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Flame Of The Week – In praise of St Rebecca

By johnboy - 20 May 2011 59

We’ve had some quality old time flaming this week, but this morning’s 2am effort by Charnyboy in defence of Rebecca Massey was worthy of the high honour that is Flame Of The Week:

#49 Charnyboy
1:55 am, 20 May 11

If someone repeatedly threatened your life i think you just may consider carrying something to protect yourself. Being that your the perfect citizen I presume that you would abide by the law and allow yourself to be stabbed to death and not even attempt to defend yourself.NOT!!! Ms booshand had a propencity for violence and was a known heroin dealer for about twenty years.given that, I don’t blame Rebecca for carrying a knife to defend herself. You all know nothing of the circumstances that lead to this incident and therefor don’t really have a clue. I know Rebecca well and she is a reformed women who herself escaped a life of crime, drug use and violence only to be repeatedly threatened and harrassed to a point where she finally snapped.She is a beautiful person, a loving mother and a faithful, loyal, affectionate, nurturing and dedicated partner. Lay off, you don’t know Jack s$@t! The only reason I bother even commenting is because I get told of the niave, ignorant ramblings and know that she deserves to be defended! I wish you would all just keep your ignorant, absent minded, uninformed opinions to yourself and find something that actually affects you so you have reason to comment at all. Untill then , get a life!she’s already been granted her appeal because the LAW sees the injustice that took place at her trial and I hope and pray that she’s succesful.GOOD LUCK BEC, I wish you all the best!!!!!! Mwah xo xo xo

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59 Responses to
Flame Of The Week – In praise of St Rebecca
cleo 9:39 pm 20 May 11

Well well, that’s a first for you Mick baby, to actually defend someone, what! your not sucking her dry of money?
As you were such a LEECH to Jules, she finally shook the leech off her leg, you owed her thousands, and NEVER re payed the money back to her.
It’s part of the reason Jules was murdered, because police wanted information on you, and EVERYONE said ask Jules, that’s right they ALL put it on Jules, they said Jules will tell you about Micheal Marshall, and she knew a lot about you, she wouldn’t even tell me about ALL the things you did.
She NEVER informed the police, as her life was cut short, and that was the reason monster murdered her, because she was labeled a police informant, so I hope you have a guilty conscience, how you treated Jules. YOU SCUMBAG!

Inappropriate 9:27 pm 20 May 11

This hardly qualifies as a flame: there’s some semblance of sentence structure, light usage of upper case, punctuation and just the odd typo here and there.

LSWCHP 8:19 pm 20 May 11

Excellent work there on the part of Charnyboy. Classic unstructured incoherent bogan gibberish, and a joy to read.

More please, I’m lovin’ it 🙂

Pommy bastard 7:15 pm 20 May 11

Bogans….bless one only has to light the blue touchpaper and stand well back, and they go off giving such an entertaining display…

Jane Proxy 4:18 pm 20 May 11

I now live for the opportunity to tell someone to keep his/her absent minded opinion to her/himself, and that he/she knows nothing and therefore knows nothing.

Thoroughly Smashed 4:17 pm 20 May 11

It’s true, I am a little absent minded sometimes.

nsn 4:04 pm 20 May 11


Charnyboy has a point. There are an awful lot of people on here who are only too willing to express ignorant, uninformed opinions about matters that really don’t concern them.

MrMagoo 3:18 pm 20 May 11

Oh that’s priceless. She’s reformed, she’s loving, she’s…. been foudn guilty of murder you ignorant, self indulgant BOGAN!!!!!!!!!!! Please shut the gates on Charnwood and let none of them out again.

Tooks 11:16 am 20 May 11

2.0 said :

In the Ghettoooooo

On a cold and gray Chicago mornin’
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto (in the ghettoooo)
And his mama cries
‘Cause if there’s one thing that she don’t need
It’s another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghetto (in the ghettoooo)

PBO 11:04 am 20 May 11

Reading this i cannot help but think that it was written by a female rather than a male, just the way it was written.

Anyway, two less bogans in the world.

2.0 10:50 am 20 May 11

In the Ghettoooooo

The Frots 10:45 am 20 May 11

Wow. Seems that just when you think you’ve seen the ass end of the gene pool, up pops another species to surprise you.

Well, Charnyboy, good luck with the fetish. Let us know how it goes.

Mysteryman 10:30 am 20 May 11

Righto… well.. I didn’t know that standing outside a shop with a knife while yelling abuse and preparing to stab someone were the characteristics of “a reformed women”.

Self defence seems to have taken on an interesting meaning these days.

neanderthalsis 9:26 am 20 May 11

Not a bad effort for FOTW. It has many of the right ingredients such as no paragraph structure, the use of multiple exclamation marks!!!! and the standard “you don’t know, you weren’t there, she/he is a wonderful person etc.

It could be improved with a random approach to punctuation and Random Capitalisation.

Captain RAAF 9:18 am 20 May 11

Love is blind…as well as stupid.

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