Has the economic slowdown finally hit Canberra – or is it just me?

Lady_from_Holt 23 February 2009 30

Has the economic slowdown (I noticed they’re not calling it a crisis anymore) finally hit Canberra – or is it just me?

My house was broken into last week. This wasnt totally unexpected as I dont live in the best area of town, but what was taken was very intersting. A piggie bank, a ring, a pair of shoes and some frozen dinners.

Then on Friday, I lost my job due to “cut backs”. This was unexpected as I’m a very comfortable pube.

Now, I realise how much I need the piggie bank and frozen dinners, so I asked myslef, was the guy who broke into my home just some poor shmuck who has also hit the bottom end of the line?

And is Canberra really starting to feel the tightening of the rope due to the the ecomonic situation?

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30 Responses to Has the economic slowdown finally hit Canberra – or is it just me?
Granny Granny 3:11 pm 24 Feb 09

Loose Brown said :

Got some?!

Well, not currently, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to convince my doctor that I’m in grave need of professional help ….

How hard can it be?

And if all else fails I’m sure Hugh would help me out!

Lady_from_Holt Lady_from_Holt 2:32 pm 24 Feb 09

candelabra said :

@Lady_from_Holt They really took a pair of shoes?

Yep, mens shoes, size 10. So if you see a guy/gal wearing a pair of fancy new shoelace-less running shoes on a someone who doesn’t look hungry, it might be them.

Loose Brown Loose Brown 2:26 pm 24 Feb 09

Got some?!

Granny Granny 2:20 pm 24 Feb 09

Never fear, Loose Brown … I’ve heard a good dose of OxyContin can work wonders!

: P

SheepGroper SheepGroper 1:48 pm 24 Feb 09

I was going by what I’d been told by people who worked there, one of them as recently as last year.

Loose Brown Loose Brown 1:34 pm 24 Feb 09

This thread is making me:

Break out in a cold sweat
Jaw clench
Heart rate rise
Pupils dilate
Bowels clench
Be super conscious of people walking behind me who may ‘tap’ me

toriness toriness 1:30 pm 24 Feb 09

my partner works at tax and they have pretty bloody good conditions if you ask me!! they are certainly up there in the highest paid outside of the central agencies.

G-Fresh G-Fresh 1:23 pm 24 Feb 09

SheepGroper said :

I heard Tax was one of the worst places, both for conditions and for outdated technology.

lol conjecture much

SheepGroper SheepGroper 1:02 pm 24 Feb 09

I heard Tax was one of the worst places, both for conditions and for outdated technology.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 12:11 pm 24 Feb 09

realityskin said :

DEEWR = Worst place on earth

From what I’ve heard Dept of Immigration (what acronym do they go by now? DICKHAED or something) could trump DEEWR for crappiness.

realityskin realityskin 12:05 pm 24 Feb 09

DEEWR = Worst place on earth

candelabra candelabra 12:01 pm 24 Feb 09

@Lady_from_Holt They really took a pair of shoes?
Sorry to hear you were broken in to. Hope things look up job wise.

dexi dexi 9:08 am 24 Feb 09

“more like they are high on ice.”

That would be why they went for the frozen dinners in the freezer.

SheepGroper SheepGroper 7:16 am 24 Feb 09

DEEWR are starting a year long recruitment drive to replace the contractors they’re going to shed.

toriness toriness 7:07 am 24 Feb 09

i think this topic is a bit of a beat up until we see some actual real stats on a real increase in crime. my partner and i were broken into 3 times in the ‘good times’ with some completely bizarre items being nicked like toasty machine or chocolate. i don’t know that there is much rhyme or reason to junkies breaking into your house, lady from holt? i don’t think it means they are genuinely desperate due to the GFC – more like they are high on ice.

Piratemonkey Piratemonkey 1:33 am 24 Feb 09

I personally know two people with houses broken into in the last week or so and another with a car stolen a few days ago. Im starting to get a tad worried. I agree with steveu tho. Your view on the situation is impressive. Steal from me and you better hope i don’t catch you.

realityskin realityskin 10:33 pm 23 Feb 09

Just wait til Krudd slashes the APS budget by 20% come June.

smokey4 smokey4 7:17 pm 23 Feb 09

Time to avoid the overpriced frozen dinners and prepare your own from scratch. Suggest a visit to Fyshwick market and get the fresh stuff. You now have the time.

sepi sepi 4:14 pm 23 Feb 09

You can go back into the APS as a contractor. You can join ACT PS straight away as a permanent, as it is not part of APS.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 4:09 pm 23 Feb 09

ACT govt is still hiring like mad. I’d get in there quickly, before there are too many former APS staff queueing up to join.

I think generally APS staff who have been made redundant must wait 12 months before reapplying for jobs back in the APS. I could be wrong though.

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