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High Praise for the Tuggeranong Vet Clinic (Fadden Vet) and ‘Pets at Peace’

By deezagood - 4 May 2009 30

This week was a horrible week for our family, as Mum’s much-loved dog suffered some sort of stroke/brain damage on Tuesday and quickly went downhill as the week progressed. I can’t speak highly enough of the staff at the Fadden vet when dealing with us this week – they were just amazing (they are always fantastic, but never more so than this week).

After we made the tough decision on Friday night to end our boy’s suffering, they slotted us in, at the last minute, at a quiet time just before closing. The vet spent a good half an hour with us, talking through the situation, gently explaining our options (there was probably no hope for recovery, but he didn’t seem to be in any actual pain) and when we decided that we just weren’t ready to proceed (where there is life, there is hope), he was extremely kind, patient and supportive of our decision. Amazingly, there was no charge for this consultation. 

When Mum’s boy went further downhill that night, and it became obvious that he had no idea where he even was, we called the vet again (on a busy Saturday) and asked if he would consider coming to Mum’s home. While obviously it is much easier for the clinic to say ‘no’, our vet complied, and after a long day, drove all the way to us and administered the required procedure in a very caring and dignified way.  Having never been through this before, I have no idea if all veterinary clinics are this empathetic in such a situation, but I just can’t speak highly enough of the Fadden clinic in all respects.   

The ‘Pets at Peace’ folks too were extremely accommodating, coming to collect Mum’s boy on a Saturday night and treating the whole situation with dignity, empathy and kindness.  I think that their cremation service is surprising affordable too (we would have needed a massive hole to bury him in Mum’s rock-hard yard, so this wasn’t an option); we were expecting to pay much more than the quoted price.

The kindness and professionalism of both services made this horrible week a little bit easier for all of us, and especially Mum.  

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30 Responses to
High Praise for the Tuggeranong Vet Clinic (Fadden Vet) and ‘Pets at Peace’
farnarkler 12:14 am 05 May 09

Not all vets are so understanding. When my cat died, the regular locum vet in Kaleen decided to throw away all her records; 15 years of treatment at that surgery. I was really f*cked off.

ant 11:03 pm 04 May 09

What an awesome vet. Imagine wanting to deal with all the emotion and awfulness, putting a dog down must be hard enough. They went the extra mile, or ten. Top marks, Fadden Vet.

The death of a family dog is like the death of any other much-loved family member. I hope that those around you can recognise that, and respect your grief.

GardeningGirl 7:17 pm 04 May 09

So sorry about your mum’s dog.
Well done to the Fadden vet and Pets at Peace.

deezagood 4:42 pm 04 May 09

I think that is what surprised me the most Lilli, as our local vet in Melbourne really was all about the profit. I was stunned when there was no charge for the 30 minute consult and further surprised (in the good way) today when I popped in to pay the bill for the house-call – extremely reasonable. I can’t speak highly enough of the service provided – are all vets in Canberra this wonderful? It sure made a shitty, shitty week that much more tolerable.

Lilli 4:37 pm 04 May 09

My condolences deezagood, I admire your courage to share such a heart breaking tale with the world.

I am glad to hear there are still some vets out there that really do care about the animals as well as their money-bearing owners and won’t just go for the cash. Great (or even good, these days..) customer service really does go a long way.

deezagood 4:07 pm 04 May 09

Thanks for the empathy guys; I hope we never have to go through that again; and I hope that your pets (and my pets) die peacefully in their sleep at a very ripe old age.

taninaus 12:39 pm 04 May 09

So sorry you had to go through this, it is always tough.

I must say after having many different vets over the last 10 years I have found Malcom and his crew at Fadden to be the best on this side of town. It doesn’t matter who you get they are all caring, honest, respectful and professional. I find they are not too quick to surgery or intervention and always give you the information you need to make a decision.

it is good to hear that PAP is a great service, thankfully I haven’t had reason to use them yet.

threepaws 11:12 am 04 May 09

It can be so hard after losing a pet – there are people who just can’t understand the grief that you and your family are experiencing.

I hope that you are surrounded by people who will let you grieve for as long as it takes, until that happy day when you can remember your beloved pet with a smile, and without tears. My condolences.

I have used pets at peace twice and have found the service affordable, dignified and the proprieters very caring. Also a very useful service for people who rent, and don’t have the option of a backyard burial.

Madame Workalot 11:00 am 04 May 09

My condolences Deezagood. I also used Fadden Vet and Pets at Peace a couple of years ago when I had to get my best mate put down, and couldn’t speak highly enough of them. Of course, I’m going to have to go through the whole process again in the future and it’s comforting to know that help and support is there when you need it.

Pommy bastard 10:29 am 04 May 09

That’s good to know, and you have my condolences.

My best mate isn’t getting any younger, and they gray on his muzzle is spreading.

A sad lesson in mortality are our pets.

dvaey 10:06 am 04 May 09

A friends dog ended up there after getting into it with another dog, they were excellent and gave great care in the situation. We turned up about 6:55 after the dogs had a fight, and they were happy to have us there an hour after closing, then back the next morning. Nothing was too much effort.

DarkLadyWolfMother 10:02 am 04 May 09

We also used ‘Pet at Peace’ a few years back when my housemate’s dog died. I’d agree with you wholeheartedly about them!

The Brad 9:59 am 04 May 09

A heartbreaking time.

With a 15 year old aging best friend, I’ll be walking in your footsteps soon. Each day with a loved one is precious (animal and human)

Hopefully my vet will be as fantastic as the Fadden Vet was for you.

FC 9:44 am 04 May 09

my dog is my best friend and this must be a very sad time for you. My condolences.
Its good to know where to turn to if I ever need this service also.

jessieduck 9:33 am 04 May 09

Dogs are the best people

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