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Fourth arrest over Cube stabbing

By Ari - 17 July 2006 28

Another bloke – who’s currently under police guard at Canberra Hospital – is expected to be charged with GBH over the Cube incident.

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28 Responses to
Fourth arrest over Cube stabbing
Thumper 2:29 pm 25 Jul 06

I just love single issue zealots like Aimz7.

Log in, have a rant, become all indignant when someone doesn’t agree with them, and then disappear forever….

DJ 2:00 pm 25 Jul 06

Do the cameras face anywhere near there? Research time Aimz7 before you make claims like that.

I’m curious bonfire – just how are you rights being deprived? Nervous about something you don’t want to tell anybody about?

Aimz7 11:16 pm 20 Jul 06

They work! Thats where the police got their evidence!

Thumper 4:27 pm 20 Jul 06

Or are working at all….

Absent Diane 4:23 pm 20 Jul 06

you are making the assumption that the cctv’s are switched on!!

bonfire 4:13 pm 20 Jul 06

isnt civic ringed with rights depriving CCTV ?

if i was plod, i’d be getting hold of the tapes.

Aimz7 2:28 pm 20 Jul 06

heaven forbid anyone should defend themselves and the patrons of their club.

Thumper 3:23 pm 18 Jul 06

Exactly Bonfire,

Prudent to wait and see wait transpires….

bonfire 2:35 pm 18 Jul 06

well depending on the circumstances it could be a worry.

what if the person who was set upon by 3 assailants defends himself with whatever means available ?

more power to him i say.

of course if three peopel assault someone with a knife who is defenseless, then they are cowardly.

if the person who was assaulted defended themselves, i hope they are not charged – what are they supposed to do – lie there and be kicked to death ?

Thumper 2:07 pm 18 Jul 06

A stabbing outside, well, on the doorstep, of a gay nightclub on a night when they had a drag queen competition is NOT gay related?

Okay, maybe it is all about drugs, which you say it is ‘rumoured’ to be.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Whatever the case, it’s a real worry people getting knifed in our city.

Jey 1:46 pm 18 Jul 06

yes but it was not gay related
rumouredly a drug related incident, not a hate crime

DT 10:19 am 18 Jul 06

Not so Kimba – the owner’s been charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm.

kimba 9:20 am 18 Jul 06

From latest news reports the stabbing was not gay related and had nothing to do with Cube.

ant 1:50 pm 17 Jul 06

The full moon had just passed, I think, by the weekend. It was a good full moon for loonies though, judging by events last week.

Where’s the full story about the Cube? Someone stabbed the Cube? that’s a bit rude.

toriness 1:44 pm 17 Jul 06

was it a full moon? i have heard lots of dodge stories about the weekend in canberra.

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