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Flying the flag for Jesus!!

jamius maximus 18 April 2006 81

Now I’m not into religion, but I reckon some of Jesus’ new marketing programs are pretty awesome.

OK, I don’t want to kick up a shit-storm, but did anyone notice that yesterday the flags either side of the Commonwealth bridge were changed to “Jesus means life” (or something)??

Can anyone hire these out? Because I might be looking to sell some stuff soon and I am looking to advertise.

What’s Your opinion?

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Flying the flag for Jesus!!
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Absent Diane 3:01 pm 21 Apr 06

Les you may be right they are timing it to combat the da vinci code (i hope the movie isn’t as trashy the book).. which is bound to ruffle some feathers…

I suspect jesus may have existed but details got blurred… and I like the theory that he was the equivalent to a terrorist/freedom fighter/rebel… that is logical theory that I can live with.. therefore in essence I believe in the existence of this dude, but am far from christian…

what little I have read/seen about the gnostics has interested me, but I am pretty ignorant about it all…. from memory there is a pretty large history of some the groups of people that practised from these alternative gospels being pretty heavily persecuted….

Mr_Shab 2:40 pm 21 Apr 06

In that case Les, I’d say the churches are getting their knickers in a twist for nothing.

I doubt a movie adaptation of poxy story book is going to make people start actually asking questions of the faith, genuinely analysing any reference to morality, and turning from the established churches to pursue their own philosophical dialogue with God.

I dig the crucifiction idea. They could put him up next to the sheep on City Walk. Symbolic, no.

Les Whinin 2:22 pm 21 Apr 06


Thank you. Did anyone happen to catch WIN News last night, where some local Priests were explaining the reason for this “Jesus, all about life” campaign was developed and rolled out in preparation for the impending release of “The DaVinci Code”
It seems the Christians have a case of the wonky britches about God followers everywhere suddenly denouncing their faith and leaving them high and dry without a source of income. (Or they’re worried about people going to hell, I’m unsure what their exact angle is.)

So, what has happened is that local ACT churches have opened their coffers and spilled out over $150,000 in folding stuff to whore Jesus’ name out on flags and in the media.

Personally I think it would be far more powerful (and just as blasphemous) to string some guy up on a cross in Civic for a week.

Mr_Shab 2:04 pm 21 Apr 06

Ahh – the flipside of the arguement; you can believe in Jesus without being a Christian. An angle I hadn’t considered. Thank you bonfire. Not directly relevant to what we were arguing, but interesting nonetheless.

Will also have to toddle along to the ANU to read about this gnostic stuff. Sounds interesting.

But bah to your Christan-lite. I prefer Jesus-zero.

Absent Diane 1:51 pm 21 Apr 06

hmm ok…. thanks, may look it up…

bonfire 1:05 pm 21 Apr 06

it basically summarises ‘actual’ words of jesus that are used in other gospels. other gospels have the words and commentary, directing your thoughts in a particular way.

it also discusses that the kingdom of god is already here, that you are in it already and should accept it. happiness and light sort of stuff.

heretical then, and today.

of course god died in 1882 according to nietsczhe.

johnboy 12:59 pm 21 Apr 06

most of the apocryphal gospels were part of the gnostic heresy in one form or another.

basically the appealing idea that we’re born ignorant, not sinful, but that we sin through ignorance and so should seek knowledge that we might sin no more.

Absent Diane 12:53 pm 21 Apr 06

Is it the gospel of thomas that is more a philosophic/metaphorical belief system than a literal one??

bonfire 12:26 pm 21 Apr 06

on the face of it, the campaign is aimed at those who are christian lite. sheep who have strayed from the flock.

Thumper 12:25 pm 21 Apr 06

The Old Testament is cool. Lots of blood and guts and smiting of peoples.

bonfire 12:23 pm 21 Apr 06

you can believe in jesus without being a christian in the religious sense of the word.

islam recognises jesus as a prophet.

many of the things he talks about are merely philosophical rather than religious. and also political.

forget contemporary interpretations packaged for you. get a copy of the four gospels and have a read.

most christians parrot tiny chunks to justify the more ludicrous core values the various churches would control you with. they never read the entire new testament or look beyond it. they ignore contemporary research.

gospel of thomas is apocryphal but worth looking at.

id also look up pelagius. the modern church could have been quiet different.

best not to read the old testament if you want to just understand jesus.

anu have excellent bibilical research resources.

keep your mind open, question everything.

