human condition. What hope Israel and Palestine or Copenhagen when underneath all the layers of culture and history, we are really all just naughty, naughty hairless monkeys fighting over a patch of dirt (or bitcumen in this case).

Jamie Wheeler Jamie Wheeler 10:41 am 20 Dec 09

I heard from somebody they were using iron bars and both beat each other up pretty bad. Risking serious and permanent injuries in an iron bar fight all over a parking space? Hope it was worth it! The silly season just got a whole lot sillier… and dumber.

gun street girl gun street girl 9:44 am 20 Dec 09

Irony: coming to Canberra Hospital to duke it out for a car park there. 😀

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