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Hate mail: Jimbo’s going to shut down RiotACT

By johnboy - 13 December 2006 120

We all love a good nutter around here. Readers who peruse the comments have, for the last week, thrilled to the antics of the semi-literate multiple personality known as “jim/peter”. Predominantly this can be found on the thread about Amber Jane Westin but there were other outbreaks. As Jimbo has demonstrated on this site that he’s a self-serving liar and fraud it’s hard to take anything he says too seriously.

After a while his ranting was serving no purpose so he was warned to stop it or we’d start deleting comments. When he persisted he was warned we’d block his IP address from accessing the site. This has now been done so he’s off around the internet finding all the freaks, weirdos and perverts out there we’ve crossed swords with in the past, and furiously (but, one imagines, rarely comprehensibly) agreeing with them about how pernicious we are.

Along the way he demanded that we give him contact details for our “boss” and Seepi very helpfully told him to contact Simon Corbell’s office.

In the way of the very crazy and the very stupid Jimbo is not a man to either take a hint or give up easily. This morning I received an astonishing email confirming he has been in touch with Simon’s office, amongst other things.

Subject: Re: ill be back
Date: 13 December 2006 11:24:33 AM

John I was trying too ask questions but don’t expect to get insulted.

and there are comments that I read that are not suitable for under age people .

I believe in listing to people but I don’t put shit on them because of spelling.
You seem to be educated but john what about treating every one equal.

and if I was a person with a disability I may of had rights to sue.

you warned me But what about your friends that on every page have been rude too not just me but lots of readers.

I have made enquires about your site from the acma about the unfair treating and foul abuse.

John am not there to be rude to you.
but if this site is were any one can leave a comment don’t insult them for it.
you may insult the wrong person and your headlines may be seen up there.

Its not a friendly world at the moment and there lots of hate.

and for Simon and other your not liked.

I have read other pages on the net and john am not the only person to be mistreated.

There is a good chase for slander charges to be laid for if there was action too take.

I have downloaded your site and the rude insults that all people left about any one so if you were to remove the filth is no good.

And for the police there just watching your site.

Under the new laws some thing are not excepted.

As I said am not here to fight with you .

and if you wont my address and info I can give it to you so you can send the police to me

I don’t think john your site needs to go to court as it my be good news for you as you have may people that dislike it.
and a class action is looking good.

I didn’t have a problem with you but your goons need to be warned .

I await my fate with equanamity, and particularly look forward to hearing from ACMA (and/or a class action of aggrieved nutters and criminals), but you goons have been warned.

(Incidentally I wonder how Simon feels about standing on the same side as CrazyChester, John B1_B5, and Jimbo)

UPDATED: Jimbo’s moronic attempts to impose himself on the dialogue are continuing and (very slowly) he’s learning things. Which is a positive, when he finally wises up he might realise he can’t fight the operators of a site, on their own site. There may be some delays in your comments appearing as various moderation strategies are deployed. We’ll try and keep them to a minimum. Feel free to email jimbo and express your feelings about the disruptions.

What’s Your opinion?

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120 Responses to
Hate mail: Jimbo’s going to shut down RiotACT
terubo 2:06 pm 13 Dec 06

His racist jibe towards Hasdrubahl ain’t gonna help his cause.

johnboy 1:56 pm 13 Dec 06

From time to time I think the readers need to understand what we go through for them.

That way it makes more sense if we (I) snap at them from time to time.

Plus there is a need to deter vocal crazies or I’ll end up one myself.

RandomGit 1:38 pm 13 Dec 06

My computer says the keyboard is missing and I go to press F1 to continue but it doesn’t work……

che 1:17 pm 13 Dec 06

yeah, wheres the bugger who stole my “Any Key”?
I keep getting told to press it but can’t find it anywhere

Maelinar 1:16 pm 13 Dec 06

The ACMA will receive his letter, attempt to comprehend it, fail, and reject it.

Perhaps John/Peter will get an ambivalent message back from the ACMA, however if any of you guys out there are reading this, don’t bother.

Engaging communications with loonies will merely reinforce to them that somebody is listening, kind of like inviting spammers to send you more stuff.

Nik_the_Pig 1:13 pm 13 Dec 06

I know I’m a bit of a net nanna and I’ve asked this before but can’t we just ignore the nutters? I know you seem to take some small pleasure JB out of the seeming justice of parading their corpses around as if as a warning to others but it seems to me just a little bit distasteful to draw additional attention to these poor individuals who seem to be missing a few keys from their keyboard, both figuratively and literally in most cases.

RandomGit 1:04 pm 13 Dec 06

Someone has some harsh lessons to learn about free speech and the internet.

Al 12:55 pm 13 Dec 06

You sure it wasn’t Borat writing in from Kazakstan???
Buy the weigh, wat doos equa…equan…equanamititity meen?

Danman 12:51 pm 13 Dec 06

Crazy Chester MKII

Absent Diane 12:45 pm 13 Dec 06

hehe… he took a particular dislike to me (which I am used to!)… despite the fact I was mostly polite.

Perhaps you could start up a hate mail archive (the pool room?) This would be a good one to start with…

Nik_the_Pig 12:43 pm 13 Dec 06

And for the police there just watching your site.

Half the police comment on the darn thing!

johnboy 12:33 pm 13 Dec 06

“That’s the biggest tag line I have ever read!”

I suspect it might actually make a great many tag lines.

simto 12:32 pm 13 Dec 06

I’m a goon! I’ve never been called a goon before, that’s kinda flattering really.

Thumper 12:31 pm 13 Dec 06

That’s the biggest tag line I have ever read!

FC 12:12 pm 13 Dec 06

you must be shakin’ in your boots.

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