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Gungahlin population density worst – well durr…

Gungahlin Al 18 March 2008 14

The ABC is reporting the release of ABS stats that find that the most populous area in Canberra is Gungahlin. No surprise there, but the sheer extent of it sure is a surprise – against a Canberra average of 1000 per square kilometre, Gungahlin has 3000 people per square kilometre.

This just confirms what so many Gungahlin people have long suspected. Stupidly skinny streets with inadequate off-street parking for an area poorly serviced by both public transport and local employment, and row after row of cookie-cutter terrace houses.

Don’t get me wrong – there are parts of Gungahlin that are quite nice – quite livable. But an exemplar of modern planning it ain’t.

It’s not that there is a denser population that that is the problem – it’s the way it has been done, and the spin -off problems that result from that. What is it with these townhouses? Does the LDA not understand how to do apartment complexes? Did you know that apart from three community housing projects, there isn’t a single Kingston-style apartment complex built for all of Gungahlin, and nothing planned around the town centre at all? This flies in the face of good planning principles that require medium density along major public transport routes or near employment sinks.

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14 Responses to Gungahlin population density worst – well durr…
minime2 minime2 11:25 pm 08 Apr 08

And, good on ya Gun Al for pointing out to the “professional town developers” that another Anthony Rolfe along Flemington is not the best way to plan…

minime2 minime2 12:12 am 08 Apr 08

Bit late to throw 2c worth in here as have been away on a motorcycling vacation … have you seen the new endeavours going on in northern Franklin, right up near the Gunghalin shops? The very few tress on the side of the hill are being bulldozed! Seems those same planners who invented Anthony Ross and other startling social invites wanted to put the narrow road where the (very few) trees were… a dozen tres in hundreds of acres (old term) and they pull ’em out! And I am not sure where these thousands of new residents – with cars – are going to get out of Franklin to get to the Gunghalin shops. Maybe more sets of brilliant traffic lights like at Harrison School intersection; comingout of west side to turn left there is no left swing lane – but there is on the other three corners. Someone comes out to go to the really good Gunghalin shops and all the south bound cars get a red light – for no reason. Oh, Gun Al: what is that bit of roadwork southside Gundaroo near Barton Hwy?

Thumper Thumper 6:50 pm 21 Mar 08

Agreed Fluges,

some of the places out at Gungahlin are truly terrible and planning appears to have gone out the window.

Fluges Fluges 5:39 pm 21 Mar 08

Every time I drive down Anthony Rolfe Drive, my jaw drops. I’m flabbergasted that someone actually designed some of those terrace houses, they are so truly awful. And some of the surrounding roads, and their markings, are most unusual and confusing – what you’d expect in Paddington or Surrey Hills, not on a green fields site. Something’s gone wrong somewhere in the whole planning and development process.

hax hax 12:28 am 21 Mar 08

Problem #1 – Developers buying overpriced parcels of land from the gov

Problem #2 – Government over-regulation of planning rules and conditions on that land

Problem #3 – Crappy Sydney-style developers bringing their bad ideas here

and so on..

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:29 pm 18 Mar 08

Cameron: transition from town centre to surrounding residential areas would be a start – get some of the overall density they need to make the land yield stack up via quality apartment developments (think Viridian at Kingston) with quality communal open space, and better breaks between buildings.

Streets that, while not necessarily wider, have more provision for parking through solutions such as kerb insets, rather than choked streets. But some streets just plain have to be wider – Katoomba Street in Harrison is a classic example of a local collector that is far too small for the traffic it carries.

Don’t sell job lots of house blocks to single builders, leading to more cookie-cutter stretches of 6 or more houses almost identical.

Don’t replicate the abomination that is Anthony Rolfe Drive again right down Flemington Road as they are now planning to do – see our article.

That’s just a start…

Howitis Howitis 2:42 pm 18 Mar 08

This is what happens when you let developers develop suburbs, just like what Kate Carnell did with Gunghalin. I was looking at buying in Gunghalin in 2000. But after checking out Amaroo and Palmerston and seeing the area was just tree less sheep paddocks, I decided that no amount of marketing of ‘how close it was to the city’ was going make me buy a home here. So checked out other areas of Canberra with similar pricing and decide Gordon was quite lovely with nice streets (and plenty of new houses available), views and a infrastructure developed properly by government and not developers trying to squeeze every cent from every square metre of land.

p1 p1 12:06 pm 18 Mar 08

Soon you can catch the very fast train to sydney and work there… :o)

Special G Special G 11:40 am 18 Mar 08

There are heaps of apartments above the shops at the Raiders club end of the G. Medium density housing was how Gungahlin was planned. Eventually larger scale businesses will move out there. In the mean time get in your car like any other respectable Canberran and drive to work. Public transport… meh

Cameron Cameron 11:16 am 18 Mar 08

So what exactly are you suggesting be done, Al?

NathanaelB NathanaelB 10:14 am 18 Mar 08

Yes. Well, ok a few spare blocks in Duffy – for triple the price of Gungahlin and new Macgregor extension (where I’ve bought land)

Swaggie Swaggie 10:05 am 18 Mar 08

So why do people buy “cookie cutter terrace houses” in stupidly narrow streets? Is it simply because that’s all that was available when they were looking at buying?

LG LG 9:38 am 18 Mar 08

Ah we suggesting to bulldoze the place and rebuild? 😉

CanberraResident CanberraResident 9:17 am 18 Mar 08

Not to mention the fact that most parts of Gungahlin are bare, there’s hardly any trees, and one could liken its landscape to the outskirts of Baghdad.

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