Futsal nationals, but not on the slab

johnboy 10 January 2007 20

Andrew Barr has joyously announced (and my, hasn’t he aged in that photo!) that Canberra is hosting the “28th Australian National Futsal Championships”.

Nowhere in the media release does it actually inform us what the hell futsal is (something about soccer right?).

One thing we do know is that Canberra has a “futsal slab” occupying prime real estate on Commonwealth Avenue, often used to pitch large tents on or land helicopters. So is the slab finally being put to its avowed use?

Competition will take place at four venues across Canberra – ACT Netball Centre (Lyneham), Southern Cross Stadium (Tuggeranong), MPOWER Dome (Chisholm) and the AIS Arena (Bruce). Competition continues throughout the week with the tournament finals to be held on Friday 12 January 2007.


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20 Responses to Futsal nationals, but not on the slab
mutley mutley 12:03 pm 11 Jan 07

“stanhope fanboys” ???

That conjures up some scary images…

johnboy johnboy 11:27 am 11 Jan 07

if we have the energy for revert wars on the wiki against the stanhope fanboys.


terubo terubo 11:17 am 11 Jan 07

As JB says, “for we will write it”!

Thumper Thumper 11:14 am 11 Jan 07

Stanhope is still in power. Wait until he’s retired and then we’ll see if history treats him as kindly as Wikipaedia does now.

mutley mutley 11:08 am 11 Jan 07

Just browsing through the wikipedia pages of both Carnell and Stanhope demonstrates what an effective opposition can actually accomplish (although majority government evidently plays a significant part).


Thumper Thumper 9:31 am 11 Jan 07

Maybe so, but she took responsibility for the hospital disaster,unlike a current CM for his dereliction of duties.

And I ask you, Carnell government or Stanhope government?

No choice really is there?

rentboy rentboy 9:23 am 11 Jan 07

Gee that Kate Carnell did some pretty dodgy stuff. Her wikipedia entry just reminded me. If this were US-controlled Iraq she’d be at the gallows already.

miz miz 5:55 pm 10 Jan 07

The slab was stupid; however, having seen heaps of Futsal players/families about, I am more inclined to support its annual pilgrimage to Canberra and swat the summergnats.

LIC LIC 2:24 pm 10 Jan 07

What I’d do if I were the government is put up a big sign to let everyone know exactly where the Kate Carnell Futsal Slab is. Really rub it in as an embarassing folly of the Libs when they were in power. If ever the Libs get back in power, no doubt they could repay the embarrassment with the Jon Stanhope memorial Al Grassby statue-orium, the Stanhope Tree Extravaganza, the Stanhope Wet T-shirt prize (to remember the $300k donation to Chic Henry).

Spectra Spectra 12:40 pm 10 Jan 07

Er…that should be “Carnell”. Obviously.

Spectra Spectra 12:38 pm 10 Jan 07

The futsal slab dates back to the days of Ms Canell. It even rates a mention on her wikipedia page. At the time, a lot of people questioned the wisdom of using such prime land for an outdoor field for a predominantly indoor game. That criticism would seem to be being borne out 🙂

Avy Avy 12:33 pm 10 Jan 07

can anyone explain why we have the futsal slab?

Thumper Thumper 12:08 pm 10 Jan 07

Goo goo ga joob…

CouldExpire CouldExpire 12:01 pm 10 Jan 07

thanks eggman.. doesnt seem so strange to me now 🙂

eggman eggman 11:46 am 10 Jan 07

more info here

fnaah fnaah 11:34 am 10 Jan 07

Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned here for the supporters of a dragstrip – even if the ACT government delivers on the promise, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to use it for it’s intended purpose.

andy andy 11:10 am 10 Jan 07

does anyone use that god damn futsal slab for futsal ?

CouldExpire CouldExpire 10:34 am 10 Jan 07

sounds all rather strange to me!

Bassman Bassman 10:05 am 10 Jan 07

No. Futsal is usually played indoors (depending on which country you are in). Futsal uses a slightly decompressed, smaller soccer ball. Not one of those stupid fluffy yellow ones.

Thumper Thumper 9:54 am 10 Jan 07

Futsal is indoor soccer played outdoors….

Ah… yeah…. right…. makes perfect sense…

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