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Flying the flag for Jesus!!

By jamius maximus - 18 April 2006 81

Now I’m not into religion, but I reckon some of Jesus’ new marketing programs are pretty awesome.

OK, I don’t want to kick up a shit-storm, but did anyone notice that yesterday the flags either side of the Commonwealth bridge were changed to “Jesus means life” (or something)??

Can anyone hire these out? Because I might be looking to sell some stuff soon and I am looking to advertise.

What’s Your opinion?

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81 Responses to
Flying the flag for Jesus!!
Unbeliever 4:49 pm 18 Apr 06

For the sake of eternal place in the good christian afterlife, I’m willing to believe the good people at ‘Jesus means life’. That is Jesus is pro-rich, pro-war, pro-family (but only the good married kind with kids), and of course Jesus is American!

che 3:18 pm 18 Apr 06

so if anyone can hire a flagpole for advertising what would you want to use it for, besides the RIOTACT Cheaper Beer and Petrol party

anyone got a garage sale they want to get some exposure for?

Indi 3:13 pm 18 Apr 06

It won’t be long before govt comes up with a similar campaign to get the apathetic in this community to engage in what happening is their fair citadel:

“I’m not into politics, but a lot of what Jon Stanhope said makes sense.”

Absent Diane 3:13 pm 18 Apr 06

Im not infuriated any more than normal… in fact I find it funny…. the dellusional morons just don’t understand that religion is no longer relevant in our society… the only purpose it has is to drag us all down.. like it consistenly does….

Les Whinin 2:51 pm 18 Apr 06

Oh good, just when I thought I was the only person completely infuriated by this campaign.

I just love the logic behind the slogan though: “I’m not into religion, but a lot of what Jesus said makes sense.” Now just analyse that quote for a second… If one does not believe in religion, then Jesus does not exist for them. If Jesus does not exist, then his words must be fictional. Therefore: “I’m not into religion, but a lot of fictional writing makes sense.” Enough said.

But back on topic, the flags on Commonweath Avenue are for sale. Consider it a more tasteful replacement for giant billboards, but infinitely more difficult to read when travelling at 60km/h. I wonder if the driver who hit that unfortunate jogger on Comm Ave bridge last week will use that as a defence? “Jesus flags made me do it!” Could be a winner, because as everyone knows, religion can be used to justify anything!

Maelinar 2:47 pm 18 Apr 06

How about “Never mind the bread, show me how you did that wine trick again?”, or “If he turned it into beer instead of wine, we’d all still be christians”.

Absent Diane 1:51 pm 18 Apr 06

My Slogan would be “jesus kills”


Thumper 1:51 pm 18 Apr 06

I really get annoyed with it all.

I have nothing against religion but I really don’t want it shoved down my throat. If I get to do the funky St Paul on the road to Damascus conversion thingie then so be it.

But that hasn’t happened so leave me alone!

Otherwise I’ll start advertising paganisim.

podfink 1:41 pm 18 Apr 06

My counter slogan “I am a christian, but I think all of the churchs have some pretty screwed up things to say about life”.

caf 11:52 am 18 Apr 06

Didn’t someone get busted for putting Triple J flags up on those poles during a “beat the drum” comp some years back?

Slinky the Shocker 11:44 am 18 Apr 06

Haha…just wait until Johnboy will fly the RA flag.

Growling Ferret 11:42 am 18 Apr 06

The Jesus flags replaced the AAMI Black Opal stakes flags all around Canberra…

So yep, it seems anyone can buy the space

areaman 11:39 am 18 Apr 06

Yeah I was suprised by this as well.

Interestingly it seems to be a Canberra only campaign.

I thinking of making some counter adds saying “I’m not a communist, but I think Marx had some important things to say about life”.

jamius maximus 11:34 am 18 Apr 06

I was being sarcastic. Not very well obviously. I’m just surprised they can be rented like this.

che 11:31 am 18 Apr 06

I’m guessing you want to hire the flag poles for the advertising space rather than the “Jesus means life” flags?

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