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How fast is the average Canberran’s internet connection?

By Vic Bitterman - 26 December 2008 49

Out of nothing other than idle curiosity, I’d be interested to find out how fast my fellow Canberran’s are when connected to the Interweb.

Do a speed test at and post the results here.

For me, variable speeds anywhere between 4Mb and 10Mb download speed. Here’s one result from a few minutes ago :

For those of you at work, post how fast your work connection is!

What’s Your opinion?

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49 Responses to
How fast is the average Canberran’s internet connection?
Ruby Wednesday 11:39 am 26 Dec 08

6740 kb/s down
767 kb/s up

We’re with Internode and moving a few hundred metres further away from the exchange (at least, I think we are!) in the next week or so, so it will be interesting to see what impact that has. No real loss of internet speed was Mr Wednesday’s top concern when househunting, so hopefully it will remain around the same.

harvyk1 11:29 am 26 Dec 08

9181kb/s down, 1081kb/s up. Internode ADSL2+ Annex M.

Normally it’s a little faster than this (in both directions), I’m wondering if it’s a little slower today because of all those people testing out their new computer games that santa gave them yesterday.

aronde 11:28 am 26 Dec 08

Optus ADSL2+ about 2km from exchange gives me 5400 down and 650 up. Used to average about 6500/850 when speedtest had a Canberra option on the site.

Aurelius 11:22 am 26 Dec 08

Speed tests often give inaccurate results, as they’re dependent on how many hops there are between you and the speed testing server.
Having said that though, I (today) moved from being connected via yless4u’s dish-and-tower setup outside Bungendore to being on a 8Mb ADSL connection, about 300m from the telephone exchange, and it’s a much happier setup.
The majority of ADSL customers I have at work though (I work for an ISP) are on the 256K or 512K connections (probably because of cost) whereas the TransACT users we deal with are almost all on the 1Mb-2Mb connections. Bigger than that usually means they’re hard-core gamers/torrenters and are prepared to pay for the extra speed (especially on the upload side)

el 11:21 am 26 Dec 08

6924kb/s down; 824kb/s up. Iinet ADSL2.

Ant – there used to be a Canberra link (Velocity hosted it IIRC). Not sure where it’s gone. Used to get closer to 8MB down when using it.

Deano 11:18 am 26 Dec 08

The answer will be “it varies”.

Check out for line speed reports.

TPG also produce an interactive map ( ) of the speeds available from their exchanges, which will be similar for all other ISPs as speed is determined by the cabling between the exchange and the customer.

Jonathon Reynolds 10:56 am 26 Dec 08

6942 kb/s down
324 kb/s up

via Netspace (8000/384 (ADSL1)
at Ngunnawal ACT – Crace Exchange (RIM connected)

shena 10:39 am 26 Dec 08

2343 kb/s down and 479 up
iinet in downer

ant 10:29 am 26 Dec 08

1318 kb/s download, 113 kb/s upload. Iinet, it made me do it through Sydney though. Doesn’t canberra exist? I’m quite happy with my speeds I must say, things jump up quickly.

Genie 10:21 am 26 Dec 08

7616 kb up
734 kb down….

I also have internode ADSL/2+

hark40 10:21 am 26 Dec 08

1136kbps download, 125kbps up. (1500/128 ADSL1.) To go any faster will involve paying stupid amounts of money to Telstra directly or indirectly. I am on the Gungahlin sub-exchange which Telstra won’t allow anyone else to access it, so Internode, iiNet, Optus etc can’t install their DSLAMs there. So 1.5Mbps is it for the moment.

MelonHead 10:13 am 26 Dec 08

Transact Phase 1

1mb down
118k up

I suppose that’s what I pay for. Seems a lot slower some days.

grundy 10:11 am 26 Dec 08

8mb down and 450Kb up.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:08 am 26 Dec 08

7843 kb/s down, 793 up. Internode ADSL2+.

welkin31 10:07 am 26 Dec 08

Download 217 kbs: Upload 45 kbs
Iinet in Nicholls
On a different planet

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