Absent Diane 9:46 am 21 Apr 06

Has anyone seen the new tonk ads
“I have never been into rock n roll… but I have to admit, a lot of what tonk says really makes sense”
I ggigled when I saw it…

Thumper 9:15 am 21 Apr 06

Whoops, wrong topic….

Thumper 9:11 am 21 Apr 06

What is a ‘mettle’?

A steel thing that someone in advertising decided they’d deliberately spell incorrectly?

Maelinar 8:26 am 21 Apr 06

VY, my commentary might probably well go along these lines…

“Well, I finally do believe in the afterlife. I found it hard to rationalise without any actual proof of existense during my living life, and didn’t consider you real until now. I feel that I have lived my life in the way that didn’t diametrically oppose the Christian faith, although I must admit they may need to be given a little bit of direction in some very critical areas such as causing violence in order to obtain peace, and other intolerant behaviours amoungst your followers. Since I now believe in God, and I regret that the message didn’t get to me during my living life, I ask for your forgiveness, as the forgiving God, and ask for your permission to enter Heaven”.

VYBerlinaV8 8:17 am 21 Apr 06

But what happens if you turn up at the pearly gates and God says to you that you’ve had a lifetime to get to know Him, and you wasted it?

Maelinar 7:58 am 21 Apr 06

I think I’ll stick with being a good Samaritan.

The dude who looked after Jesus on the road wasn’t a christian afterall, he was a Samaritan.

If all it boils down to afterall is I can believe in God and be a nice person, or I can not believe in god and be a nice person (Samaritan), unfortunately I’ll be choosing the latter.

All that in between running my own faith of course. Never mind the wine, I can turn water into BEER !

How good am I ?

annie 7:31 am 21 Apr 06

No, Maelinar, that’s not all you have to do. If so, and then you just go and ignore God and make no effort to become a better person and include Jesus in the picture, then I would hardly think you’re a true believer, because your actions aren’t in tune with your beliefs.

It’s one thing to be human and stuff up sometimes, it’s quite another to say you believe and make no effort to include that in your life.

The Bible does say “faith without works is dead” and vice versa, and also “by their fruits you will know them.” So by all means use that as your yardstick.

Look for a Christian that not only can articulate what they believe, but strives to be a better person, treats others with love and respect by and large.

(And it’s sadly the case that many churches are closed shops, with attendees patting themselves on the back for being there, but discouraging those who really need a hand or want to learn more from coming).

Absent Diane, if you saw kids getting bashed for being gay that’s not acceptable, and I would question what the hell those so-called Christians responsible were thinking.

By the way, Maelinar, saying you’re sorry at the pearly gates is way too late, especially if you don’t really mean it.

Maelinar 9:52 pm 20 Apr 06

Which brings me straight back to the original question.

How is it that some things are not all right in the eyes of god, yet since we’re going to be forgiven anyway as we show up at the pearly gates who really cares either way ?

I fail to see why christians get so passionate about whatever anti-campaign they are on at that particular time, since all you have to do is a hippie style “I’m sorry man” and all is forgiven.

Obviously there is a difference between the theology that is contained within the bible, and within the minds of the average churchgoing zealot, but how is this defined ?

Is the bible so poorly written that it’s simply wrong ?

e.g. We recognised all that stuff about being kind to one another was good, yet the stuff about not eating fish on Fridays was found to be more of a situational thing between the village and the fishmonger’s hygiene practices and was subsequently dropped from normal religious beliefs.

Binker 6:51 pm 20 Apr 06

Socrates logical rules are all about form.
If the form of an argument is flawed then the argument is not going to “get you there”.

The statements in the argument that were being made were:

-People who have exclusionary criteria for being a Christian are wrong.

-My exclusionary criteria are you must believe in “Jesus and the resurrection” to be a Christian.

-Therefore I am wrong (would seem to be the logical conclusion).

Appears logically inconsistent to me.


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