Greg Tannahill’s shot at the RiotACT Sim Challenge

johnboy 14 August 2008 13

Democrat and Election08 candidate for Molonglo Greg Tannahill manned up and fronted a mob of RiotACT readers in All Bar Nun last night.

We were all extremely impressed. With hard work and concentration he built a thriving city without recourse to borrowing.

He advanced six years in with a population nudging 15,000. His bus network actually ran at a profit and his roads were pothole free.

Citizens were happy about everything except the environment, but even that was improving.

We were all very impressed with his ability and willingness to explain, at length, what he was doing and why, while calmly getting about the business of making his citizens happier and wealthier.

A mixed-use urban development strategy saw commercial precincts scattered through the residential areas.

Industry was kept out of residential areas and agriculture flourished to the north of the city.

Greg resisted calls for mass transit systems (monorail!) in his fledgling city, and also turned down suggestions for large schools.

His sims gave him 8 bars of approval and he fixed the town up quickly after disasters.

All in all it was something of a master class and extremely impressive.

Slideshow of Greg’s city below, and apologies for video and audio quality, we learnt some lessons we’ll apply in future.

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13 Responses to Greg Tannahill’s shot at the RiotACT Sim Challenge
Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 12:25 pm 15 Aug 08

Dan, I guess it’s the cookie-cutter sameness of each block – knock em up quick sausage factory building design. Doesn’t cost a lot more to build something with some style and variety to it, not to mention introducing passive solar design principles.

And while some have been built well, they are devalued by the poor ones.

And the 3-storey jobs with businesses under are a very poor way to implement home businesses, and lead to localised parking problems. Plus they have undermined development potential in the town core itself, leading to undersupply of floorspace and higher rentals that are killing off too many businesses.

It’s a complex and difficult field, but in essence, the LDA has a history of settling for quick profits, at the cost of longer term better outcomes (IMHO).

Danman Danman 11:11 am 15 Aug 08

Y’know I dont really undestand the problem with Anthony Rolfe Drive, sure its a dual carriageway lined with units and flats – but its not like its the ghetto or anything…

Someone care to explain ?

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 10:46 am 15 Aug 08

From all the terrace houses in slide 2 it looks like Greg was trying to recreate Anthony Rolfe Drive…gaarrrhhh will they never learn??

emd emd 10:26 am 15 Aug 08

Did anyone ask him about his party’s policies?
Computer games are all well and good, but I’d be interested in hearing the real person response to policy questions (as opposed to the planned responses in their media releases and online policy statements).

johnboy johnboy 11:12 pm 14 Aug 08

simbo said :

Is the Sim City environment just kinda screwy, or is it a coincidence that both candidates kinda sent it big into the red?

When starting with a population of zero the temptation is to go for development, which has an environmental price.

Health was still fine.

Other candidates will do things differently which we look forward to seeing.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:24 pm 14 Aug 08

Did anyone get Carneyed?

simbo simbo 10:00 pm 14 Aug 08

Is the Sim City environment just kinda screwy, or is it a coincidence that both candidates kinda sent it big into the red?

Fiona Fiona 9:14 pm 14 Aug 08

I was just pleased that the demorcrats still existed and could play computer games 🙂

Thumper Thumper 8:50 pm 14 Aug 08

I’ll give Greg kudos for turning up.

It takes some guts to go early just like Norvan.

I may just warm to the dems again one day…

Jey Jey 7:51 pm 14 Aug 08

Yay Greg!

Overheard Overheard 7:47 pm 14 Aug 08

Damn! I meant to quiz Greg on his arts funding policy but got too caught up talking music with Thumper and the merits of dessert pizza with Danman!

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 7:11 pm 14 Aug 08

A great time was had by all, I daresay. Although it’s fair to say that SimCity is not necessarily an accurate representation of either running a city or city design, the cool thing about these events is how it shows you what is important to a candidate. What goals do they shoot for, what is most important to them.

Also, it’s a damned good time with good beer available. Bring on more of ’em!

Jazz Jazz 6:37 pm 14 Aug 08

It was fairly obvious that Greg had quite a bit of experience with this simulator so was probably more comfortable with the tools available to him that many other candidates might be. Even then he regularly consulted demand and economic indicators and tweaked hi funding to different sectors.

Occasionally this micro management caught him out with underfunded water and electricity utilities but in the whole it was obvious his close attention to detail resulted in what will likely be a benchmark result for future challengers.

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