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Fireworks a-go-go

By simbo - 6 June 2007 33

Just a reminder for those of you not paying attention to anything beyond Riotact that this weekend is a designated Fireworks-use zone from 5-10 PM on 9th, 10th, and 11th June (that’s Saturday, Sunday and Monday).

For those of you with small yappy animals, be sensible and keep them indoors.

For those of you setting up fireworks, try using one of Canberra’s numerous parks and other wide open spaces and don’t set ’em up right in your neighbours earholes.

Fireworks are available all over the place, particularly in Fyshwick, and are available from now until 5pm next Monday.

Be sensible, be sane, and try to come back on tuesday with as many fingers as you’ve got now.

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33 Responses to
Fireworks a-go-go
Al 9:37 am 08 Jun 07

Cracker night/month in Canberra as a kid in the 70s….[wistful sigh]

The fun you could have with a bag full of bungers and double bungers… [evil snicker]

Cleaning up the mess in the front yard…[aaawww Mum]

The assholes that stuffed it for everyone by blowing up cats and letter boxes and shooting each other with skyrockets…[gggrrrrrr]

bonfire 9:32 am 08 Jun 07

i dont understand the obsession tha tpeopel have with banning things.

so a few peopel lose a few fingers. so a few dogs go missing. so a few letterboxes get blown up.

look at all the enjoyment that the 99.9 percent of lawful users get from fireworks.

no – instead we must ban something to make wowsers happy.

until they cast their beady gimlet eyes on yet another target to ban.

DarkLadyWolfMother 9:20 am 08 Jun 07

I wouldn’t mind so much if more idiots would remove themselves from the gene pool, but they seem to have more lives than a cat.

Pandy 6:43 am 08 Jun 07

Totally agree lateralis. That is why they have to be banned. If it is good enough for 96% of the population, why should Canberrans be different.

lateralis 6:11 am 08 Jun 07

I don’t mind keeping my {large}’yapping animal’ inside over the weekend, it’s the 3 weeks before and 6 weeks after THAT REALLY FU**ING PISS ME OFF!

p1 2:15 am 08 Jun 07

enough duct tape and any firework will go bang…

Pandy 10:04 pm 07 Jun 07

If a few children lose fingers, they will then finally ban the suckers.

adeptacheese 10:00 pm 07 Jun 07

yes, where are the good ones? I dont want any of this “firefox” crap this year

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:19 pm 07 Jun 07

So can we buy decent fireworks this year, or are we still restricted to crappy fountains no more than a few feet high? The Workcover site and brochure seem to be silent on what constitutes a ‘consumer firework’.

ant 8:36 pm 07 Jun 07

The motorboat shed at Dairy Flat Road bridge is flogging fireworks! Quite a good location. The suckers from Sydney going up to the “snow” to buy overpriced beer will be able to indulge their desire for crackers.

soulman 10:30 pm 06 Jun 07

Just make sure it’s one of the ovals they’re still watering. Dry grass and crackers may be a problem.

el 10:17 pm 06 Jun 07

I wouldn’t be too concerned setting them off in the middle of an oval somewhere.

simbo 10:13 pm 06 Jun 07

Oops, didn’t know that (full disclosure – last year, I was with a bunch of mates using the centre of a cricket pitch to set off stuff)

soulman 10:09 pm 06 Jun 07

Damn, and to think in the five minutes since that was posted. I already organised a huge party for 60 in the Parliament House forecourt for fire crackers and beer. Now I have to change all my plans because simbo’s advise was wrong.

Thanks a lot simbo.

jr 10:02 pm 06 Jun 07

Perhaps getting your facts straight may minimise people getting fined:

Where can consumer fireworks be used?

Fireworks may only be purchased and used within the ACT.

Fireworks cannot be used in public streets or parks without prior written approval from the relevant Government authority. For information relating to obtaining approval for the use of fireworks in public places, telephone Urban Parks and Places on 6207 7132 and Commonwealth land, telephone National Capital Authority on 6271 2888.


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