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Hume fixed speed cameras – are they operational?

By Vic Bitterman - 22 January 2008 34

I don’t believe that the fixed speed cameras in Hume are operational.

Why? Every other speed camera setup I have seen, has some magnetic sensors embedded into the road. This has been done on the parkway and every other camera I can think of – the strips that are visible when cut into the tarmac.

The ones in Hume do not have this. I don’t think the cameras are a radar type setup, they look the usual separate flash and camera box.

Has anyone here copped a fine from one, or somebody who has? I don’t know a single person who has.

I’m not game to be the one who gives this a test though! 🙂

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Hume fixed speed cameras – are they operational?
Adza 6:19 pm 22 Jan 08

Don’t believe EVERYTHING. Some cameras use radar or laser technology rather then sensors in the road. The email above about the Canberra Ave/Hindmarsh Dr is wrong.. red light and speed cameras have used this technology for years. And yes, 300mm over is breaking the law so wizzo you get a fine.

cranky 6:11 pm 22 Jan 08

It appears the lack of unfortunates with speeding tickets on the Monaro at Hume probably does mean these cameras are non operational.

We may need to be aware of road works; like wiring loops being installed.

I will now be suspicious of unknowns reporting tickets received. You have had your chance.

I am still amazed that an employee of Roads had so little social/political nous that the cameras were originally hidden behind road signs.

Lilli 2:11 pm 22 Jan 08

I second that the Gungahlin Lakes redlight camera is fully operational – a friend of my mum’s got a ticket for stopping too far over the line.

Off the top of my head, last time I rode past the speed cameras on the Barton Highway, they didn’t have those telltale cuts in the tarmac either. I have heard rumour of people getting caught there so I don’t think the cuts are the be all and end all of whether they are operational or not. I just assumed they used some sort of radar system as opposed to the weight triggering sensors (not sure how this works but in my head it makes sense!).

hingo 1:43 pm 22 Jan 08

You have to watch out for the speed camera vans, they are not fake. I got a ticket about a month ago for doing 89 on Gungahlin Drive. The flash in my eyes as I was heading towards it was BRIGHT!

howdy 1:37 pm 22 Jan 08

Liddle buggers! Cheers for that : )

Jonathon Reynolds 12:58 pm 22 Jan 08


The “Gungahlin Lakes” Redlight/Speed Camera on Gundaroo Drive Northbound is real – a friends son received a ticket for turning right on a red.

howdy 11:48 am 22 Jan 08

This was the email forward – It’s from July last year.


Canberra Ave and Hindmarsh Drive intersection has been fitted with Red light and Speed “loop” detectors, these are a new type of red light and
speed camera, they detect how much time it has taken your car to travel from point A (first sensor) to point B (second sensor) instead of using radar, therefore they are extremely accurate.
They are implanted under the road surface and are completely undetectable, they are also only 300 mm in front of the white stop line at these lights, so if you over shoot the line even by less than half a car length you will be charged, even though you didn’t proceed through the lights.

These are also installed at the north bound intersection of Canberra Ave and Captain Cook cres in Manuka.
These will apparently replace all existing speed and red light camera’s in the ACT within the next few years…”

Sammy 11:41 am 22 Jan 08

On related matters, the latest set of fixed speed cameras on the Monaro Highway going under Hindmarsh Drive seem to be taking an eternity to bring online. Not that it bothers me.

lobster 11:37 am 22 Jan 08

I thought that all the speed cameras used laser to detect the speed and those lines cut into the roads were actually to trigger the traffic lights that someone is waiting?

NathanaelB 11:16 am 22 Jan 08

Same – never been done by a van or fixed camera … and I’ve seen the vans too late on several occasions and was sure I’d been done, but nothing.

VYBerlinaV8 10:44 am 22 Jan 08

I, like most people who use that road regularly, cruise along that section at 90ish, and back off the 80 as I go past the camera, and then back up to 90ish after another 100 metres or so. I have been doing this since they were put in, and have not received a ticket. In fact, I’ve never been done by a fixed camera or speed van in Canberra.

fnaah 10:36 am 22 Jan 08

The “flash” in newer static cameras is infra-red, you won’t see it.

howdy 10:01 am 22 Jan 08

An email went out a while back warning about these ‘loop’ sensors which time how long it takes a car to travel between two points. These sensors are apparently ‘undetectable’. Not sure about that, I still think they’re the sensor lines cut into the road but you never know…

The ones outside the Gungahlin Lakes club may be fake. I’ve never seen a flash go off and the box is really small.

Holden Caulfield 9:37 am 22 Jan 08

Vic is referring to Hume, the suburb, not Hume, the highway.

JC 9:35 am 22 Jan 08

Which ones are you talking about? Not the safe-t-cam ones by chance? If so they are only for heavy vehicles and work on timing the said vehicle between two points. So they don’t need a sensor, the film everything, identify heavy vehicles, take picture, use number plate reading technology to get plate then record the time it passed. If it passes the next point before the calculated time then it is done. Although I do beleive it is a warning to the owner not a fine to the driver that is issued.

Now if it is not these camera’s then which camera’s are you talking about?

Oh BTW some of the older style fixed camera’s used elsewhere in the world (even in NSW IIRC) used radar with the radar sensor on the side.

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