Hawker outrage: Fingers pointed at Government after Tom cut down in prime

Ian Bushnell 21 February 2018 24

The perpetrator removing ‘Tom’. Photo: Screen grab from Olive at Hawker CCTV.

A mixture of outrage and grief has gripped Hawker Shops after their popular resident tomato bush fell foul of the ACT Government.

Restaurant Olive at Hawker posted a video on Facebook showing the thriving bush, dubbed Tom the Tomato, being unceremoniously ripped out by a ghostbuster lookalike.

“It is with great sadness that we write to inform you that Tom The Tomato was ripped out and killed by the ACT Government. We only ask WHY??? How can someone do this to poor Tom. You will be truly missed by all RIP”.

The post prompted a flurry of responses expressing grief, anger and loss at the cutting down of young Tom in his prime, and questioning the Government’s priorities.

Dimitri Yianoulakis posted “Which minister looks after weed spraying in Canberra? I think it’s time to rally time for a petition. This is an outrage.”

Theodore Leonidas Merkoureas was “Devastated”, while Elise Ewing said “RIP Tom” and asked “Will there be a memorial service?”

Others wondered what poor Tom had done to deserve such treatment, noting the young weedster’s zeal, and pointed to plenty of other targets more worthy of attention.

Briony Young wished “this bloke would come and do something about the blackberry bush that’s growing on the other side of my fence, that I continuously complain about. He seems more thorough than the other workers… “

Lyn McDonald also wished they sprayed where it was actually needed.

A very healthy ‘Tom The Tomato’ prior to the incident. Photo: Supplied.

Jan Casey laid blame where it should, at the feet of the ACT Government. “If only they could look after the ‘real’ issues within the ACT there would be less complaints (at least from me) – seriously it was a plant doing totally no harm to anyone – get our agenda in order ACT Government!”

Vale Tom.

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24 Responses to Hawker outrage: Fingers pointed at Government after Tom cut down in prime
Ben Fairhall Ben Fairhall 9:48 am 08 Apr 18

If only I could post the photo’s of the weeds lining the nature strip alongside the newly unopened shops at Coombs..

Willis Young Willis Young 9:45 am 22 Feb 18

I aint afraid of no ghost

Matt Boyd Matt Boyd 9:30 am 22 Feb 18

Funny as hell. Getting crucified for doing his job. Maybe it should have been in a pot plant. It was growing out of the pavement which we are supposed to maintain. It’s a tomato plant for god sakes. 😂

    Mathew Grant Mathew Grant 9:40 am 22 Feb 18

    And if it had no tomatoes by now it won’t

    Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 11:17 am 22 Feb 18

    Don’t worry we have a replacement on the way. Was a good laugh at least

    Matt Boyd Matt Boyd 11:24 am 22 Feb 18

    Dimitri Yianoulakis no worries champ. Will come and grab a coffee sometime. 😉

Madeleine Dove Madeleine Dove 9:04 am 22 Feb 18

Ellie rosemary bush 2.0

Mathew Grant Mathew Grant 6:54 am 22 Feb 18

A weed is a plant growing where it shouldn’t be. It’s growing out of the bloody concrete.

    Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 8:04 am 22 Feb 18

    And that concrete and building is someone’s property.

    Mathew Grant Mathew Grant 9:24 am 22 Feb 18

    Dimitri Yianoulakis maybe you should have put a sign up 😂

    Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 9:25 am 22 Feb 18

    There was a sign, that’s how we named it TOM.

    Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 9:29 am 22 Feb 18

    TBH It was just a plant but the strange thing is we do our own weeding as the ACT Gov hasn’t been there in years. And a majority of the times they just spray and walk away, not this Ghostbuster he ripped it out by hand. 😂 #setup

    Daniel Wazz Warren Daniel Wazz Warren 9:34 am 22 Feb 18

    If the act gov "Hasnt been there in years" then the shops would look like a scene from i am legend

    Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 9:40 am 22 Feb 18

    Next time you lads go past drop in for a beer on me. Take care 👍🏻

    Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 9:50 am 22 Feb 18

    Yiorgos look after these funny lads.

    Alex Ollson Alex Ollson 10:11 am 22 Feb 18

    Bahahaha maybe ask to be put on the no spray registrar 😜😝😜😝😜

    Matt Boyd Matt Boyd 10:38 am 22 Feb 18

    Dimitri Yianoulakis this guy is not your typical Gov employee. Very good worker. And he has only just started that run so expect things to change in a good way.

    Matt Boyd Matt Boyd 10:42 am 22 Feb 18

    Dimitri Yianoulakis I would like to personally offer to replace it for you. The spray operator is sincerely sorry.

    U must be a top bloke if you know Zoran Matijevic. 😉

    Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 10:47 am 22 Feb 18

    Matt Boyd Zok is a legend. And no issues at all with the sprayer he is doing his job and a great one at that cause I can tell you not many have been there to remove weeds in a while.

    Alex Ollson Alex Ollson 11:03 am 22 Feb 18

    Dimitri Yianoulakis just having a laugh. Hope you get a replacement

    Mathew Grant Mathew Grant 11:14 am 22 Feb 18

    Good times.

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 9:28 pm 21 Feb 18

Probably cleared to make way for a block of apartments on the spot.

Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 9:00 pm 21 Feb 18

And they say we have it easy in the ACT!!!!

Dimitri Yianou Dimitri Yianou 7:19 pm 21 Feb 18

We just want Tom back 😭

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